Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 5 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): conflict, losing a challenge, unfair advantage, experiencing loss, the opportunity to build your skills and your confidence

Shadow Seer (Reversed): taking unfair advantage of a situation, winning at all costs, deceitful strategies and feeling guilty about your victory, psychic attack


He shakes his head – and tries to get his bearings. ‘How did that happen?’ He was outsmarted and out-jousted, and totally overpowered. He lost 4 of his birds in the chaos, and nothing seems fair about his situation. He was promised a fair fight, but certainly wasn’t given one. The outcome was determined the moment he agreed to this – because it was rigged, unfair and he was never strong enough to overcome this adversary. He watches his opponent celebrate his advantage, and his win. Even through loss, his loyal crow… his favourite…. remains. The bird waits for a moment and then whispers, ‘You came with your integrity and you left with it. You did your best. You still have the higher ground on this higher road.’ He looks back, knowing he will recover, and realizes he has learned more than he has lost. He lost, only to win the most important things: pride in his values and in his actions, clarity around what’s needed to succeed, and an understanding of the type of person he is, and is not.


You may have experienced a failure, or lost a battle that you has left you a little bit sore. Sometimes life isn’t just, and unfair circumstances or unexpected losses can drain our energy for much longer than they need to. Often, it’s the fear of failure alone that does most of the draining. If you have had an experience that has left you feeling out-witted or out-played, put things into perspective and remember that this one chapter of your story doesn’t define you. Wins and losses are a part of the human experience, and the keys to self-improvement spring open when we are faced with our own shortcomings. Boost your consciousness, upgrade your skills and build on this experience. Carefully consider where you place your trust and your confidence next time, and study the playing field to find your success. In shadow, we learn that winning isn’t everything. The obsessive desire to win can have us stopping at nothing to feel victorious, and in the long run we can risk everything we’ve built along the way. You may find yourself a few steps backwards after winning if you are not bringing your integrity to the games. If someone else’s negative energy has got you down, send them some fierce love and move on with your day. Don’t let them derail you. Stay true to your heart and what you know to be right. Live and learn, lovely seer!


• Have you won your spot fairly? Justly? Honourably?
• What steps are you taking to right any injustices in the world? How can you help the disadvantaged or the underprivileged? Put another way… what has your
advantage or your privilege gifted you, and how can you spread the love?
• If you were wronged or defeated by someone, what lessons did you take away that made you stronger? Did you use the loss as a powerful instigator of your magic?
• In adversity, integrity and grit are beautiful allies. How do they support you in times of difficulty? How could you lean on them a little bit more?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 4 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): a time of deep rest, transmutation of shadow, burnout, taking a brief holiday from your reality, healing, recuperation, self-love, introspection

Shadow Seer (Reversed): danger of burnout, stagnation, a need to dedicate your energy to self-care, not stopping long enough to recover, long-term effects of stress


She pushed so hard. So far. For so long. And when she couldn’t go any further, she fell into a deep healing rest. During this time the world will shift and change around her. Her trust will heal, and her body will recover. She will alleviate her suffering from old trauma, and she will release old wounds that she’s carried with her for so many moons. Her magical love will find its footing again, and it will root down peacefully during these moments of stillness. Her power and her life force will slowly mend – and her love will begin to stitch together the fragmented parts of her heart and spirit. She finally has the energy for this healing. In her resting state her anxious mind begins to relax, and her heart begins to pulse calmly, strongly…. truthfully… every beat weaving a tale that comes from deep within her soul. It pulses to her unique timing. It moves to her unique purpose. After a painful 3 of Swords, the vitality of her Spirit pulses again, and in the stillness, she heals.


