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Light Seer (Upright): boldly expressing yourself, charisma, passion, spontaneity, bravely pursuing your dreams, impulsivity, adventure, having confidence, helping others as you build your queendom, power, intensity, love

Shadow Seer (Reversed): self-sabotage with passionate and fiery emotions, being afraid to take a risk, moving beyond hesitation, not being totally honest with yourself, an optimal time to build your self-confidence and to let go of what other people think


The Queen of Wands brings her creativity and passion with her wherever she goes, and when she enters a room you will feel her warm exuberance and her intensely confident determination. She has always been bold and expressive, creative and passionate, and people say she has the warmest of laughs and the biggest of stories. She steps into her role as Queen comfortably, fully – because she is confident in the way that she leads. Today, she sits on her desert throne, surrounded by her dreams and her memories, her creative energy and her people. She understands the power of deep connection and the lengths that people will go when they know they are being appreciated for their efforts. Even though there are times when her anger is explosive, she knows her long- term happiness will be built with a heart whose sacred flame burns brightly, lovingly, and powerfully. She chooses to nurture her love and her passion over her fear and her anger, and as such she is a powerfully inspirational character who boldly shares her enthusiasm and warmth.


You are capable and fierce, and it’s time to root into your purpose and find the magic you’ve been looking for. It’s time to be bold, and to step into the limelight of your life. Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention, and for Goddess sake, stop acting small in order to make those around you feel more comfortable! It’s not your role to make others feel larger in your presence, it’s your role to make them feel loved. Find your voice and allow your powerful pipes to fill the room. Share your ideas and your message passionately, for it will incite respect and inspire those around you. Light the way for others by bravely sharing your fire. Powerful connections of love will ensue, so it’s a perfect time to put yourself in situations where you will have a chance to meet new people, socialize and connect. Make sure your fiery, impulsive bursts of productivity are accompanied by laughter, good times and a heaping dose of gratitude. There is, of course, shadow cast in the wake of all of this light, so don’t push it down so deeply that you can’t find it again. Sometimes this Queen shows up to indicate jealous or manipulative tendencies, especially when you let your stubborn streak grow hotter than your common-sense. Always go back to love as a mentor. Know that it’s okay to be healing.. and still want to heal others. It’s okay to not share everything with everyone… and still feel open and vulnerable. It’s okay to be imperfect, or to have aspects of self that have held you back in the past. Don’t let your past shadows define you. Transmute them. Sit with them briefly and then light them on fire, because you don’t need them anymore.


• Intensity and passion when dealing with others can both save us and hinder us.
How does your intensity act in your life?
• What part of you desires to be seen? What part of you wants to lead?
• When do you feel powerful?
• Have you pushed shadow parts of you so far away that you have a hard time
accessing their lessons? If you could illuminate them, what would they whisper?

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