Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings King of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): an entrepreneurial spirit, a natural born leader, a creative visionary, successful ideation, fearlessness, timelessness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): being overly ambitious, explosive emotions and impatience, not being compassionate enough with employees or those who seek to help you build your vision, misguided vision


This fiery guy. Betcha’ think he’s way too young to be a king. His profound wisdom comes bundled with wizened laughter and a perpetual zest for joy. He’s kept his vitality alive with his dancing and with his obsessive addiction to a life well lived. He’s a charismatic and natural born leader, and as you step into his energy you may feel a surge of his entrepreneurial passion that pushes you to the edges of a new experience. He’s determined and self-assured, and continuously motivated by innovation. He wants to create the best reality for the people in his life, and he doesn’t allow rumination or daydreaming to get in his way. He imagines, and then he does. His intensity manifests new ideas to form, almost instantly. Not afraid of a little risk, he may keep strange company and challenge the status quo in many areas of his life. He loves offbeat thinking! This is a part of his magic, and he does whatever it takes to move in the direction of his brightly lit future. He keeps his eye on the prize, and runs continuously towards the fruition of his ever-evolving dream.


The card of moguls, masterpieces, soul-inspiration and epic success… it asks you where you are headed and what you really want to achieve. What keeps your fire turned on and your passions ignited? Make sure you recharge your energy and take time for awe, beauty and wonder. Boldly express that offbeat weirdo that you’ve got inside, and be absolutely unapologetic in your pursuit of excellence. Express your visionary creativity by unleashing your ideas in wild new ways. (Yes, you.)

If you find yourself getting caught in the weeds of your situation, it’s time to see the bigger picture. Recruit help to avoid the minutiae, as you can only create something this stellar by being at the helm of your vision. Holler passionately from the top of the mountain and invite others to see what you see. Your persepectives may seem curiously avant-garde or unique, so invite them to partake in this momentum! Love, career, health… it all gets a positive boost within the fire of this passion. The shadow side of this energy is that you may not be able to see your own limitations or blind spots because of your over-zealous ambition. Keep arrogance and unrealistic expectations from blinding your steps as you lead, and work out the kinks first, before excitedly charging ahead with your intensely vibrant heart.


• As you run towards your goals, what small details keep tripping you up? And can you work out a better way to deal with the little things?
• If you could wave his wand and create your perfect life, what would it look like? And when you have that imagined… what 3 steps could you take towards it now?
• Who could help you with your current challenge? Share your vision and enlist help.
• What would an intensely creative and romantic relationship look like to you?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Queen of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): boldly expressing yourself, charisma, passion, spontaneity, bravely pursuing your dreams, impulsivity, adventure, having confidence, helping others as you build your queendom, power, intensity, love

Shadow Seer (Reversed): self-sabotage with passionate and fiery emotions, being afraid to take a risk, moving beyond hesitation, not being totally honest with yourself, an optimal time to build your self-confidence and to let go of what other people think


The Queen of Wands brings her creativity and passion with her wherever she goes, and when she enters a room you will feel her warm exuberance and her intensely confident determination. She has always been bold and expressive, creative and passionate, and people say she has the warmest of laughs and the biggest of stories. She steps into her role as Queen comfortably, fully – because she is confident in the way that she leads. Today, she sits on her desert throne, surrounded by her dreams and her memories, her creative energy and her people. She understands the power of deep connection and the lengths that people will go when they know they are being appreciated for their efforts. Even though there are times when her anger is explosive, she knows her long- term happiness will be built with a heart whose sacred flame burns brightly, lovingly, and powerfully. She chooses to nurture her love and her passion over her fear and her anger, and as such she is a powerfully inspirational character who boldly shares her enthusiasm and warmth.


