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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): fate, destiny, a lucky break, cycling up through karmic lessons, the chaos of creation, a beautiful surrendering to what is and what will be, a turning point

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a need to relinquish control, the ups and downs of life, inevitability of change, karma, misfortune


The Wheel of Fortune spins her wheel with all the wonder of creation in her eyes. She whispers her keys as she spins, all or nothing: Randomness. Synchronicity. Fractal and repeating. Patterned and karmic. Luck. Fate. Freedom. She stands over her spinning disks and gleefully watches the 8 arrows of chaos slip in and out probabilities. They simultaneously point to the 8 stages of the year, and to the roulette of possibilities for the seeker’s answer. All the while, perched on one foot, the Wheel knows that she has harnessed all of the light and all of the shadow to create this destiny. If she leans too far in either direction she will fall out of balance and land at the bottom. She’s done it before and she will do it again… each time learning and growing from the experience. Even now, she isn’t really sure if it’s her luck or divine intervention that keeps her at the top of the wheel. She does know, however, that every time the wheel spins she feels as though she is cycling upwards through the very same lessons, and that the lessons vibrate a little higher each time – they get easier or more intense depending on her ability to navigate her mindset. She has learned that her perspective is an extraordinary asset, and she prepares to throw the lucky dice from around her
neck. She shakes them in her hand, kisses her knuckles, leans toward badass belief, and winks at faith. With a giggle she casts her lot, and she hopes with all of her wishes that her magical thinking will keep her balanced at the top this time, on this wheel, and she readies her footing as it spins once more.


Get ready lucky duck, the wheel is about to gift you a moment of divine fortune and charmed outcomes! Synchronicity is afoot, so look for opportunities to propel your life ahead. Be prepared for chance meetings, a beautiful turning point, or a node on the path that will change everything for the better. Get your karma points out and your serendipity glasses on, because if you open to spotting opportunity, you will find it now – yours for the taking. Just follow the bread crumbs towards your happy ending! Remember that the wheel is always spinning, and things are never the same as they were before. Learn to enjoy this constant regeneration and know that with every spin we have another chance to cycle upwards towards our own expansion. Trying to control the outcome of fate would prove to be impossible, so don’t. Grab your lucky charm, root into your mindset and belief, and know that something wonderful is on the way, because it is. See the spinning of the wheel for what it really is: all the beauty of a lifetime of experiences, waiting to spring forth and be lived.


• Are you trying to control the outcome, to the point of stifling your positive luck?
• Do you believe that your destiny is inevitable? Or do you believe you create your future? Would one of these perspectives help you more than the other at this time?
• Wheel of Truth: Have you created your current situation through choices that you regret? Can you release and transmute your feelings around this in order to free up the present and give the wheel a little more slack so it can spin in your favour?

NOTES ON ARTWORK: I have always loved the 18th Century Wheel of Fortune by Etteilla, and I was dying to create a contemporary version. I’ve added new wheels (additional dimensions or timelines) that we can cycle up into, because I believe that we can hold the dualities of freedom and determinism at the same time. (I believe we can manifest our future while fate also plays a role, so I needed a few more wheels to illustrate this concept.)

@jennifercockcroft It reminds me of the tree pose in yoga - and the idea of being perfectly balanced and able to stay grounded but also flexible whatever the elements throw at you.
@myunconventionalmusings I am my own guru and I call upon the of powers air, fire, water and earth to encourage and support me on my path as well as assist me to fly high and free.
@beastcatshome Wow... This one strikes a cord... I see happiness and the power to rise from any problem or hardship one can have... Also that I have it in myself to rise out of the dark
@genres_of_art (Marsha N. Wilson) Free. Liberated. Centered. Balanced. Self-compassionate. Carefree. Inspired. Energized by possibilities. Whimsical. Willingness/being in a space of allowing.
@marinamoonchild I see the light (on the left) and sustaining her at the top, while the dark streak (on the right) pulls her down. How she plays and balances these two sources of energy will lead her to feel balance or possibly be thrown off balance and fall down from the wheel.
@charms_and_cards She makes me feel like one of my favorite sayings: How do you know it’s from God? It’s here.
@symbaya I’m immediately struck by the orange-like wheels. Was it your intention for them to look like a cross section of an orange? All the connections for that colour come up for me.

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