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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): an entrepreneurial spirit, a natural born leader, a creative visionary, successful ideation, fearlessness, timelessness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): being overly ambitious, explosive emotions and impatience, not being compassionate enough with employees or those who seek to help you build your vision, misguided vision


This fiery guy. Betcha’ think he’s way too young to be a king. His profound wisdom comes bundled with wizened laughter and a perpetual zest for joy. He’s kept his vitality alive with his dancing and with his obsessive addiction to a life well lived. He’s a charismatic and natural born leader, and as you step into his energy you may feel a surge of his entrepreneurial passion that pushes you to the edges of a new experience. He’s determined and self-assured, and continuously motivated by innovation. He wants to create the best reality for the people in his life, and he doesn’t allow rumination or daydreaming to get in his way. He imagines, and then he does. His intensity manifests new ideas to form, almost instantly. Not afraid of a little risk, he may keep strange company and challenge the status quo in many areas of his life. He loves offbeat thinking! This is a part of his magic, and he does whatever it takes to move in the direction of his brightly lit future. He keeps his eye on the prize, and runs continuously towards the fruition of his ever-evolving dream.


The card of moguls, masterpieces, soul-inspiration and epic success… it asks you where you are headed and what you really want to achieve. What keeps your fire turned on and your passions ignited? Make sure you recharge your energy and take time for awe, beauty and wonder. Boldly express that offbeat weirdo that you’ve got inside, and be absolutely unapologetic in your pursuit of excellence. Express your visionary creativity by unleashing your ideas in wild new ways. (Yes, you.)

If you find yourself getting caught in the weeds of your situation, it’s time to see the bigger picture. Recruit help to avoid the minutiae, as you can only create something this stellar by being at the helm of your vision. Holler passionately from the top of the mountain and invite others to see what you see. Your persepectives may seem curiously avant-garde or unique, so invite them to partake in this momentum! Love, career, health… it all gets a positive boost within the fire of this passion. The shadow side of this energy is that you may not be able to see your own limitations or blind spots because of your over-zealous ambition. Keep arrogance and unrealistic expectations from blinding your steps as you lead, and work out the kinks first, before excitedly charging ahead with your intensely vibrant heart.


• As you run towards your goals, what small details keep tripping you up? And can you work out a better way to deal with the little things?
• If you could wave his wand and create your perfect life, what would it look like? And when you have that imagined… what 3 steps could you take towards it now?
• Who could help you with your current challenge? Share your vision and enlist help.
• What would an intensely creative and romantic relationship look like to you?

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