You are capable and fierce, and it’s time to root into your purpose and find the magic you’ve been looking for. It’s time to be bold, and to step into the limelight of your life. Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention, and for Goddess sake, stop acting small in order to make those around you feel more comfortable! It’s not your role to make others feel larger in your presence, it’s your role to make them feel loved. Find your voice and allow your powerful pipes to fill the room. Share your ideas and your message passionately, for it will incite respect and inspire those around you. Light the way for others by bravely sharing your fire. Powerful connections of love will ensue, so it’s a perfect time to put yourself in situations where you will have a chance to meet new people, socialize and connect. Make sure your fiery, impulsive bursts of productivity are accompanied by laughter, good times and a heaping dose of gratitude. There is, of course, shadow cast in the wake of all of this light, so don’t push it down so deeply that you can’t find it again. Sometimes this Queen shows up to indicate jealous or manipulative tendencies, especially when you let your stubborn streak grow hotter than your common-sense. Always go back to love as a mentor. Know that it’s okay to be healing.. and still want to heal others. It’s okay to not share everything with everyone… and still feel open and vulnerable. It’s okay to be imperfect, or to have aspects of self that have held you back in the past. Don’t let your past shadows define you. Transmute them. Sit with them briefly and then light them on fire, because you don’t need them anymore.


• Intensity and passion when dealing with others can both save us and hinder us.
How does your intensity act in your life?
• What part of you desires to be seen? What part of you wants to lead?
• When do you feel powerful?
• Have you pushed shadow parts of you so far away that you have a hard time
accessing their lessons? If you could illuminate them, what would they whisper?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Knight of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): charisma, spontaneity, fast energy, someone who enters (or leaves) your life quickly, enthusiasm, the spirited energy that gets things done

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a need to have courage and take a risk, hesitation, the need for more self-awareness, an optimal time to build self-confidence


The Knight of Wands gallops along a beach on her stallion, and they charge full steam ahead towards that passion project that she’s been dreaming about. But wait, what is that in the distance? A campfire? A beach party? Full stop. She’s nothing if she’s not spontaneous, and whatever it is, it looks like an adventure waiting to happen. (Which is indeed the thing that she craves most.) She jumps off her horse and joins the party, grabbing a borrowed djembe and an impromptu tune. Her passionate, fiery energy is magnetic, and since she’s got charisma in spades she quickly becomes the life of the party. After a few laughs, she remembers that her scattered energy can often be the cause of delays in her life, and the very thought of setting herself back has her frustrated by her own fiery nature. She tunes into her purpose, and as quickly as she arrived she’s off again, chasing her dream and becoming her most vibrant expression of self.


What have you been dreaming about? It’s time to bravely pursue the things that inspire you the most. That passion project you’ve been tinkering with? That thing you’ve always wanted to join but continually held yourself back from? If you allow more spontaneity into your choices you will be freer to shift your reality. You may have a new desire and a new curiosity at this time. It’s okay to want new things and to run with the wind when you are feeling lit-up about a new idea. Things are about to move quickly as this card marks a time when you can get a lot done! Dance into this high-spirited and animated energy and bring adventure and enthusiasm into your world. Use this moment of inspiration to incite a wildfire of positive momentum. In shadow, this card counsels against reckless impulsivity and heated outbursts. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret later, and you don’t want all of that energy to spontaneously combust as soon as you leave the gates. Check in with your heart, and fan the flames of this inspiration in order to leave some reserves for the long haul.
If you have any pent-up creative energy, it’s time to make it work for you, while whooshing yourself along towards long-term success.


• What is that thing that always gets in the way of your big dreams?
• If you could do anything, with total certainty that it would work, what it would be?
• What are you continuously optimistic about?
• What new passions are blooming in your life? What’s making you want to grow? Move? Work? Learn? Or run towards?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Page of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): creative beginnings, a newly found inspiration and energy, honing a new skill or passion, curiosity, many different ideas or solutions

Shadow Seer (Reversed): limiting beliefs, creator angst, blocked ideas, a need to direct your energy, a need to ground your amibitions with a plan of action, having a hard time getting started


Everyone asks the Page of Wands why she never stops fidgeting. She says it’s because she always dreaming. She blames it on her salamander printed pants and her passion for dancing, but the Universe knows that it’s just the way she embodies her boundless creativity. Every time the Page gets a new idea, she tosses her wand in the air in order to let off a tiny bit of creator steam. Some days, her imagination keeps her wound like a top! She desires to create but can’t decide how to start. And when she starts, it’s usually more complicated than she imagined, so she goes right back to envisioning. You see, the Page gets inspired all of the time. She’s so inspired, in fact, that her thoughts lead her from one idea to the next idea, leaving little space in between to do anything else but imagine. And as a result, she never seems to stop throwing that wand of hers around. She has the potential to manifest and to create amazing things, but she’ll need to bring that baton down to earth and stake an idea into the ground first. With her wand in the air, for now, she dances through her fertile landscape only lacking a little patience and maturity for creative genius to sprout.