You must finally make the time to rest. This deep nesting period in your life marks a pause – an interval of deep healing and self-care. More than just integral to your wellness, it is integral to your being at this time. The Four of Swords is calling for deep rest and quiet regeneration of your body, mind and spirit. The options for finding this peace are many. You can make space in your life for deeper sleep, or for other restorative practices like meditation, journaling, dream-work, therapy or energy healing, et cetera. How you heal is your choice, but you must consciously decide to rest and process. Make sense of where you are, and direct your energy towards your own healing before sprinting ahead. Life can be tumultuous and demanding, and we tend to favor action and hustle over quiet healing and regeneration. The only person who can really direct your own radical recovery is you. You are being called to tend to your wounds and quite possibly your very bruised heart. Your nest will grow around you as you sleep, and the landscape of your life will shift beautifully as you fall into your own rejuvenating cocoon. In your dream state, you will transmute and transform your experiences, and emerge renewed, whole and ready to rise. But first, it’s time to rest. You may be on the verge of burnout, and this is a very real message that you need to slow down. Sweet dreams, sweet chickadee.


• What needs to heal? And how much time will you devote to this healing?
• Lessons require a period of integration. Are you integrating something?
• Take a mindful pause in a busy world. Plan your weekend of deep rest.
• Sometimes, we rest and relax our psyche through social fun, binging on netflix and watching fluffy things that make us laugh. Are you laughing enough lately? And are you balancing this ‘levity’ with more consciously directed healing time?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 3 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): painful separation, loss, heartbreak, an opportunity to heal, shadows coming to light, finding inspiration again

Shadow Seer (Reversed): not accepting loss, a need to heal, being stuck in your grief or sadness, not seeing the part you played in your circumstances


Heartbroken, she falls to her knees, and screams to the Universe for a second chance. ‘What happened? Why did she have this taken from her?’ Her heart aches, and she cycles through the emotions that surface. Sadness, anger, guilt, shame, loss…. she looks up at the grey sky that only answers back with hollow gusts of wind. ‘Empty.’ She watches the branches that have dropped their leaves, noticing that the birds have long since left. Following the roots down into the earth, she wonders if the roots are still alive. She wonders if they will bloom again. ‘Someday. When the Spring arrives.’ Reaching out for the earth she pleads for healing…. ‘Relieve me of these memories. This feeling. A moment of reprieve… of peace.’ A gentle pulse pushes up through her palms and beckons her to feel. Healing happens now. She surrenders to the warmth of the earth, and tethers herself to her broken heart, knowing that it will mend. It always does. And when it does, it will lead her to the peace that she desires.


Separation can come in many forms. From the loss of a relationship or identity, to the painful loss of belief, purpose or goals – separation from what we thought we had can mark distressing moments in our lives. If you find yourself amidst wavering realities, or losing something that feels near and dear to your heart, know that this too shall pass. This severing, although biting, is a necessary part of your process, and despite all proof to the contrary you will be stronger and more resilient as a result. You will be more discerning and better equipped for your brightly lit future because of this experience. You will even appreciate and understand it as a great teacher. For now, tie yourself to your light, and prepare to spend some time nurturing your heart – as well as your spirit. Sometimes, a conscious mental shift and a new direction will need to be taken in order to grow. These shadowy times are always opportunities to become the version of yourself that you know you can be. Give yourself time to heal. To process. And know that you will love, thrive and find inspiration again soon.


• Beautiful seer, it’s time to purge those emotions. Drum. Dance. Scream. Write. Burn. What will you do to make sure these feelings move through your body and that they don’t settle in for the long haul?
• Painful punches to the gut can have you blaming everyone and everything else for what happened. How have you contributed to your situation? Even a teeny little bit?
• How will you remain open for connection as you knit together those wounds?
• Have you been responsible for someone else’s three of swords moment? Maybe it’s time to send out an apology. Sometimes our deepest wounds lie in someone else’s pain.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 2 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): stalemate, a crossroads, making a difficult choice, opposing ideas or options, choosing the best route of action, memory and thought

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a difficult choice, the angst of the unknown, between a rock and a hard place, fear of commitment


‘Which way do I go?’ She stands at the crossroads of two paths, totally unsure of the future. The two choices take her in vastly different directions and she needs to figure out which road is the right one to travel. Normally, this feels easier, but these paths look like they lead to two options that are equally as wonderful… or was that equally as difficult? She sways, confused, feeling the rising pressure of her decision. The night is almost here and she must get off this road before dark. Looking back and forth at the battered landscape, she calls out to the elements to guide her. ‘Dear Universe.. sweet guides… help me choose.’ She struggles to hear the wind. There are no clues to be found in the sand. There is no answer from her intuition except for its growing silence. When the wind finally stirs, it brings with it two crows, and she is reminded of Odin’s familiars who would bring him the bird’s eye view of the landscape that they witnessed from above. One crow brings her memories to the surface, and pulls her to the east. The other brings her logical thoughts to the surface, and pulls her to the west. Feeling stuck, blocked and confused, they remind her that she is the only one who can make this decision. They whisper that whatever she chooses will be the right decision for her, at this time, because that is how the Universe works.


