Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): the beginning of a new venture or task, new ideas, planting seeds for the future, great potential for success, manifesting power, positive outcomes, ambitions, prosperity, an inheritance, a gift, material and spiritual alignment, wholeness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a reminder to create strong foundations to support your dream, risk of financial loss, missed opportunities, the need to prioritize, being overly greedy and missing the bigger picture


He holds the Ace in his hands and admires its roots with all of their potential. Thrilled for this chance to begin anew, he thanks this seed for the gifts it will bring him. It glows softly in response, and he feels a low hum running up through his hands. It moves right down through his body and into the earth. He feels connected to the vibrations of the soil beneath him, and he swears he can almost hear the stories of the mountains and the trees in their whispers. Earth energy resonates deeply within his core and tells him that it is time to bury his seed, reverently – excitedly. Knowing that it will spring forth the security, comfort and warm blanket that he has been longing for, he plants the seed in this magickal soil. His heart soars with the guarantee of unprecedented potential. Every seed that is planted here flourishes, you see. The secret to this earth magic is knowing what you are planting – knowing what you want to anchor and spring forth. He knows that these seeds are often meant to bring stability and calmness to people’s lives. He knows that this type of steady earth energy will bring with it material and physical wealth. And comfort. And joy. As he packs the earth lovingly around his freshly planted future, he reminds himself that this will also require an upgrade of mindset. He must be open and ready to receive such gifts.


Freshly rooted beginnings! This Ace is a powerhouse of possibility and reveals the materialization of earthly ambitions and of all-the-wonderful-things. When you seed your future by planting your very first intentions— things feel so exciting, raw and possible, don’t they? Hold on to those feelings of optimism and success, for the new start that you are welcoming to your life right now has incredible potential to thrive. Your Ace initiates a timeline where your future wealth, health and material abundance can be welcomed in. In shadow, this Ace can indicate missed opportunities. It can indicate that deep down, you don’t believe that the world can be a safe and prosperous place. But you can have this success! By figuring out your soil conditions, your watering schedule and the needs of this unique seed, you will be able to see it through to fruition. This card indicates the first few steps on this newly planted path, laden with determination, dedication, laughter and abundance. It also indicates successful outcomes, material and financial wins, and an absolutely soul-satisfying well-being when you see your goal through to the end. A wonderful omen for good things to come, it’s time to visualize, attract, prioritize and act.


• In what areas of your life would you like to root more wealth?
• In the Ace of Pentacles, you have the opportunity to align the material and spiritual. What does that look like for you?
• What wealth do you already have, that you may be overlooking at this time?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): new connections, new romantic relationships, friendships, seeds of love and hope, newfound emotions, awakening the heart, joy, positive outcomes, Oneness, bliss, creativity

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a time to nurture more self-love, making sure you aren’t repressing your emotions, opening up to the possibility of love


The origins of love are rooted deeply within the primordial Universe. Our human systems have evolved over the eons, and we have gone from starseeds and energetic dust to fully fledged keepers of consciousness… we have blossomed into seasoned keepers of life and we are guardians of Source energy. Our energetic systems, alongside our biology, are fine-tuned and delicately primed to sense the imminent arrival of love in our lives. It kicks up the old dust and turns it into hormones, mindsets, and beliefs that penetrate every cell of our being – as if our very biology drinks it in. We hum to life in its presence. Love penetrates us. It moves our souls. It grows in leaps and bounds. It transcends. It flows forth from every splitting cell and every coming together of two lights entangled, and it flows forth from deep within the cup of the old Universe, right into your waking life today. What, sweet light, will you use it for?


An extremely positive message of vibrant beginnings, the Ace of Cups marks the genesis of relationships, emotional connections and deep feelings of love and friendship. Unions are blossoming in your life, and it’s time to cultivate an expansive, optimistic perspective as you allow new feelings to emerge. Consciously connect with the world and your awakening heart magic will become a powerful beacon for adventures, romance and the effusive joy that you are manifesting in your life. Tuning into your heart will unlock powerful creativity and intuition at this time, as your emotions are powerful magic! This Ace of Cups energy is both ancient and divine, and has had millennia to vibrate at just the right pitch, connecting your body and your spirit with its bright light. You are likely receiving guidance and communication at this time from your Higher Self or from the cosmos. It’s important to pay attention to any new desires or passions that are beginning to spring forth from the unconscious mind. Your ability to hold on to a vibration of love is expanding, so check in with
your feelings to make sure you aren’t repressing this ability as a result of being overly protective of a tender heart. In shadow, notice that the cup, even when overturned, is still full. There is nothing that you can do that will render yourself unworthy or incapable of love. It is always there. It permeates everything. Mindfully extend any love you are feeling for others to your own heart as well. Forgive your own gentle soul, and find a fountainhead for healing that will create the situations and the relationships that you are seeking. With copious amounts of self-acceptance, get ready to extend your emotional warmth to others as you watch exciting new affinities emerge. New states of connection will open up as you give yourself permission to deepen your kinship with those around you.