This Page is a free spirit who carries infectious enthusiasm into your situation. Her youthful, unpolished and exuberant creative energy will help you find flashes of inspiration. You’ve got new ideas forming, and while you may feel the massive potential behind them, you may also be feeling the creator angst of not having any solid plans to bring them to life. Step back and enjoy the bubbling of ideas, and simply notice how this inspiration feels. Let go of the need to formalize your plans right now. Even though their potential is limitless, give your ideas the space they need to develop, as sharing them prematurely will cut their wings by boxing them in. Spend extra time in the pursuit of the ethereal, and tune in to your desires again. Wait. Feel. Laugh. Enjoy. Feel. Taste. Explore. Divulge your vivid fantasy time as a way to tap into Source energy. Inspiration awaits. 

Sometimes, in shadow, this card suggests that even though you may have a million different creative solutions, it’s also important to figure out how to implement your ideas. Passions and lofty ambitions are a beautiful spark, and you may need to ask for help with the next steps. If you are feeling any lack of ambition or drive (or you’re feeling devoid of the inspiration that this card illuminates) know that you will find this fire when you loosen the shackles of your mind and allow yourself to dream.


• How are you capturing this creative energy? How are you embodying it, logging it or cultivating this magical flow of ideas?
• What are you feeling frustrated about right now? What experience do you want, but don’t have, and how can you move this stuck energy in a positive direction?
• Where does your motivation come from? How does it feel in your body?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 10 of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): taking on too much, burdens, responsibilities, oppression, a chance to understand why you are taking on so much, finding yourself close to a successful outcome

Shadow Seer (Reversed): the need to prioritize, divided attentions, freedom from burdens, letting go of someone else’s expectations of you, clinging to responsibilities, difficulty asking for help, the oppression of martyrdom, a need to stand up for yourself


The 10 of Wands looks up at the last mountain she has to cross, and she winces. Her back is sore, her boots are killing her, and she has been carrying her stack of wands alone for days. One look at the top of that mountain and she realizes that she has to do something about her heavy load. She’s overwhelmed with these stupid sticks even through she loves most of them. She’s just so done with carrying everything right now. They have become complicated burdens to lug around, and she’s seriously over-extended her muscular prowess. But gah! The finish line is so close! And these wands absolutely (positively) need to get there before sundown. She considers her options. She could struggle all the way up. She could leave some, and come back for them later. (It wouldn’t be a bad idea.) She even considers leaving some for good, because she’s probably taking on too much and it’s probably time to cull her collection. (Also, not a bad idea.) Her foot throbs, and a friendly little yak comes around the bend just in time. Salvation! ‘How much?’ she asks, hoping he’ll agree to alleviate some of her strain. ‘Sweet child,’ he smiles, ‘I would love to help. All you had to do was ask.’


All. Those. Responsibilities. Do you really need to carry them all at the same time? The 10 of wands is telling you it’s time to streamline, because you are so so close, yet so overburdened. Prioritize. Get help. Organize. Systematizing your life right now will help you to reach your goals much faster, and it will bring relief to any overwhelm or molasses energy that you may be feeling. Drop the non-essentials and any heaviness that is weighing you down. Look for ways to bring levity to your day. Sometimes, this means letting go of a learned behavior or a limiting belief, and sometimes it means literally deleting a task on your calendar. You are likely missing the bread-crumbs of serendipity because you are so intensely focused on what you already have on your hands. Whether your burdens are material, spiritual, literal or energetic, it’s clear that you’ve got some extra baggage right now. Let it go! It’s time to lift your spirit by releasing that ’ish, and enjoy your last steps to the finish line.


