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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): change thrust upon you, the rug being pulled beneath your feet, beliefs challenged and questioned, new awareness and perspectives, a shift in the matrix, shifting timelines, structures and foundations falling apart, being unsure of who you are, the chaos of change

Shadow Seer (Reversed): life becoming stale, refusing to change, fear of the unknown, avoiding a disaster


This squirrel has been hoarding up nuts for the whole season. He’s been making his nest, organizing his assets and lining his bunker with extra supplies. Everything. In. Perfect. Order. Until it’s not. Out of the blue a storm erupts, bringing electric change to his plans. One flash and his home has been hoisted out from underneath him. His super safe and secure (and comfy!) hazelnuts begin to dissipate in front of his eyes, and even his belief about the nature of his own reality is being tested. He’s paralyzed by the sky which seems to be falling, and he watches, stunned and speechless. And even though it’s chaotic, abstract and surreal, he can’t help but notice the floating embers…like fireflies in the sky. He still sees the beauty in the landscape. He blinks, eyes stinging in the heat, and the tiny flames seem to move and transform like butterflies. Are they flames or butterflies? Through the smoke, he can’t really tell. All he knows is that nothing will be the same after the sparks go out.

The jolt of the tower is visceral and often frightening. 

Know that you are safe, and that the magic of starting anew bubbles from this change.


Whoa. Buckle up. Massive shifting is what’s up right now! Simply put: expect the unexpected. Even if you’ve been squirreling away and meticulously planning for the future, the Universe is about to go all fire-and-brimstone on your life. Sometimes we resist change to the point that the Universe forces a shift that shows up in a destructive and chaotic way, and other times these changes are not-so-subtle shifts in belief that will fundamentally change the way we see our reality. When life is dishing out crumbling structures and fluctuating paradigms, there is nothing to do but to be in the moment. There is a strange beauty in this deconstruction, as all of the elements for a better life will be found amongst the rubble. The true lesson of the tower is just to be with it all. Find the beauty in the moment. The humanity. Trust that you will be held by the Universe, and that you’ll become stronger and more resilient as a result. Tower moments are powerful. Moving. Shifting. And, you’ve got this! Life only throws us the curveballs that we can handle, and the tower energy in your life marks
a period when you get to re-evaluate, re-direct, re-establish and re-align. Use this moment to rebuild something foundational from the ashes. Something extraordinary. The brightest of lights will pierce through any pandemonium of change that you are experiencing, and you will find your beautiful truth in the darkness of the tower. It’s magic in the disguise of unpredictability, and it will yield a stunning display of your blazing potential.


• How flexible are you in times of fast change? How could you be more easy-going?
• In the debris of a tower moment, our brightest lessons are found. What can take away from this? What have you learned when things break apart unexpectedly? I see inevitability. The squirrel is alarmed because his tail is erect and that shows the expression of ‘fear, but his feet are planted. He’s facing the impending doom/ damage and not turned away in avoidance. Could be a “what was that” moment frozen in time right before this little guy takes off, but feels more like ‘here it is.’ Are those butterflies materializing from the lightening bolts and fire? Or have they always lived there? And completed their metamorphosis? The acorns are the seeds to a new beginning.
@labrujaarcoiris Witnessing the inevitable. His house is being burned but he’s not in danger. There’s no fire, but the house (maybe the old or the comfort zone) is being taken away. This makes me feel insecure. The rabbit looks so small in a dark night with thunder and lightening, and now he must look for a better place. The butterflies “evaporating” with the wood and flowers make me feel that some of the things that are leaving were chosen to be taken by a higher force.
@tarotwithandrew Even though there’s chaos going on above that the squirrel is aware of, he’s not letting it affect him, which I think is because he is connected to the earth and grounded.
@mermaids_and_moonlight I see devastation. Those poor butterflies.
@omfg_cha0ticstardust A lot of people seem to think it’s an omen, but I never have. I see upheaval, like when Daddy Saturn comes in and plucks things from our lives that just simply don’t serve us. I see a time of necessary change, the Universe shaking it up whether we want it or not. And, it doesn’t have to be difficult if we know how to flow. The tower challenges me to find the good in the situation. .
@myunconventionalmusings As the bolt of lightening hit me My life crumbles down I cringe, tremble yet roar The voice inside of me says It's time to awaken your power, your magic Because you are a warrior.

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