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2. THE high priestess



Light Seer (Upright): dreams and visions, psychic insights, serendipity and metaphor showing up in your life, quiet time in contemplation, meditation, introspection, powerful intuition, spiritual illumination, occult or hidden knowledge

Shadow Seer (Reversed): keeping secrets, gossip or mistruths, hidden agendas, fear of your intuitive abilities, not paying attention to your inner voice


The High Priestess sits at the threshold of the Akashics, with one foot softly rooted in this conscious reality and the other one dipping deeply into the unconscious realm. Between light and dark, she stills her mind and connects to the field of information above her. Eyes fluttering, she senses the tingling sensation of the glyphs, and as the symbols trickle down she accesses the mysteries beyond the veil. Oh sweet fractions of wisdom and insight! She knows her eyes are closed, but she invites you to see the unseen that they hold. With ancient wisdom and a deep connection to the ethers, she understands your path with profound clarity. Her keys: Intuition and mystical illumination. She is the keeper of the secrets of the universe. She trusts in her yin energy – waiting instead of pushing, rooting instead of reaching – for she knows that patience allows new magic to germinate in the void. In stillness, she invites you to find your innate seer, and to step into your own translation of the mysteries.

You see more than you know. You know more than you think. You think more than you need. Slow down, and listen, for your inner sight is a vast landscape of truth.


You’re entering a period of connected psychic potential. Prophetic insights and profound wisdom are flowing to you now, and in order to translate her mystical undertones you must be willing to tune in to your own inner sight and submerge your thoughts in the sacred realm of the subconscious. Draw down meaning from beyond the edges of your perception. Listen for light and shadow in the quiet corners of your mind. The language of the unconscious mind is revealing itself to you now through metaphor, in dreams, or as ancient memories that re-surface to be processed. Pay close attention to synchronicities and any nagging feelings of being off-track that you may be experiencing. The divine whispers that are emanating from your soul hold an important message for you, and the bridge between the enigmatic realm of the priestess and your conscious understanding of the signs will be found through quiet introspection. You already have the answers you seek, and by insisting on the truth you will find them. In shadow, this card suggests that you may be actively blocking messages from your Higher Self. Are you having trouble translating your intuition? Gut-feelings that move you in new directions hold the seeds for the future, and ignoring her whispers now will only delay the arrival of the truth. The knowledge she holds transcends our willingness to listen. Seek to see more, bright seer, and your open heart and inner sight will show you the way.


• How do you connect with your intuitive heart? Do you feel it, see it, hear it, and know it? Can you try to incorporate a different sensory experience?
• Do you receive messages of both shadow and sunshine from beyond the veil, and do you treat them of equal importance?
• When you quiet your mind, and you listen for one word that The High Priestess is sending to you, what is it? And why does it make sense for you right now?

@gaylestacher Don’t dismiss subtlety. It gives way to new paths.
@noxtarot Her eyes are sheer power, it’s like she’s staring into my soul. and showing me what she sees.
@thetarotrealm Wow! Her eyes are wonderful and so intense. She’s looking right into my own eyes, right into me and who I am. Yet, she is also internally focused, drawing upon her own wisdom, intuition and psychic abilities, using these traits to understand not only herself, but the world around her. Those eyes are like the veil and other occult symbols in the RWS deck, illustrating the duality of internal focus, the subconscious, and external focus, the conscience, but feel more powerful to me.
@leti.lluna Love her but there’s something about the throat chakra though... why did you coverovering up her throat. it up so much? I know she’s silent and introspective, but it feels like she can’t express herself with so much c
@nighttimetarot The way her eyes are shut but aren’t at the same time makes me think of the astral body and empaths. Feeling that your eyes are closed but being able to see through your lids is one of the signs of astral projection.
@caitiemercedie I have to admit - the eyes make me a little uncomfortable... but in a good way? It’s hard to explain. Like she’s challenging you with her stare, but you know it’s for your own improvement.
@natasharose.holisticlife A sense of calm and serenity as I step into my full power. To not be scared of my full power and rather be open to channeling it with flow.
@ healing_with_sarahjane I receive many messages through my dream state, this card spoke to me on such a deep level. The web/weaving around her lower body makes me uncomfortable, telling me I need to dive deeper, much deeper, to not be afraid.

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