• What role is love playing in your life today, and how would you like it to change?
• What vague new ideas or feelings are starting to stir?
• Creativity flows when emotions flood your system. Is there something you feel called to create?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): new ideas. the seed of potential, the arrival of inspiration, illumination, intense creativity, the mirror-like nature of consciousness, interconnectedness of all things, Indra’s net, the ability to manifest anything, an a-ha moment

Shadow Seer (Reversed): feeling uninspired, creative blocks, the mind needing rest, unfocused energy, burnout, a good time to seek inspiration


The Ace of Wands palpitates with the inspiration she contains: all of the sparks for all of the ideas flash from her mind. Her creativity and wisdom are connected to the one cosmic mind, a Universe consciousness, and a delightfully magical soup from which ideas grow. You may see her magic as the Akashics, or even the Creative Muse herself. Or you may simply notice the jeweled beads that weave their way in and out of her great sea of ideas. These beads are from Indra’s Net, a connected set of jewels that line the cosmos, each node a mirrored bead that contains all the information of all the other beads within the Universe. There is a pure and illuminated conscious creativity here, and a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. One idea seeds the next, just as one spark of inspiration seeds your actions. The Ace of Wands interrupts you with a giggle and a tssssssk. Your very cerebral process of trying to define her creative mojo is slowing her down. She opens her eyes and breathes her most important key out into the ethers: Connected sparks. How will you use the inspiration that you have been gifted?


New ideas. They are yours for the taking if you listen closely. A flame burns here that is meant for you, but it hasn’t been put to use yet. Its intensity speaks to the potential that this new spark holds. What will you create with this boundless potential? Stay open to receive inspiration and insight. You may be shown new information about your divine purpose or soul path, or you may even feel compelled to put something completely new into the world. If it feels good, know that it probably is good. This Ace predicts the inception of something new, and it also suggests that all the energy is present to bring this project, idea or feeling to a successful completion. Open your heart to this new beginning and enjoy this influx of creator energy.


• Where do your interests lie? What new passions are on the horizon right now?
• How are you stoking the fires of passion and creativity?
• Where does your creativity come from? From within or without? And how do you find it?
• How are sparks of genius or creativity different than intuition?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Ace of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): new ideas, clarity, an a-ha moment, truth revealed, newfound awareness, heightened states of consciousness, thought, communication, success and triumph

Shadow Seer (Reversed): over-analyzing, getting stalled out or stuck, clouded judgement, keeping truth inside


The Ace of Swords believes that there is nothing that can compete with the fierce rays of wisdom and truth. She sits quietly at the bottom of the golden spiral staircase, waiting for clarity to arrive. An illumination. It will arrive quickly, because insight and higher thinking flow naturally here, in this brightly flowing Fibonacci gateway. This is the entry point where her creative solutions arrive, and where she experiences these divine downloads as a full mind-body-spirit connection. Here, all of her systems align. She sees glimpses of her Higher Self, and she is granted access to the Akashics in full waking consciousness. Her neurons fire intuition, intelligence, and truth, and her logical mind feels totally on board and alive. Her ability to receive information is mirrored by a widening of her throat chakra. She will be able to communicate this clearly as well. Light begins to shine out to the world, and thought emerges swiftly. She feels a smile form and her brain begins to buzz. Understanding.


Yes! Victory! Massive clarity is on the way, and with it a ray of understanding that often unveils a life-changing idea or a significant spiritual breakthrough. Allow this piercing awareness to pervade the corners of your mind and to shed a spotlight on your old-way of thinking. A paradigm shift will usher in a new beginning and a phenomenal opportunity will carry you through to the next phase. A new door is opening up for you, and with it comes a massive idea! Use this time to see things as they really are, and to see through the fog that has been masking this enlightenment. The quiet wisdom that lives in the unconscious mind is currently being made available for your conscious mind to access and process, so expect some expansion in your life! As your newfound awareness paves the way for discernment and ascension, things may feel a little unfamiliar. Trust this clarity to propel you forward. The Ace of Swords illuminates deep truths with laser-like precision, and this improved thinking may significantly change the way you perceive your world. An a-ha moment is on the way! It’s time to make use of your mindset tools to welcome something incredibly transformational, and to make sure your way of thinking is supporting your dreams. If you are finding yourself with clouded judgement or stalled out on an idea, it’s time to actively seek the brightly-lit energy of honesty. What’s true for you right now? And what’s pushing its way through the surface? Gather your discernment, your intellect, your logic, and your insight, and clearly communicate the truth that is spiralling up to be witnessed.


• In what areas of your life do you obscure your own clarity? And why?
• Clarity happens when you better understand yourself and how you connect with the world around you. If you were to draw a set of lines between you and those around you, and make a note of how you see others and how they see you, what would you see? What roles are you playing? And do they serve your desires?
• This card often signals a big idea coming into your world. What will you do to ground it and make it real?