• If you could drop everything else, what would you choose to focus on?
• If you’re taking on too much, what could you drop, knowing that things would likely be just fine without you? (Hint: Others are more capable than you think!)
• How much time are you dedicating to your own growth? Your rest? Your happiness?
• What are your priorities in life? And are you giving them the focus they need?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 9 of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): determination, resilience, defiance, a last defense, the final push, excitement for what’s to come, defiance in the face of difficulties, rewards, victory

Shadow Seer (Reversed): the need to open up and trust people, holding onto old stories, letting go of old battles, the need to follow through and finish what you started, stronger boundaries


Brazenly, the nine of wands stands guard, poised and ready to take on anything that comes her way. She has been defending this place for so long that she can’t remember what it’s like to not be defending her fence of wands. She can remember, however, that it seems like the battle has already been won, and that it was won through resilience, effort and defiance. The others have already left their posts to rejoice in their newly found peace, but she’s not quite ready. Not yet. She wants to make sure that they are safe, and she feels like one last stand is required of her. Is it residual fear? Necessity? She’s not really sure. But somewhere in her heart, she knows it’s time for her to let go. Underneath her battle scars, she wants nothing more than to feel the safety net of rest. She leans on her most intimidating wand, and wrestles with the sedating calm that begins to creep into her bones. She promises herself that this will be the last stand she’ll take – one final push to complete this task, and tomorrow, yes tomorrow, she will retreat.


Stability and hard work are the ingredients that will help you find success in this matter. Adversity? Pshawww. You’ve got this! As you round the corner of success, something may surface that threatens your feelings of security and achievement. It’s important to remember how far you’ve come. Don’t see this minor deceleration as a symbol of failure, and don’t give up now! You are almost there! Step into resilience and take this final step. Attainment and completion are in store for those who are determined and tenacious enough to continue. In shadow, this card suggests you are making things harder than you need to, or being overly defensive about your situation. Sometimes, we need a break from the monotony of being protective in order to see that there is no longer a need to hold that sticky, guarded energy close to our hearts. You may even be inadvertently choosing the more difficult path because you believe, on some level, that healing and ascension are ‘difficult’ tasks. Sometimes we become so enamored with our stories, that our own shadows become romantic notions that we seek to defend. Are you tied to the idea of navigating your specific challenges on the path? Have any of your ‘shadows’ become ‘excuses? Or have any of your old ‘battles’ become your raison d’être?


• What could you do to make your life easier?
• Are you being over-protective in your current situation?
• Sometimes, as light and shadow seers, we choose the more difficult path because we believe we are making progress when we are ‘fixing our shadows.’ Are you tied to the idea of your painful lessons?
• What one last thing must be accomplished before you can totally relax and release?
• You’ve overcome so much and come so far. What have you learned about yourself?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 8 of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): speed, velocity, travel, making split decisions, an upcoming positive resolution, haste, good news

Shadow Seer (Reversed): instability, delays, unfocused energy and lack of direction, burnout, a tendency to hesitate, cancelled plans


Light speed! 8 wands hurtle their way through the Universe, gathering the momentum and the energy they need as they go. What started out as 1 quickly became 2, then 3… until all of the wands had joined the flight in quick succession. They’re in a rush because there’s still so much that they need to convey, and so many experiences to bring forth! They draw inspiration from the galaxies and star clusters that they dart past. Star after star, their energies collide and merge, and they move faster and faster until the velocity causes their tips to ignite. They push ahead because they want to arrive before they burn out! { Friction? They blow past it. Hurdles? Barriers? Gone.} They have such great news to deliver, and so much travelling to do. And in the blink of an eye they have passed by, leaving only the change that they came to enact, and their echoed sentiment of Go!


Action! Now is a time for swift movement. It may be in the form of travel, or in the form of energies taking shape. You know those moments in life when change happens so quickly that it’s almost like a wildfire has set everything ablaze? Drawing the 8 of Wands suggests that this type of speedy energy is at play. It’s inspirational. It’s fiery. It’s positive, and it’s now. If you have a gut feeling that needs to be acted upon, listen to it! 

Of course, quick action is easier when you know where you are headed, so that you don’t feel like you are being swept along by an unpredictable tide. It’s time to get clear on goals, desires and direction so that you can harness this beautiful window and get yourself ready to cover a lot of ground! Sometimes these swift wands indicate the movement of creative ideas, or a particular piece of news that is travelling quickly. In shadow, the 8 of Wands can suggest delays. Plans may be cancelled. Dates may be shifted. Your wands may be stalled. And as a result you’ll feel some sticky energy around your situation. You want to move but, ack… if your foot’s not stuck in the mud then you’ve locked your keys in the car, amiright?! Your timing might be off, especially if you find yourself fluctuating between hesitating and missing the moment and running so fast that you’re burning out. It’s time to bring consistent momentum into your propulsion. Small, consistent steps that always feel right in your heart are the best way to start.


