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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): new ideas, clarity, an a-ha moment, truth revealed, newfound awareness, heightened states of consciousness, thought, communication, success and triumph

Shadow Seer (Reversed): over-analyzing, getting stalled out or stuck, clouded judgement, keeping truth inside


The Ace of Swords believes that there is nothing that can compete with the fierce rays of wisdom and truth. She sits quietly at the bottom of the golden spiral staircase, waiting for clarity to arrive. An illumination. It will arrive quickly, because insight and higher thinking flow naturally here, in this brightly flowing Fibonacci gateway. This is the entry point where her creative solutions arrive, and where she experiences these divine downloads as a full mind-body-spirit connection. Here, all of her systems align. She sees glimpses of her Higher Self, and she is granted access to the Akashics in full waking consciousness. Her neurons fire intuition, intelligence, and truth, and her logical mind feels totally on board and alive. Her ability to receive information is mirrored by a widening of her throat chakra. She will be able to communicate this clearly as well. Light begins to shine out to the world, and thought emerges swiftly. She feels a smile form and her brain begins to buzz. Understanding.


Yes! Victory! Massive clarity is on the way, and with it a ray of understanding that often unveils a life-changing idea or a significant spiritual breakthrough. Allow this piercing awareness to pervade the corners of your mind and to shed a spotlight on your old-way of thinking. A paradigm shift will usher in a new beginning and a phenomenal opportunity will carry you through to the next phase. A new door is opening up for you, and with it comes a massive idea! Use this time to see things as they really are, and to see through the fog that has been masking this enlightenment. The quiet wisdom that lives in the unconscious mind is currently being made available for your conscious mind to access and process, so expect some expansion in your life! As your newfound awareness paves the way for discernment and ascension, things may feel a little unfamiliar. Trust this clarity to propel you forward. The Ace of Swords illuminates deep truths with laser-like precision, and this improved thinking may significantly change the way you perceive your world. An a-ha moment is on the way! It’s time to make use of your mindset tools to welcome something incredibly transformational, and to make sure your way of thinking is supporting your dreams. If you are finding yourself with clouded judgement or stalled out on an idea, it’s time to actively seek the brightly-lit energy of honesty. What’s true for you right now? And what’s pushing its way through the surface? Gather your discernment, your intellect, your logic, and your insight, and clearly communicate the truth that is spiralling up to be witnessed.


• In what areas of your life do you obscure your own clarity? And why?
• Clarity happens when you better understand yourself and how you connect with the world around you. If you were to draw a set of lines between you and those around you, and make a note of how you see others and how they see you, what would you see? What roles are you playing? And do they serve your desires?
• This card often signals a big idea coming into your world. What will you do to ground it and make it real?

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