Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings King of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): material abundance, personal growth, patience and determination, a confident and warm leader, expansion, a time to level up

Shadow Seer (Reversed): obsessing over riches, can indicate over-indulgence or a need to balance the material with the spiritual, may indicate workaholic tendencies


Warmth. This king just exudes it, and he welcomes you into his private study for a heartfelt conversation and a few anecdotal lessons of life. He’s worked his fields, met his soulmate, found his financial freedom and he looks out the window at his manifested dream. He brings infinite blessings for material success and he reminds you that the most important thing to be done is to enjoy it all. Every lesson. Every challenge. Every failure. And of course, every success. He counsels you to use all of the elements that are available to you, and not to be focused purely on the earthly elements of life. He knows that well-rounded success makes the most fulling life. He smiles, taking a peek at his family in the yard below. They are his most important achievement, and they have been his support along the way. He relied on them, and on his trusted familiar… his logical mind… his generous heart. He used all of the energies he had access to in order to build this life, and they all led him right here, in his library of experience, where he always knew he wanted to be.


Get clear on where you want to be. This card holds one of the tarot’s most powerful messages of dreams manifested as well as financial security and ease. It heralds over-flowing abundance, and whispers that you are finally arriving to that place that you have long dreamt of: Freedom. One of the keys to this king’s success is always finding an excuse to envision his future. Where are you headed? There is energy in the longing, and there is so much joyful expansion in the desire to bring one’s greatest potential into existence. Happiness happens when we do better than the last time, and in the pursuit of personal growth we can methodically and strategically allow ourselves the extravagance of desire. The rest is just a happy consequence of having a solid mindset forged with faith and confidence, a steady work-habit, the determination to succeed and the courage to cultivate enormous dreams. This is a potent message of money and wealth coming your way. It’s time to dream your biggest light to life. In shadow, this card counsels against being miserly or rooting into a mindset of scarcity. Choose generosity over greed, and take the time to get a clear understanding of your financial goals or security. Experiencing material loss (or even allowing it to flitter away through gambling or irresponsible spending) can be turned around quickly when you set your goals and stick to your plan. Success is a feeling, not a specific number on a piece of paper, so feel into it now in order to bring more of it into your world. This wealth and happiness card reminds you that earthly abundance is accessible to you right now, and that you’re in the right place to find it.


• Do you have a clear idea of exactly who you want to be and where you are headed? Having clarity on this is your map to get there. What do you really want?
• Success doesn’t always happen overnight. What action steps are you taking now to create the future you desire?
• How are you taking care of your family and your community?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Queen of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): material wealth and abundance, strength in family and community, a kind and warm heart, being down-to-earth, groundedness, powerful healing, a healer, a working parent, a self-made person

Shadow Seer (Reversed): financial stress, being self-absorbed, over-focusing on the material aspects of life, smothering others, helicopter parenting, over-indulgence


She anchors down. Lifts her head up. Takes a deep breath. Ahhhhhh. This self-made queen spends a few morning moments here everyday, giving thanks to the world around her. A natural healer, she has always connected to earth energy and to the trees, the soils, the mosses… to the lush green energy that pulses all around her. She stepped into affluence by shifting the shadows that she was holding on to around wealth. She let go of her stories. Everything she was taught. The things her parents beleived. She reminds you to pay attention to your finances now to up-level your money game, and to give yourself permission to rise into the upper ranks. (Pssst. Notice any resistance that you may be feel about that idea.) What stories are you holding on to that are actively holding you back? This is a positive message of creature comforts and happiness, and this queen of earthly medicine ushers in a life well-loved and well-lived in the material world.


Take some time to create a sense of peace and harmony in your physical surroundings. Make it yours. Make it right. This queen is the ultimate creator of sacred space, as she grounds the expressive and creative power of the queens into the earthly realm. Harness the abundance that’s available to you by bringing groundedness to your situation. Take time to pause in nature, and to sink into the low hum of Mother Earth’s healing resonance as you find your calm, dignified and rooted power! This queen offers you a chance to align with your prosperity and security.