Decide. Decide. Decide. Decide now. The feeling of not knowing? I feel ya’. It’s time to make a choice and it may seem like you are between a rock and hard place. Know that the only reason you feel this way right now is because you can’t see the bigger picture… yet. The Two of Swords is whispering that you must move in one direction or the other, because the big picture won’t arrive until you do. By avoiding this decision, you are allowing the landscape to shift around you, without your input or your preference. While outside opinions may be pulling you in two directions, it’s time to close your eyes and listen to your internal landscape for the answer. If your intuition is being overly quiet, it’s leaving it up to you to trust yourself to make the right decision. If you need some time to think, take it… but don’t bury your head in the sand. Even in blindness you know the best way forward! When you choose your path, the future will reveal itself, and your intentional movement will help to move things towards a ‘best case scenario’. With all of your logic and emotion, intuition and reason, have faith that the Universe is serving up the right experience for you at this time. Know that you can only do your best using the information that you have, so take a committed step in one direction. At the crossroads of duality, analysis and over-thinking will just get you buried in the quicksand of a million possible endings, so find peace of mind by trusting your judgement.


• Are you stuck between two things that feel equally as difficult or two paths that feel sorta’ similar? When you write out your pros and your cons, and then add the lenses of wants, needs, and nice-to-haves, what happens?
• Do you trust yourself when your intuition feels like it’s offline?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The Fool




Light Seer (Upright): new beginnings, enthusiasm, adventures, fresh opportunities, the potential to bring your dreams to life, having faith, a transitional period of awakening, optimism, innocence, light-heartedness and being spontaneou

Shadow Seer (Reversed): naivety, assuming you already have the answer, rash or overly impulsive choices, lacking experience, analysis-paralysis, being bogged down, foolishness, jumping before you look


On the edge of an epic journey, the Fool peers into the abyss below and senses the seed of life calling out to her. She sees the opportunity and stardust swirling, and she knows that her dream begins with this single step. She’s not sure what she will learn or exactly where she’s headed, but she has clarity about one thing: she will need to jump in order to begin. With her crystal amplifier to guide her, and her wand to protect her, she feels her toes slide past the threshold of her current reality. She sends one last intention prayer up to the Universe and lets go, feeling the rush of the unknown rise up to meet her. She falls into the void, where her beautiful future awaits.

Optimistically falling towards a new future – towards the person you have dreamt you could be. Falling foolishly? Maybe. But this is how soul paths are spun.


Every dream achieved begins with the seemingly ‘foolish’ notion that there is something bigger out there. Something greater. Something epic to explore and to become. This child-like optimism comes from deep within your knowing, and it reminds you that you can achieve the magical things that you’ve been dreaming about. The journey of the soul begins with you, and with you alone. The time has come to enthusiastically turn towards your new future and take a divine leap of faith in order to claim the reward that this abyss is offering. You may not feel ready. You may not be ready, but there is magic in the air and the Universe is waiting to support you with infinite love and guidance. Surrendering to the call of the Fool means putting deep trust and blind faith in the unknown. It means remembering that everything is happening as it should be happening, and it means swan diving into the seed of potential with all of your curiosity in tow. Sometimes, in shadow, the Fool marks moments in life when you long for freedom and personal expression. If your life has become too conventional, go ahead and shake it up with something totally unexpected! During the genesis of something new, recklessness and impulsivity can create unnecessary obstacles on your path. Have you been ignoring good advice? Trust your instincts and tune in to both intuition and experience. Take any precautions you need to take, and prepare for a stable landing.


