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Light Seer (Upright): powerful lessons, a spiritual leader or guide, a time to have faith, enlightenment, awakening, in service of Spirit, finding your own path, an awakened soul, transformation and transcendence, new paradigms

Shadow Seer (Reversed): old systems or structures that are no longer relevant, dogma, rebelling against societal norms, a need to let go of old ways of thinking, abuse of power, stagnation, ego-based leadership, a need to connect with Spirit


The Hierophant in the Light Seer’s deck has been re-named Keeper of the Sacred. Hieros is a Greek word meaning sacred and phant has its roots in the Greek to show. This old soul has always known that his primary path in life was to show others the sacred, and he sits at the base of your step-by-step spiritual journey, welcoming guests with open arms. As he warmly greets those who arrive, he reminds them of their own divine makeup. ‘You are made of God-stuff’, he whispers, ‘fashioned with the same forces of creation that inspired the stars.’ As an awakened master, he is the personification of the gateway between Divine Source and the people he serves. Every stair behind him is a lesson that is unique to the individual who walks the path.

As a seeker, you hold the power to vibrate with a little more light as you ascend upwards… Up towards the One Cosmic Love that shines down and illuminates the path for us of all.

He holds in his mind’s eye the energies of all religions, and he recognizes that – organized or not – there is deep wisdom at the heart of all spiritual teachings. ‘It’s the people who fail us,’ he winks. He lives a life of humility and service, but always in a way that demonstrates self-love. His t-shirt dons the prongs of the original Hierophant’s trinity sceptre because he openly holds admiration for the Gods and the many wondrous faces of divinity that speckle our expanding Universe.


As you search for your divine truth, you create frameworks of understanding that help you to expand your consciousness and that ground your faith into your reality. Your own spiritual beliefs should support you at this time, and if they don’t, you are being asked to activate a deepening of your faith in order to find the guidance that you seek. When the Hierophant shows up in a reading he is asking you to grow, and to hold more light within your being than you ever have in the past. If you’ve been stuck in an old system or a structured way of acting or being, it is time to let that fall away in order to make space for a better version of you. Be open to new paradigms, perspectives, mentors or teachers coming into your life at this time. The Hierophant serves as a living portal, and he may show up in a variety of lessons or circumstances. Look to the repeating patterns around you, and strive to understand your own internal compass. Know that while there is wisdom and veracity in the teachings of the mystics, the voice of your own heart is the one voice that really matters the most. It’s time to find the wisdom of the heavens, within.


• Are you listening to the wisdom of your heart, or placing others’ messages above your own?
• Is there an old way of doing or being that you are holding on to? What would happen if you let go of an outmoded way of life?
• What belief is getting in the way of your dreams?

@natydeva I immediately connected to him as the Keeper of the Sacred. The true essence of the hierophant was the most challenging for me because of the religious dogma/ association with him. My entire relationship with the hierophant changed when I connected to the message that there is no guru outside of you.
@cherisewilliams.xo This is definitely a card I usually have a hard time connecting to. But I just want to sit down next to him and hear about everything he knows. He’s someone I trust and respect but could feel comfortable around as well.
@foxylittlemama Absolutely resonate with this Hierophant! It’s a gate keeper card for me. The point where you start to glean YOU possess your own keys but you are still a fledgling and need nudging. I totally want to talk story with him vs. the patriarchal sternly depiction of the traditional deck. Bangarang girl!
@alaineoflight I love the joy in this card! And I think that it’s really beautiful and special that you made a male figure. I personally love and crave seeing beautiful examples of the masculine. It has been so healing for me to see the masculine expressed in it’s wholeness and perfection instead of distortion. Here, I see a teacher who is full of joy and love and knowledge. I see a stairway to the divine.. and I see that the way is fun and full of light and ease! I love this card!
@gabrielavnueva To me, this card looks like the path to enlightenment. Like the steps to acquire light, and having someone there on your journey.

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