Loyalty, family and community are themes at this time, and a nurturing, flexible and down-to-earth approach will help you to make the most of your situation. In relationships, shower others with blessings from your warm disposition and charitable heart.

When you gift those in your life with stability and support, be sure that you aren’t over-extending your energy. Be mindful to avoid enabling others by over-mothering them (or bailing them out all of the time!) as they must learn to walk on their own. Indulge in some you time by clearing space on your calendar for self-care and cozy retreats. By relaxing and spending sone time looking after yourself, you will be able to continue to give your energy freely to others, to mama Gaia, and you will make the world around you a better place. Pamper yourself. You and your abundance are worth it – you glorious, powerful queen.


• How are you supporting your community and your loved ones?
• What steps are you taking to promote your own healing and to ensure that your own self-care is prioritized?
• What could you do today to bring more sacredness into your everyday space?
• When do you call on your network for support?
• Do you accept help as easily as you offer it?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Knight of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): diligence and hard work, determination, steadfastness, material security, safety, expansion

Shadow Seer (Reversed): focusing solely on the material, not doing the work, being selfish or cold, laziness, taking harmful shortcuts, stagnation or feeling stuck


He’s toiling and tilling his lands, and enjoying every minute of it. This Knight is a little more practical than the other knights, with his steadfast momentum and his consistent earth-bound energy. He’s here to improve things for himself and for those he loves, and he remains devoted to solidifying his already stellar foundations. He carries his pentacle shield on his back because this knight is into safety and security. Barefoot, he walks his fields, earthing his energy and soaking up the life-force that is available to us all when we spend time in nature. He trusts the deep magic that is happening beneath the surface. The roots. The fungi. The worms and the nutrients and all the hidden earth flowing. He has found his flow here, working happily, in a state of peaceful Zen. ‘Extra care today will multiply your harvest tomorrow,’ of that he assures you. Since we know him to be loyal and trust-worthy, we can accept this as truth.


Are you taking pride in your efforts to move your goals forward? It’s a time to show fierce loyalty to your home, and fierce dedication to your abundance and to your material success. Find your energizing, unwavering ambitions for the future! Sometimes, this energy feels so secure and stable that it feels repetitive, so if you are feeling resistance to inner or outer work, or if you’d kinda’ prefer to stay in bed, he asks you to find both determination and joy in the progress. The journey is the thing. Patience and diligence are called for at this time, so use your productivity as a tool to measure your steady movement towards your dream – and spend some time logging your progress. Uncover heart-stirring enthusiasm by allowing yourself to truly believe in something brighter. This is a card of infinite expansion, and with time – and faith – your seeds will take. By following through on your plans and promises (and making sure that you don’t over-promise and under-deliver!) you will move any stuck energy that sits in the way of you and your dreams. In shadow, this card can indicate stagnancy. You may be stuck in a routine, or acting in a way that is unduly rigid or safe. When life becomes a grind, or when your desire to be efficient and productive becomes extreme conservatism or boredom, it’s time to seek new adventures and try new things! You can shake things up and still be rooted in your goals. Seek to enjoy the day-to-day, knowing that you can hustle creatively, and that you can work, laugh and love all at the same time.


• Step-by-step, row-by-row. What foundations are you creating?
• How secure do you feel in your day-to-day life? And if you are feeling vulnerable, what needs to change so that you can relax more into your own natural rhythms?
• When do you find your Zen – your state of flow? How can you bring more of that into your life?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Page of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): manifesting new opportunities, beginnings, good news, ambitions, skills and training, financial opportunities, new career paths, new connections, exploration stage, a beginner, earth magick, making plans a reality

Shadow Seer (Reversed): being non-committal, lack of progress, learning from past mistakes, procrastinating, not bringing plans down to earth


Learning and seeking. This page holds her mandala coin of wealth with a curious mind and an open heart. How does one bring more of this into one’s life? She roots into the ground as she has been taught, and seeks her answer with an openness for receiving. Quietly, she begins to understand the manifesting power that she holds – that we all hold. The power to give life to new ideas, to activate their magic with our hopes and desires and to pull energy up from the earth to bring them to form. She wants you to see that things happen one life-stage at a time, and that you must root down into the ‘details’ of the work while you simultaneously keep your head in the clouds to dream. Bridging earth and air, she begins to bring her ethereal visions down to the material realm.