• What are you waiting for?
• If you could go in any direction with the knowledge that it would be successful, which way would you go?
• How is your relationship with time? And how is that relationship affecting your current situation? (Think: too late. too old. too young. too early. too slow. etc.)
• Priorities and short-term goals. What’s your list look like?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 7 of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): dynamic energy, movement and growth, protecting your ideas, creative innovation, remaining ahead, feeling vulnerable, courageously sharing your ideas, self-expression

Shadow Seer (Reversed): defending yourself, being attacked, being misunderstood, a need to erect energetic boundaries, grounding and protecting yourself, slander


Haters. They only emerged after she made it to her current perch, and as soon as she did they started whipping out their wands and challenging her position. She’s been here for like, what, 5 minutes (?!) and there’s already someone who didn’t like what she had to say, another someone who disliked what she had to eat, someone else who aggressively asked her to explain her background, and a whole whack of wands pointing at her flaws. Some dislike anyone who is ‘successful.’ Some want what she has. Some are just angry at the world and they attack her because she is visible. She takes a pause, and remembers that she has the experience to be at the top of this ledge, and that she is deserving of this success. She realizes that her only option is to defend herself if she wants to stay put. While they use violence and aggression to tempt her into losing her composure, she chooses a different route and draws on her integrity, her energy and her love. This too, is a lesson that will serve her well. Taking a deep breath in, she draws down light from the Universe, and she forms an energetic bubble around herself. She casts a protective shield as she imagines the rune of protection streaming down into her sheltering sphere. Consciously, mindfully, she brings feelings of peace and well-being into her body. And so it is.


It’s time to show your determination and tenacity, especially if you are being asked to defend your accomplishments to others. Remain confident in your abilities and remember that you deserve this success! You’ve earned it. Draw on your integrity, your love and your positive energy, and stand up for your beliefs and intentions. Stay synchronized with your bright vision, and avoid sinking into any low-vibe, negative states that others may be pushing. This card can represent the competition that emerges as a result of shining brightly in the world. Maybe you are at a place where others envy your status and they are hoping to knock you off your pedestal. If you are feeling attacked after sharing your magic (or after sharing a brave idea!) it’s important to remember that you don’t have to accept the opinions of others as truth, especially when they are vying for your position. Just do you. Check in with your integrity to make sure you are acting in a way that is aligned with your highest truth, and when you know you are, don’t let anyone stop you! Have persistence and defend what’s yours. If you are feeling criticized or unaccepted, this card is a reminder that standing up for yourself and clearly radiating your truest message will convey self confidence and backbone. Continue courageously, maintain your flow, create healthy boundaries, and bolster your mindset and your badass belief.


• What relationship do you have with the opinions of others?
• Is it time to be firmer with your energetic boundaries?
• How would your perspective change if you were on their side of the situation?
• What does it look like when you show up in the most vibrant form of you?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 6 of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): leadership, success, accomplishments, success, being seen, becoming an influencer, victory, optimism, inspiring others

Shadow Seer (Reversed): not seeing eye to eye, pessimism, lack of connection, a fall from grace


After a long journey, she has finally made it. She returns to the city she once called home, with the victory wreath in her hand. She has been doing the work, and tirelessly pushing for this moment. The word success whispers itself in her heart, and she knows that this homecoming is going to be special. She knows her people will be here tonight. Her friends. Her family. Her biggest fans. She steps onto the stage and the cheers erupt. They see her. She feels bathed in the energy of the crowd, and they celebrate her and the long battle that she has overcome. She allows all the feelings to bubble up: the gratitude, the joy. ‘Is it finally real?’ She wants to pinch herself in this moment, She hears the echo of the mic as she steps up to it, and she realizes that the being seen is integral to her understanding of her own success. Her joy has been amplified by the recognition she feels in this moment. She takes a deep breath of gratitude in, and clearing her throat she gets ready to begin. Her key is on pitch as she begins, ‘We did it.’