• If you knew the Universe would catch you mid-flight, where would you leap?
• What one thing could you learn today, that would help prepare you for tomorrow?
• Imagine two wise guides named Playfulness and Enthusiasm. What counsel do they have for you?
• How much do you trust yourself to try new things, and succeed?

@gorea16 I saw the seed of life there in the image and it made me think about it being part of the origin of life. She truly trusts the Universe. She looks so lovingly as she falls, because she knows about Universal love. She realises she is a part of the whole. That we all connect with each other. That we all lift her up, lovingly. That we are all part of ‘the One’. So she could never not be held when the time is right, especially as she has that understanding and trust. She knows it’s time to journey onwards. She’s had the signs.

@of.stones.and.stars It takes the innocence of the traditional fool out of the picture and replaces it with a deep knowing that all will be well. She’s a wiser version of the traditional fool. It feels like a surrendering....a trusting of the unknown, unseen energy that supports us all. The grid of light she’s falling into is the grid of possibility; the grid of magic that we so often forget is all around us. With her amethyst, which connects her to her third eye (her intuition) and her staff, she is ready to surrender into the flow...into the next adventure...the next journey on her map of life. This is such an unusual and beautiful Fool.

@energy_archaeology Instead of skipping off of the edge, which sometimes appears unintentional or accidental, this is fully a trust fall. There is an idea, a spark, and the trust that this is your journey to make.

@lisa_faulkner Trusting. Trust in the magic and mystery of the universe. Trust in the unknown (which is huge).

@alchemicaltoil I’m so glad she has a giant crystal taking her over the cliff. So telling! But also so often a gateway to the actual work.

@celestial_catlady Free. Accepting. Weightless. True essence of letting the wind direct her next step. Confidence in spite of ambiguity. Between worlds of light and dark and grounded to earth, she trusts in the guidance she will receive knowing her staff protects and supports her, and her crystal will light any path and illuminate things unknown while drawing in source energy.

@universalli I see trust: What others may think is a foolish move, a foolish thing to do, is actually showing trust in the flow of the Universe. The Amethyst seems to absorb the cosmic energy. It’s like she’s holding it out not to protect her, but to have it soak up all the cosmic rays it can get.

@jessi_huntenburg I feel like this card illustrates a trust fall, and the universe is catching her.

@valkyrievallhara It looks like she’s trusting the mandala below to catch her, trusting the universe below to give her what she needs

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): the beginning of a new venture or task, new ideas, planting seeds for the future, great potential for success, manifesting power, positive outcomes, ambitions, prosperity, an inheritance, a gift, material and spiritual alignment, wholeness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a reminder to create strong foundations to support your dream, risk of financial loss, missed opportunities, the need to prioritize, being overly greedy and missing the bigger picture


He holds the Ace in his hands and admires its roots with all of their potential. Thrilled for this chance to begin anew, he thanks this seed for the gifts it will bring him. It glows softly in response, and he feels a low hum running up through his hands. It moves right down through his body and into the earth. He feels connected to the vibrations of the soil beneath him, and he swears he can almost hear the stories of the mountains and the trees in their whispers. Earth energy resonates deeply within his core and tells him that it is time to bury his seed, reverently – excitedly. Knowing that it will spring forth the security, comfort and warm blanket that he has been longing for, he plants the seed in this magickal soil. His heart soars with the guarantee of unprecedented potential. Every seed that is planted here flourishes, you see. The secret to this earth magic is knowing what you are planting – knowing what you want to anchor and spring forth. He knows that these seeds are often meant to bring stability and calmness to people’s lives. He knows that this type of steady earth energy will bring with it material and physical wealth. And comfort. And joy. As he packs the earth lovingly around his freshly planted future, he reminds himself that this will also require an upgrade of mindset. He must be open and ready to receive such gifts.