There may be pieces that still need to fall into place, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to arrive! Yes, there is work to do and things to figure out, and you’re in the perfect place to get it done. Harness this youthful earth energy to dig into new experiences that will solidify your means and your future. (Remember when you thought you could be an astronaut? Go ahead and ground that energy before it dissipates!) Find prosperity in your progress, create confidence by being dependable, and allow this tangible material upswing to be your proof-positive that you hold this power, no matter what age you are, or where you are starting out from. New information will bring with it new perspectives and upgrades of consciousness, and this Page reminds you that can use this excitement for new beginnings as a building tool to expedite its arrival. In shadow, this card can indicate a lack of commitment or a loss of interest. Are you losing your momentum or excitment? Ground your ideas by taking small, simple steps to bring them to life. Sometimes, in shadow, this Page can indicate a lack of ambition to move ahead. This may mean you haven’t found your thing yet. If you find yourself procrastinating because your task feels too big, or if you have ambition without the finances to support a new dream, know that you can move ahead slowly. You don’t need to make it all happen at the same time. Dedicated, step-by-step progress will make your plans a reality.


• You are in a period of new beginnings. Where are you headed? And what progress forward can you take today?
• 3×3: What would you like to see happen in your life 3 weeks, 3 months, and 3 years from now? Plan your trajectory.
• What would you like to learn? What piques your curiosity?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 10 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): spiritual and material abundance, community, generosity, wealth and prosperity, building a legacy, conventional ideas of wealth and money, positive outcomes

Shadow Seer (Reversed): chasing luxury and status, a negative mindset around wealth, a reminder to share the wealth that you have found, can indicate financial loss or delays around money


They’ve been co-creating this life for some time. Their place, their family, their friends… their life. They’ve learned along the way that it doesn’t have to be “difficult or hard” – even though they used to think that it did, way back when they were travelling through the 5 of Pentacles. They’ve learned that the flow of abundance comes to those who are generous enough to know they deserve it, and that the energy of money can take many forms. The form that makes them the happiest, however, is the energy of being able to celebrate with those they love… on days like today, when everyone is looked after, the meals are prepared, they are all sheltered and warm, and each and every person in their circle knows that they will never do without. They dance beneath their pentacle chandelier, and as a connected community they enjoy and witness everyone’s dance along the tree of life. Step-by-step, they build their dream together.


Oh baby. This is the big one! All the love, abundance and joy that you can muster in your heart… it’s coming your way and it’s coming fast. It’s time to prepare for its arrival and enjoy this commitment to your long-term success. This energy is so big, in fact, that you should be prepared to spread some of this around with complete generosity and joy. When you are able to bring an abundance of positive energy into your life, things shift around you, and your avenues become clearer with significantly more opportunity and connection. Your happy and abundant community is emerging, and circumstances click into place almost effortlessly as perceptions change. You are one small move away from seeing the bigger picture and from shining light on a legacy of earth energy that is yours. Say yes to this Pentacles miracle – the Universe wants you to lead a happy, healthy and wealthy life, and material stability is on the way. The darker side of the 10 of Pentacles reminds us that faking status or wealthiness to impress others will only make us feel unworthy, less-than enough, or dishonest. This energetic game is not one that is rooted in abundance, but in lack. Chasing luxury as if it’s the most important goal can leave you feeling empty and alone when you achieve it. The same way marrying for money can leave one in a disconnected marriage, living for wealth can create confusion about where our true happiness lies. If you find yourself in disputes over finances, earnings, or inheritances, get back to your center and remember where your true joy resides. Even in reverse, this is one of forthcoming stabillity, so take heart! It’s time to taste the pleasures of life, and to step into this state of consciousness that says yes, I am worthy of all of this success.