Something that you’ve been working towards is finally coming to a successful fruition, and it’s time to celebrate your wins, beautiful seer! After giving your energy, stretching your mindset, and building this success lesson-by-lesson, gift yourself permission to bask in the warm glow of accomplishment and relish the sweetness of this victory! It’s time to be honored and to be witnessed, and the supportive community around you will be enthusiastic about your success. Allow them to reflect your own evolution back to you, and accept their appreciation as you mentally process the progress you’ve made. Taking time to see your own radiance and to receive this message wholeheartedly is equally as important as making the next move on your journey. Accepting success will seed more of it. Don’t be afraid to really showcase your skills, and show up to share as an influential leader. Others will be looking to you for more wisdom now. In shadow, this card speaks to the ugly side of being seen or not seen. A marred reputation or a lack of recognition for accomplishments may be blocking the success that is deserved. If you are shying away from public attention and hiding your gifts from the world, you may be energetically blocking a positive outcome in your situation! Seek to share more, but not to the point of needing (or craving!) external validation. Use your own inner compass to define success, as the need for validation can be a self-esteem killer. It may be time to consciously boost your self-confidence and look for ways to feel proud of your own progress, and to be conscious about how highly you place the opinions of others. Remember that no one else in the world has your magic and the most important person to impress is yourself.


• What feelings emerge when you think about being recognized, and seen, publicly?
• How do you feel about your dreams when important people in your life don’t understand them?
• Are you able to accept praise and recognition easily? If not, why is that the case?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 5 of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): competition, conflict, ambition, challenge, being pushed by others to excel, brainstorming and mental jousting, adrenaline and aggression, surpassing limits, dynamic energy

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a need to collaborate, in-group fighting or arguments, conflict, being overly competitive, not following the rules, a tendency to avoid conflict to your detriment


1. 2. 3. Go! The 5 competitors push and pull their way up the wands in order to reach the light. First to reach it, takes all? No wait. First to reach it shares. Were those the rules? In the thrill of the moment they can’t remember, so they create something new as they go. They’ve moved beyond the stability of the 4 of wands, and they scuffle and skip their way up the ladder with the adrenaline of competition in their veins. There is one thing in their equally ambitious hearts: Win. A few experience the rush of friendly competition and they push themselves to excel in this environment. Others feel more aggressive than they’d like to feel, and the challenge suddenly feels more like a serious conflict. They all desperately want to be seen and heard amidst the chaos and the commotion. But, just as they didn’t really listen to the rules, no one is listening to the opinions or ideas on how to scale this mountain of wands, together. It feels like everyone is pushing forward in their own direction. They may not be able to reach the light unless they stop pushing against one another, but they are blocked from brainstorming because they all want to be first to reach the sky.


A little competition can be a good thing. It can push us to become the very best version of ourselves, and to move quicker than we would if we were doing it alone. Allow feelings of opposition and challenge to help you to evolve your methods and push beyond your own self-imposed limits. Choose to excel! If competition becomes unhealthy, and you are experiencing the shadow side of aspiration and challenge, it’s time to take a step back. Retreat from energies that are hindering your progress. Look for healthy competition that is inspiring and motivating instead of draining. Your path is your path. Others are on their own unique trajectory, so it’s time to seek a solution where your harmonious relationships with those around you add to your happiness instead of diminish it. If you are experiencing conflicts with others, take a deep breath and re-examine your thoughts. Sometimes your own feelings around being right, feeling second-rate or being challenged can interfere with your ability to see your path clearly. Egos can clash and slow everything down, or they can hone skills and help
you to succeed. Use this jousting to excel, to improve and to become a better version of yourself! You may need to fly solo for a little bit, or take some time to re-evaluate your options. Listen to the inspiration that comes from within to incite your next steps towards that light, and use competing energies as a way to enrich your experience.


• What challenges are currently holding you back?
• Does competition bring out your negative or positive qualities? How can your current challenge help you to excel?
• While it’s wonderful to learn from competition, it’s unhealthy if it makes you feel ‘less-than.’ How can you use others’ success to drive your own?
• What is your current lesson about working with the energy of others?