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Light Seer (Upright): the beginning of a new venture or task, new ideas, planting seeds for the future, great potential for success, manifesting power, positive outcomes, ambitions, prosperity, an inheritance, a gift, material and spiritual alignment, wholeness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a reminder to create strong foundations to support your dream, risk of financial loss, missed opportunities, the need to prioritize, being overly greedy and missing the bigger picture


He holds the Ace in his hands and admires its roots with all of their potential. Thrilled for this chance to begin anew, he thanks this seed for the gifts it will bring him. It glows softly in response, and he feels a low hum running up through his hands. It moves right down through his body and into the earth. He feels connected to the vibrations of the soil beneath him, and he swears he can almost hear the stories of the mountains and the trees in their whispers. Earth energy resonates deeply within his core and tells him that it is time to bury his seed, reverently – excitedly. Knowing that it will spring forth the security, comfort and warm blanket that he has been longing for, he plants the seed in this magickal soil. His heart soars with the guarantee of unprecedented potential. Every seed that is planted here flourishes, you see. The secret to this earth magic is knowing what you are planting – knowing what you want to anchor and spring forth. He knows that these seeds are often meant to bring stability and calmness to people’s lives. He knows that this type of steady earth energy will bring with it material and physical wealth. And comfort. And joy. As he packs the earth lovingly around his freshly planted future, he reminds himself that this will also require an upgrade of mindset. He must be open and ready to receive such gifts.


Freshly rooted beginnings! This Ace is a powerhouse of possibility and reveals the materialization of earthly ambitions and of all-the-wonderful-things. When you seed your future by planting your very first intentions— things feel so exciting, raw and possible, don’t they? Hold on to those feelings of optimism and success, for the new start that you are welcoming to your life right now has incredible potential to thrive. Your Ace initiates a timeline where your future wealth, health and material abundance can be welcomed in. In shadow, this Ace can indicate missed opportunities. It can indicate that deep down, you don’t believe that the world can be a safe and prosperous place. But you can have this success! By figuring out your soil conditions, your watering schedule and the needs of this unique seed, you will be able to see it through to fruition. This card indicates the first few steps on this newly planted path, laden with determination, dedication, laughter and abundance. It also indicates successful outcomes, material and financial wins, and an absolutely soul-satisfying well-being when you see your goal through to the end. A wonderful omen for good things to come, it’s time to visualize, attract, prioritize and act.


• In what areas of your life would you like to root more wealth?
• In the Ace of Pentacles, you have the opportunity to align the material and spiritual. What does that look like for you?
• What wealth do you already have, that you may be overlooking at this time?

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