• How does wealth affect your feelings of abundance? Do you tend to save more when you acquire more? Or does it make you more generous?
• This card often speaks of conventional wealth. What are your money goals?
• How comfortable are you with the idea of being rich? Are you inadvertently pushing money away because you “dislike” those with it, or think it is “evil”?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 9 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): spiritual and material satisfaction, personal achievement, inner peace, milestones met and celebrated, the energy of a successful harvest, contentment

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a need to evaluate your relationship with work, can indicate material success while feeling alone, a workaholic, the realization that money alone will never be enough, financial delays, the pressure to appear more successful than you are


Looking at her apothecary of life and love she breathes it all in. Every last plant. Every last light of life. She has done this… all of this. From the bottom to the top…. With her own love for her world. She rummages through her study, taking a moment to relish in the sweetness of this success. She envisioned this. Wanted it. Worked for it. Manifested it. And now, finally, she can take a moment alone, and rejoice in this feeling of satisfaction. She reaches up to her plants, her greatest allies, and a bird lands on her hand, reminding her that her connection with the elements is strong. She dances to the hum of the earth, and sways to the mysteries of the divine. Others might say that there was no music playing, but she hears it pouring out of everywhere.


You know those moments when everything feels a little bit brighter? When the sun just beams and you swear that unicorn glitter almost dripped off its rays? This card indicates that you are reaching one of those moments – a culmination of your hard work and your desire, and that you are stepping into your manifested hopes. These moments of spiritual and material bliss are highly personal and mark moments of glowing success in your life. Look for this abundant energy as it surges into your heart, and use its power to move mountains, to spread love and to enjoy your harvest. Go ahead and bask in this, you deserve it!

Spending some time alone to really process and appreciate your progress will allow you to step into your fullest expression of this expansive energy. In shadow, this card suggests that you may be working too hard and not seeing enough in return. The pay off must always equal your energy expenditure in order for you to remain balanced, and if you sense an imbalance then it’s time to look at this honestly in order to make amends. Sometimes you are working so hard that you have become addicted to your work. (And sometimes it indicates the addiction to appearing successful.) While it’s wonderful to have created all of this on your own, it’s also wonderful to have placed the same value on sharing your creations with those you love. Work and play. Shifting your energy now will bring you the harmony and the harvest you seek, as success shared with others is the sweetest one of all.


• What brings you your greatest moments of joy?
• Are you able to celebrate your wins alone, without needing to seek external validation from others?
• When was the last time you felt really proud of your accomplishments? Where were you, and what did you achieve?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 8 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): mastering a skill, an expert, craftsmanship, the ‘meraki’ that you put into your work, patience and determination, methodical progress, finding your soul’s purpose

Shadow Seer (Reversed): seeking shortcuts to your detriment, burning out or giving up, sporadic output, inexperience, needing more skill, perfectionism leading to feelings of inadequacy, not finding joy in work


Many moons and many nights she has worked on this. Learning the herbs. The plants. The mixtures. She mixes her potions and blends her oils. She is so immersed in her love for this life, that there are days when she finds full flow… full zen… in the zone. She creates and creates some more. Some would say she does it with the skill of a master herbalist, but she knows that her energy is not quite there, not yet. But that she is close. She can already work in this field. And make a living. And heal. And bring to manifest so many beautiful things. But the level she desires is – well… next level. She smiles, immersed in her craft, and she breathes in the moonlight and breathes out its magic, charging her crystals and her teas and setting up for another day of focused exploration and practice.


Patience, determination and pride in your progress are the best ways to ensure your success. Mastering this skill has taken some time, and shortcuts are not the best path forward as you build your dream. Remain dedicated to your own excellence and to developing your unique artform. Study, practice, improve and thrive. Master craftsmen put their ‘meraki’ into their creations. (They weave their love and energy into their creations, leaving a piece of their soul behind in their work.) And they bring this meraki in a consistent, methodical way. They consciously align their soul purpose with their desire to perfect their craft.

It’s time for you to really imbue love and joy into 
anything repetitive that you find yourself doing, and to find flow and pride in the details, no matter what it is that you are working on.

