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Light Seer (Upright): painful separation, loss, heartbreak, an opportunity to heal, shadows coming to light, finding inspiration again

Shadow Seer (Reversed): not accepting loss, a need to heal, being stuck in your grief or sadness, not seeing the part you played in your circumstances


Heartbroken, she falls to her knees, and screams to the Universe for a second chance. ‘What happened? Why did she have this taken from her?’ Her heart aches, and she cycles through the emotions that surface. Sadness, anger, guilt, shame, loss…. she looks up at the grey sky that only answers back with hollow gusts of wind. ‘Empty.’ She watches the branches that have dropped their leaves, noticing that the birds have long since left. Following the roots down into the earth, she wonders if the roots are still alive. She wonders if they will bloom again. ‘Someday. When the Spring arrives.’ Reaching out for the earth she pleads for healing…. ‘Relieve me of these memories. This feeling. A moment of reprieve… of peace.’ A gentle pulse pushes up through her palms and beckons her to feel. Healing happens now. She surrenders to the warmth of the earth, and tethers herself to her broken heart, knowing that it will mend. It always does. And when it does, it will lead her to the peace that she desires.


Separation can come in many forms. From the loss of a relationship or identity, to the painful loss of belief, purpose or goals – separation from what we thought we had can mark distressing moments in our lives. If you find yourself amidst wavering realities, or losing something that feels near and dear to your heart, know that this too shall pass. This severing, although biting, is a necessary part of your process, and despite all proof to the contrary you will be stronger and more resilient as a result. You will be more discerning and better equipped for your brightly lit future because of this experience. You will even appreciate and understand it as a great teacher. For now, tie yourself to your light, and prepare to spend some time nurturing your heart – as well as your spirit. Sometimes, a conscious mental shift and a new direction will need to be taken in order to grow. These shadowy times are always opportunities to become the version of yourself that you know you can be. Give yourself time to heal. To process. And know that you will love, thrive and find inspiration again soon.


• Beautiful seer, it’s time to purge those emotions. Drum. Dance. Scream. Write. Burn. What will you do to make sure these feelings move through your body and that they don’t settle in for the long haul?
• Painful punches to the gut can have you blaming everyone and everything else for what happened. How have you contributed to your situation? Even a teeny little bit?
• How will you remain open for connection as you knit together those wounds?
• Have you been responsible for someone else’s three of swords moment? Maybe it’s time to send out an apology. Sometimes our deepest wounds lie in someone else’s pain.

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