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Light Seer (Upright): taking on too much, burdens, responsibilities, oppression, a chance to understand why you are taking on so much, finding yourself close to a successful outcome

Shadow Seer (Reversed): the need to prioritize, divided attentions, freedom from burdens, letting go of someone else’s expectations of you, clinging to responsibilities, difficulty asking for help, the oppression of martyrdom, a need to stand up for yourself


The 10 of Wands looks up at the last mountain she has to cross, and she winces. Her back is sore, her boots are killing her, and she has been carrying her stack of wands alone for days. One look at the top of that mountain and she realizes that she has to do something about her heavy load. She’s overwhelmed with these stupid sticks even through she loves most of them. She’s just so done with carrying everything right now. They have become complicated burdens to lug around, and she’s seriously over-extended her muscular prowess. But gah! The finish line is so close! And these wands absolutely (positively) need to get there before sundown. She considers her options. She could struggle all the way up. She could leave some, and come back for them later. (It wouldn’t be a bad idea.) She even considers leaving some for good, because she’s probably taking on too much and it’s probably time to cull her collection. (Also, not a bad idea.) Her foot throbs, and a friendly little yak comes around the bend just in time. Salvation! ‘How much?’ she asks, hoping he’ll agree to alleviate some of her strain. ‘Sweet child,’ he smiles, ‘I would love to help. All you had to do was ask.’


All. Those. Responsibilities. Do you really need to carry them all at the same time? The 10 of wands is telling you it’s time to streamline, because you are so so close, yet so overburdened. Prioritize. Get help. Organize. Systematizing your life right now will help you to reach your goals much faster, and it will bring relief to any overwhelm or molasses energy that you may be feeling. Drop the non-essentials and any heaviness that is weighing you down. Look for ways to bring levity to your day. Sometimes, this means letting go of a learned behavior or a limiting belief, and sometimes it means literally deleting a task on your calendar. You are likely missing the bread-crumbs of serendipity because you are so intensely focused on what you already have on your hands. Whether your burdens are material, spiritual, literal or energetic, it’s clear that you’ve got some extra baggage right now. Let it go! It’s time to lift your spirit by releasing that ’ish, and enjoy your last steps to the finish line.


• If you could drop everything else, what would you choose to focus on?
• If you’re taking on too much, what could you drop, knowing that things would likely be just fine without you? (Hint: Others are more capable than you think!)
• How much time are you dedicating to your own growth? Your rest? Your happiness?
• What are your priorities in life? And are you giving them the focus they need?

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