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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): self-realization and understanding, a spiritual awakening, knowing your motives and your heart to be true, total transparency, soul-searching, a reckoning, a glorious unveiling of spirit, an epiphany

Shadow Seer (Reversed): hiding behind many masks, a need to let go of a shadow aspect of your story, denying yourself and your loved ones the experience of your true nature or essence


When the call sounded, it was unmistakably hers. Harmonic, vibrating, magnetic – she heard it resounding through her soul, beckoning her with its emotion and truth. There was nothing she could do but to stand up to listen. Nothing could keep her from meeting this part of herself. The call asked her to look deep within, to find her sacred why, and to see if she was truly able to dedicate herself to this path. She’s known what it’s like to live a life based on fear – and to live inside of that box, category or illusion. She walked that path for so long that other people’s ideas of who she is became more important than her own sense of self. But she has finally seen how far she has strayed. Here, she witnesses herself, her true self – for the very first time. Light and shadow revealed. And in the shadows of this reckoning lies the true key of judgement – that moment when we awaken to our truth, and we realize that the only acceptance that affects our ascension is the one that lives within our own hearts.

Face the music with your true voice and find the clearest of harmonies.


You have known judgement in the past, both as one who judges and one who has been judged, and you are now at a place where the only awareness that really matters is that which you bestow upon your own actions. To truly raise your vibration, you must send healing approval to your own heart from a place of deep compassion and integrity. When you are being completely honest, are you doing your best with others, and with yourself? It’s time to shed any negative facades that you have been holding onto, and to drop the masks behind the masks. No more faking it. It may feel risky, yet this profound act of self-acceptance will unleash your absolute essence in a brilliant display of authenticity. You are, sweet light seer, stardust and life – you are light, shadow, matter and consciousness, and you are a miracle. Why then, do you keep your true nature hidden away from the world? If you are holding onto any disdain or doubt about your divine nature, there is no way to really understand your full potential until you are open and honest with your own heart. To expand and evolve requires this colossal forgiveness of the self. Forgive your beautiful soul. Accept your beautiful heart. As you do, you consciously answer the call of your Highest Self and the vastness of your horizon will make itself available to you.


• What needs to be forgiven?
• How is it that you really want people to see you? And how do you want to see yourself?
• If it were up to you to judge your life at the end of your days, what would you say to yourself?
• When you listen to the deepest calls within your heart, what do you hear?
• What part of you needs to be accepted in order to feel whole?

@lovenenafay Yes! It makes me feel like I’m releasing a major burden, the burden of not living in integrity. Integrity meaning out of alignment with one’s soul which is our essence, it’s our calling in life. The body is merely the vehicle, the physical expression. Judgment is when we finally answer that call and it’s heart opening and soul shaking but so soooo beautiful!
@newageshipster333 Invoking the higher self, integrating the higher self! Living in alignment with the soul!
@aceoftarot I have always seen “Judgement” as “listening to your true calling” and leaving behind whatever might hold you back from following that calling with your whole heart. Sometimes (often?) what holds us back in life are other people’s judgments — real or imagined — that we have internalized, perhaps without even noticing. I feel this version of the Judgement card asks us to heed the wisdom of our own “higher self,” represented by the lighter, freer figure rising up from the heart of the main figure below. The main, flesh and blood figure seems to be tuning in deeply and joyously to this “higher vibe” version of themself, and will no doubt embody more of their wisdom and vision from now on as a result of this liberating encounter.
@samanthapandyan It feels as though it’s saying there’s shadow acceptance needed to feel whole.
@annamaepatton What really speaks to me is how her hands seem to be tied and how free she is when she lets go - how she becomes light (in all senses, literally and figuratively.)
@shadowmoontarot You free your soul when you let go of old harmful beliefs, shame over old mistakes and the entanglements of past pains and regrets...but this card can also represent the connection with your higher self/ spirit...becoming awakened to your true purpose... I also see astral projection/travel experience.

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