Freshly rooted beginnings! This Ace is a powerhouse of possibility and reveals the materialization of earthly ambitions and of all-the-wonderful-things. When you seed your future by planting your very first intentions— things feel so exciting, raw and possible, don’t they? Hold on to those feelings of optimism and success, for the new start that you are welcoming to your life right now has incredible potential to thrive. Your Ace initiates a timeline where your future wealth, health and material abundance can be welcomed in. In shadow, this Ace can indicate missed opportunities. It can indicate that deep down, you don’t believe that the world can be a safe and prosperous place. But you can have this success! By figuring out your soil conditions, your watering schedule and the needs of this unique seed, you will be able to see it through to fruition. This card indicates the first few steps on this newly planted path, laden with determination, dedication, laughter and abundance. It also indicates successful outcomes, material and financial wins, and an absolutely soul-satisfying well-being when you see your goal through to the end. A wonderful omen for good things to come, it’s time to visualize, attract, prioritize and act.


• In what areas of your life would you like to root more wealth?
• In the Ace of Pentacles, you have the opportunity to align the material and spiritual. What does that look like for you?
• What wealth do you already have, that you may be overlooking at this time?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): new connections, new romantic relationships, friendships, seeds of love and hope, newfound emotions, awakening the heart, joy, positive outcomes, Oneness, bliss, creativity

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a time to nurture more self-love, making sure you aren’t repressing your emotions, opening up to the possibility of love


The origins of love are rooted deeply within the primordial Universe. Our human systems have evolved over the eons, and we have gone from starseeds and energetic dust to fully fledged keepers of consciousness… we have blossomed into seasoned keepers of life and we are guardians of Source energy. Our energetic systems, alongside our biology, are fine-tuned and delicately primed to sense the imminent arrival of love in our lives. It kicks up the old dust and turns it into hormones, mindsets, and beliefs that penetrate every cell of our being – as if our very biology drinks it in. We hum to life in its presence. Love penetrates us. It moves our souls. It grows in leaps and bounds. It transcends. It flows forth from every splitting cell and every coming together of two lights entangled, and it flows forth from deep within the cup of the old Universe, right into your waking life today. What, sweet light, will you use it for?


An extremely positive message of vibrant beginnings, the Ace of Cups marks the genesis of relationships, emotional connections and deep feelings of love and friendship. Unions are blossoming in your life, and it’s time to cultivate an expansive, optimistic perspective as you allow new feelings to emerge. Consciously connect with the world and your awakening heart magic will become a powerful beacon for adventures, romance and the effusive joy that you are manifesting in your life. Tuning into your heart will unlock powerful creativity and intuition at this time, as your emotions are powerful magic! This Ace of Cups energy is both ancient and divine, and has had millennia to vibrate at just the right pitch, connecting your body and your spirit with its bright light. You are likely receiving guidance and communication at this time from your Higher Self or from the cosmos. It’s important to pay attention to any new desires or passions that are beginning to spring forth from the unconscious mind. Your ability to hold on to a vibration of love is expanding, so check in with
your feelings to make sure you aren’t repressing this ability as a result of being overly protective of a tender heart. In shadow, notice that the cup, even when overturned, is still full. There is nothing that you can do that will render yourself unworthy or incapable of love. It is always there. It permeates everything. Mindfully extend any love you are feeling for others to your own heart as well. Forgive your own gentle soul, and find a fountainhead for healing that will create the situations and the relationships that you are seeking. With copious amounts of self-acceptance, get ready to extend your emotional warmth to others as you watch exciting new affinities emerge. New states of connection will open up as you give yourself permission to deepen your kinship with those around you.


• What role is love playing in your life today, and how would you like it to change?
• What vague new ideas or feelings are starting to stir?
• Creativity flows when emotions flood your system. Is there something you feel called to create?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): new ideas. the seed of potential, the arrival of inspiration, illumination, intense creativity, the mirror-like nature of consciousness, interconnectedness of all things, Indra’s net, the ability to manifest anything, an a-ha moment

Shadow Seer (Reversed): feeling uninspired, creative blocks, the mind needing rest, unfocused energy, burnout, a good time to seek inspiration