If you know in your heart that it’s 
time to move on to something more inspiring, then find your plan to do so. Often, we feel blocked right before we expand into new ways of knowing and being. Consistent action is called for right now, as is drawing on the energies of experience, time and persistence. One cannot build a life from one day to the next, just as the moon cannot complete a cycle overnight. Have faith that you are moving in the right direction, and dedicate yourself to your path.

Remember that arriving at ‘perfection’ is always an illusion, and as you seek to do your very best work, don’t let comparison or impossible standards be the thief of your joy. You are becoming the master of your craft, and finding joy in continuous self-improvement is the energy that will help you get there.


• How are you showing up consistently in your life (or in your relationships) that proves your dedication to your chosen path?
• What are you mastering right now? What skill would help you get to the next level?
• It’s okay to be imperfect and to teach, lead or show up fully. Do you stop yourself from doing what you want because you’re not enough, imperfect or still growing?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 7 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): a moment to pause and reflect, states of gratitude, re-evaluating your journey, waiting to harvest the fruits of your labour, a sign to keep going

Shadow Seer (Reversed): giving up too early, impatience, losing faith, not following through, frustration with rewards


Inspecting the work, he wonders how fruitful these plants will be. He can’t see the magic underneath the soil. He just has a feeling that things are happening under there. And it’s a very good feeling. ‘It’s almost here right?’ His intuition answers,‘Yes.’ ‘But I can’t see anything yet?’ ‘Have faith.’ He sighs, knowing there is nothing more he can do at the moment except continue to believe and to nurture this little venture. He puts his hands over the plant, and sends it some healing love. And even though he doesn’t see the immediate effects in his little friend, he certainly feels it, right away, in his heart.


If you are watching the plants closely, they never really seem to grow. But when you look away for a moment, they flourish overnight. Trust that things are happening even when you can’t see the nuanced energies that are bringing them forth! This card is a sign that you are almost there. You’ve been doing the work and your wildly successful roots are growing. While you may not see the fruits of your labour yet, know that they are on the way and that any lack that you feel is simply residual energy that you are working through. It’s time to root into faith, belief, and knowing… because you’ve come so far on this journey and it’s almost time to enjoy the rewards of your determination. Take a moment to pause, give thanks, and realize that you are the living, breathing result of all of your memories, hopes, dreams and hard work. This is your long-game. The investment. Keep going. Often, this moment will serve as a time to revisit your purpose and your direction. Your arrival is only possible after you can pinpoint the destination. Has your journey shifted so much that what you originally germinated is not the thing you desire to harvest? What needs to change so that you can satisfy your deepest intentions, and so that your creator energy finds peace and fulfilment? If you are feeling any frustration around your lack of progress, remember that giant dreams are not built in a day! Delays happen. In shadow, this card can sometimes indicate that you have been watering seeds that may never offer the type of harvest you desire. It’s time to prioritize and focus, and assess your energy input vs. rewards output. Does it feel right in your soul? Enjoy this interlude, for it is a sacred breath that will help you to direct your energy towards a reality that will make your heart sing.


• How much faith do you have, when you can’t see the proof?
• Is it time to take up (or revisit) a gratitude practice?
• Amazing things take time. What else can you do while you are waiting for it arrive?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 6 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): the two-way abundance of giving and receiving, being charitable, a positive and generous mindset, financial advancement, an awakening, in flow

Shadow Seer (Reversed): over-giving or over-receiving, hoarding, being uncharitable, being judgemental about another person’s lot in life, being selfish, blocking flow


Like magic, he takes one coin and makes it two. She takes two coins and makes them four. Somehow, somewhere, they acquired this trick and it has taken them travelling across the earth, sharing and gifting and showing. Some witness their magick and immediately see their open abundant hearts and generosity, as they gift coins to all who are willing to listen. Others judge them as evil and uncharitable, because they clearly could gift a lot more. They explain that this is for everyone, this abundance work. This healing is for you, too. They share their secret… and it is one of love. Of generosity. Of joy. Even so, many see what they can do and hold them with disdain in their hearts. ‘Why won’t they give us much more? Why only one coin? You have too much. You’re not sharing enough.’ They gift as much as they can, and try to explain scarcity and lack. They offer to show people how to multiply their own coins. While this giving and receiving cycle benefits everyone, not everyone is open to learn.


