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Light Seer (Upright): a natural leader, structure, a business person, a time to employ strategic and analytical thinking, taking action, calculated risk, divine masculine, looking after others, authority, power, boundaries, success

Shadow Seer (Reversed): unchecked power, ruling with an iron fist, being overly pragmatic and rigid, corruption, selfishness, being too defensive, a desire for control, stubbornness


The Emperor is a creative, innovative leader, and he knows it. He sits on his Mars throne, contemplating his next move and watching over his domain with the control, assuredness and the consistent guidance of a skilled leader. He tempers his fiery Aries energy with discipline and strategy, structure and consistent action; for he knows that this is how he will find his success. His ram’s skull hanging on the wall is a constant reminder that he must use his power wisely, and that selfish motives will lead to his demise. A wise leader looks after his people, shares his energy in service to them, and understands that his strength is a direct reflection of his relationship with others. He understands that the unity of the whole is his greatest asset. Well that, and his collection of imported chess boards. 😉 He learns to listen to other’s needs as he moves towards his goals. If he is overly pragmatic and forgets to marry his logical mind with his compassion and his heart, he risks being too strict and structured. His disciplined magic radiates when he leads with service in his heart and follows with the strategy in his head.

Leading others means being of service to others. Protect your energy as you move towards success.


The Emperor’s message is one of ambitions met and success found. Often seen as the card of both the business man and the divine masculine, it asks you to build a better world by moving forward methodically – tuning into both your determined heart and your compassionate intelligence. Mastering the leadership power in your own life means that you must also lead your own evolution. This means addressing any issues you harbor around authority, control and willpower, and in doing so, it heralds infinite possibility for your success. While the emperor often works his magic within a structured framework, he also knows that the organizing principles of societies and sciences are fluid over time. Societies change, so remain flexible as you take charge over the next part of your journey. Remain keenly aware of your energetic boundaries and your own motives, especially where others are concerned. Find opportunities to be of service to those you are leading along the way, and instill deep trust and respect by meeting the needs of those around you as you build your empire. Step into this energy of success and rise, sweet light seer! Embody confident, compassionate leadership and exercise sovereignty over your own reality. The world is yours for the making.


• Do you feel stable and reliable? What is your relationship with responsibility like?
• Strategy. Whatcha’ got in mind? Write it down and formalize it!
• What are you building, and what will it look like when you are done?

@balancethesescales I love how his gaze is very focused. He seems extremely aware of his surroundings. I like how it seems like his back isn’t fully exposed, so nothing can really sneak up on him (if that makes sense). With such an intense gaze, it seems like he’s always thinking, always planning, always plotting - which can be good or bad, depending. I’m loving it!!
@ powerhousev SO FUCKING SEXY!! A man completely in his power and at ease with himself. Good Lord. Also? There’s something about the whisper of Spirit that flows along beside him, guiding and nudging but not saturating or overwhelming. Like, he’s in the flow but grounded, steady, and not swept away by it. I also love his shoes.
@oladymoon I think you captured beautifully the gripping hand on the RWS with the emperor’s left hand holding his left ankle. And his right hand holding the king very lightly. Interesting that you chose the King for his chess piece. And the White King, too. The King is the most important on the board, but the Queen is the most powerful. I think I see this emperor, with his relaxed authority, perhaps holding a Rook instead?
@thetarotstudent “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” - William Shakespeare. I see ... A man who knows the responsibility of leadership and doesn’t shy away from it. I see... A man who is trusted by many and whom many put their faith in. I see a man who brings order to chaos. I see... A man who puts his talent for strategy and planning to good use. I see... A man who lets logic rule his decision making. I see... A man who will go through great length to protect those in his care. I see... A king deserving of his crown. I see... A man who can be unyielding for better or for worse.
@fredhoffmann Cool trendy modern emperor! Looks gentle yet strong and confident in his style, with elegance, he looks like a creative person, totally connected to his time, magnetic by his identity, his gentleness, yet strongly masculine.

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