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Light Seer (Upright): natural law, balance, karma, truth, wisdom, legal matters, fairness, cause and effect, integrity, objectivity, perspective, accountability

Shadow Seer (Reversed): consequences, retribution, karma, injustice and inequity, the opportunity to make changes that will better your future, taking responsibility for your actions, learning from past experiences, facing regret


Justice holds her sword out, and she tunes in to the situation of the querent. She feels the changing winds pick up and pass through her hands… her hair. She waits for the feeling of balance as she whispers her keys: morality, intention, truth, integrity. While her sword can be used for slicing through the darkness in order seek truth, she much prefers to use it to pick up on the thoughts and intentions of the seeker. In this way she can balance and weigh their outcomes. Justice believes in cause and effect, in things being either right or wrong, and she understands truth and deception. She believes in the universal moral code that she upholds. Justice sees the error. The connection to ego. The lies. In shadow, she learns how our emotional charge clouds our judgement. That we oh too easily see things from our very limited perspectives, and that we condemn others before having all of the facts. She knows that fear will often cause us to act in ways we are not proud of, and that the only elevating path lies rooted in truth. She holds us accountable, with love and with truth, and asks us to look at our responsibility, our choices and our excuses, with the same.

Karma can be delightfully loving, and it can be the most motivating of teachers.


Your past actions have brought you to right here, right now. Justice asks you to learn from your past experiences: the good, the bad and the fugly, and take it all and grow from it. Justice energy is not about perfect execution of an action, but rather about fair, just, and honest undertakings. It highlights clarity of motivation and intention, and it asks you to be realistic about the cause-and-effect that your thoughts and actions bring into the world. Your honesty will bring you balance. With both light and shadow-work, learn as much as you can from the many different parts of you. In your current situation, find impartiality as you reframe your reality, doing your best to remove any negative emotional charge from the equation. If there is something you know you need to rectify, rectify it! Find radical integrity and witness where you could have done a better job, and where another person was doing their best with the tools they had. Take accountability for your actions, as there are always consequences and you may be called forth in retribution. If you’ve learned from a past mistake, love yourself hard and know that you never need to repeat it. And if you’re stuck in a legal matter or trying to figure out what’s wrong or right, remember that the true path of ‘goodness’ is not always black or white, but it is always – always – one of love.


• Where are you out of balance?
• How can you do a better job next time?
• Justice and Injustice are tightly bound concepts. What injustices can you right with thoughtful action and inspired service?
• If an injustice has harmed you, how can you move towards
forgiveness in order to heal? What does loving reparation look like?
• Are fairness and rightness the same thing?

@stonecircledreamer I love the way the reflection shows a different woman showing us that judgment must come from empathy - from seeing another as ourselves.
@newmoonmystic She is totally in control, but has to remain focused on whether she is acting or reacting.
@joannahuntercom The sword of justice is double edged - as you swing it be careful you don’t cut yourself with your reflected shadow self.
@silvia_ancordi The details of the closed eyes vs. open reminds me that reality isn’t as it seems and that the Divine design isn’t visible to the eyes. Balance doesn’t feed on revenge but on centring.
@paints4fun Eyes wide open for injustice and perhaps an indigenous woman as justice served? I am drawn to both images.
@thesoulwork She feels like a part of me. So wise and yet so soft. So spacious yet discerning.
@cosmic.creeper It feels like a reminder that justice asks us to see past our own agenda and be open to the whole picture, allowing this to inform us of the reality, nuances and all, before taking action. With the lower figure you’ve really encapsulated the idea of looking into consciousness, or seeking to see on another level further than our initial reactions.
@thefoxandtheotter_tarot I love how both the positive and negative sides of this card are seen so easily in the image. I see the woman on the top half of the card as representative of someone who trusts that the universe has her back and knows her actions are just. She can move freely through life, even with her eyes closed. Where as the woman on the bottom half has to be wary, and watch her back so to speak. So she may be representative of someone whose actions are unjust.

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