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Light Seer (Upright): a time of deep rest, transmutation of shadow, burnout, taking a brief holiday from your reality, healing, recuperation, self-love, introspection

Shadow Seer (Reversed): danger of burnout, stagnation, a need to dedicate your energy to self-care, not stopping long enough to recover, long-term effects of stress


She pushed so hard. So far. For so long. And when she couldn’t go any further, she fell into a deep healing rest. During this time the world will shift and change around her. Her trust will heal, and her body will recover. She will alleviate her suffering from old trauma, and she will release old wounds that she’s carried with her for so many moons. Her magical love will find its footing again, and it will root down peacefully during these moments of stillness. Her power and her life force will slowly mend – and her love will begin to stitch together the fragmented parts of her heart and spirit. She finally has the energy for this healing. In her resting state her anxious mind begins to relax, and her heart begins to pulse calmly, strongly…. truthfully… every beat weaving a tale that comes from deep within her soul. It pulses to her unique timing. It moves to her unique purpose. After a painful 3 of Swords, the vitality of her Spirit pulses again, and in the stillness, she heals.


You must finally make the time to rest. This deep nesting period in your life marks a pause – an interval of deep healing and self-care. More than just integral to your wellness, it is integral to your being at this time. The Four of Swords is calling for deep rest and quiet regeneration of your body, mind and spirit. The options for finding this peace are many. You can make space in your life for deeper sleep, or for other restorative practices like meditation, journaling, dream-work, therapy or energy healing, et cetera. How you heal is your choice, but you must consciously decide to rest and process. Make sense of where you are, and direct your energy towards your own healing before sprinting ahead. Life can be tumultuous and demanding, and we tend to favor action and hustle over quiet healing and regeneration. The only person who can really direct your own radical recovery is you. You are being called to tend to your wounds and quite possibly your very bruised heart. Your nest will grow around you as you sleep, and the landscape of your life will shift beautifully as you fall into your own rejuvenating cocoon. In your dream state, you will transmute and transform your experiences, and emerge renewed, whole and ready to rise. But first, it’s time to rest. You may be on the verge of burnout, and this is a very real message that you need to slow down. Sweet dreams, sweet chickadee.


• What needs to heal? And how much time will you devote to this healing?
• Lessons require a period of integration. Are you integrating something?
• Take a mindful pause in a busy world. Plan your weekend of deep rest.
• Sometimes, we rest and relax our psyche through social fun, binging on netflix and watching fluffy things that make us laugh. Are you laughing enough lately? And are you balancing this ‘levity’ with more consciously directed healing time?

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