The Ace of Wands palpitates with the inspiration she contains: all of the sparks for all of the ideas flash from her mind. Her creativity and wisdom are connected to the one cosmic mind, a Universe consciousness, and a delightfully magical soup from which ideas grow. You may see her magic as the Akashics, or even the Creative Muse herself. Or you may simply notice the jeweled beads that weave their way in and out of her great sea of ideas. These beads are from Indra’s Net, a connected set of jewels that line the cosmos, each node a mirrored bead that contains all the information of all the other beads within the Universe. There is a pure and illuminated conscious creativity here, and a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. One idea seeds the next, just as one spark of inspiration seeds your actions. The Ace of Wands interrupts you with a giggle and a tssssssk. Your very cerebral process of trying to define her creative mojo is slowing her down. She opens her eyes and breathes her most important key out into the ethers: Connected sparks. How will you use the inspiration that you have been gifted?


New ideas. They are yours for the taking if you listen closely. A flame burns here that is meant for you, but it hasn’t been put to use yet. Its intensity speaks to the potential that this new spark holds. What will you create with this boundless potential? Stay open to receive inspiration and insight. You may be shown new information about your divine purpose or soul path, or you may even feel compelled to put something completely new into the world. If it feels good, know that it probably is good. This Ace predicts the inception of something new, and it also suggests that all the energy is present to bring this project, idea or feeling to a successful completion. Open your heart to this new beginning and enjoy this influx of creator energy.


• Where do your interests lie? What new passions are on the horizon right now?
• How are you stoking the fires of passion and creativity?
• Where does your creativity come from? From within or without? And how do you find it?
• How are sparks of genius or creativity different than intuition?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): new ideas, clarity, an a-ha moment, truth revealed, newfound awareness, heightened states of consciousness, thought, communication, success and triumph

Shadow Seer (Reversed): over-analyzing, getting stalled out or stuck, clouded judgement, keeping truth inside


The Ace of Swords believes that there is nothing that can compete with the fierce rays of wisdom and truth. She sits quietly at the bottom of the golden spiral staircase, waiting for clarity to arrive. An illumination. It will arrive quickly, because insight and higher thinking flow naturally here, in this brightly flowing Fibonacci gateway. This is the entry point where her creative solutions arrive, and where she experiences these divine downloads as a full mind-body-spirit connection. Here, all of her systems align. She sees glimpses of her Higher Self, and she is granted access to the Akashics in full waking consciousness. Her neurons fire intuition, intelligence, and truth, and her logical mind feels totally on board and alive. Her ability to receive information is mirrored by a widening of her throat chakra. She will be able to communicate this clearly as well. Light begins to shine out to the world, and thought emerges swiftly. She feels a smile form and her brain begins to buzz. Understanding.


Yes! Victory! Massive clarity is on the way, and with it a ray of understanding that often unveils a life-changing idea or a significant spiritual breakthrough. Allow this piercing awareness to pervade the corners of your mind and to shed a spotlight on your old-way of thinking. A paradigm shift will usher in a new beginning and a phenomenal opportunity will carry you through to the next phase. A new door is opening up for you, and with it comes a massive idea! Use this time to see things as they really are, and to see through the fog that has been masking this enlightenment. The quiet wisdom that lives in the unconscious mind is currently being made available for your conscious mind to access and process, so expect some expansion in your life! As your newfound awareness paves the way for discernment and ascension, things may feel a little unfamiliar. Trust this clarity to propel you forward. The Ace of Swords illuminates deep truths with laser-like precision, and this improved thinking may significantly change the way you perceive your world. An a-ha moment is on the way! It’s time to make use of your mindset tools to welcome something incredibly transformational, and to make sure your way of thinking is supporting your dreams. If you are finding yourself with clouded judgement or stalled out on an idea, it’s time to actively seek the brightly-lit energy of honesty. What’s true for you right now? And what’s pushing its way through the surface? Gather your discernment, your intellect, your logic, and your insight, and clearly communicate the truth that is spiralling up to be witnessed.


• In what areas of your life do you obscure your own clarity? And why?
• Clarity happens when you better understand yourself and how you connect with the world around you. If you were to draw a set of lines between you and those around you, and make a note of how you see others and how they see you, what would you see? What roles are you playing? And do they serve your desires?
• This card often signals a big idea coming into your world. What will you do to ground it and make it real?