Open yourself up to the flow of two-way abundance from the Universe. This card marks a time in your life when material resources are beginning to flow to you, and when you will find yourself in a position of balanced accounts and good fortune. Sometimes this means we are the hand that gifts, and other times we are the hand that receives. We all experience both of these states in life, and we are always able to use our energetic resources to help others. They are life-changing for those in need. Donate your time, money or energy to someone or something that moves your soul, and take action from a place of genuine love and authentic generosity. Your desire to help others will not only be deeply appreciated, but this will put you on the path of two-way flow, and you will be able to give and receive fluidly and easily from this state. Be generous with everything you have learned along the way, and enjoy the prosperity that comes with this beautiful and abundant state of resource permeability. It feels good to help others, right? Generous? Heart-centered? This is the feeling you are being asked to cultivate. It will open up the floodgates of new resources coming your way. Learning and teaching. Gifting and Accepting. Cultivate a practice of continual flow at this time. In shadow, this card can suggest selfishness or using a ‘gift’ as a means to control someone or something. Make sure your charitability comes with no expectations to receive, and that generosity isn’t a mere stepping-stone to power, status or righteousness. Intentions always matter. Opening your heart to this sacred balance of loving generosity for the sake of generosity will help to fill in any gaps you have around scarcity and abundance, and it will shower your life with compassion, kindness and prosperity.


• Where can you give more? And where can you take more? Do you find it just as easy to give as to receive?
• Where could you be more balanced when it comes to your material possessions?
• What would you give to others if you had all the resources in the world?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 5 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): financial or health difficulties, feeling left-out or ostracized, worrying about your security, asking for help when you need it, a chance to clear energy blockages around wealth and health

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a scarcity mindset, feeling helpless, victimhood, inability to move ahead, fear and isolation, resistance to positivity, a light at the end of the tunnel


‘I lost it all. Everything.’ She weeps into her torn sequence scarf and she no longer has the energy to curse those who did this to her. Her Life. Her wealth. Her health. Everything seems to have slipped away, and she can’t seem to get things back in order. Petting her bruised knee and wrapping her dirty clothing around her, she settles in for a long cold night. They won’t help her. They have forgotten her. And she is beginning to believe that maybe she isn’t worthy of their love. Shame sets in and she doesn’t remember exactly when that happened… this belief… but it has slowly built its way up to right here. Her shoulders shake silently, and she begs the heavens for help. A light shines down and illuminates a key, right behind her. She sees the light but knows it isn’t meant for her. ‘Why would it be for her?’ The key offers her a warm bed. Fresh sheets. A new start. If only she would believe that it could be for her. If only she would shift her perspective and see the truth – that everything she wants is within reach.


Things are a little sticky for you right now ($) and it’s time to squarely take notice of your feelings concerning your safety and security. When the five of pentacles shows up in a reading, it usually indicates that you are worried about your well-being, and that you are stressed AF about your finances or your health. Sometimes, your fears or worries about being excluded or left-out add to a deteriorating energetic state, and it’s time to step back into your personal power and into the flow of abundance. Find your hunger for fierce positivity (do you feel it peeking around the corner?) and actively look for opportunities in your current circumstance. They are hiding in your shadows. If you’ve been stagnant for a while, ask yourself if you have been laser focused on the things that you are creating, or on those that you are missing in your life? Don’t allow your inner-voice to spew out unnecessary mental and energetic chatter that distances your reality from that of others who seem to have the things they desire. Be mindful when feelings of self-pity or helplessness try to dictate your lot in life, because against all odds, all oppression, all class barriers, all-whatever…. there is always a choice to move beyond your current limitations. You can decide to see things differently and to work towards a more vibrant and luminous life. You are not locked out from that which you desire. Flip your perspective and see the keys that will help you get there. And then choose to open the door.


• What story are you holding on to about your wealth (or health) that you’d like to let go of? And what could emerge if you chose to see your reality in a different way?
• Your money relationship : What role have you played in your own circumstance?
• Who or what are you shutting out? And what would happen if you opened the door?