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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): fierce serenity, inner strength, innocence, purity, spiritual matters, compassion, the courage of a lion, calmness in the face of uncertainty, quiet influence, graceful leadership, a gifted healer, sometimes lust or animal instinct

Shadow Seer (Reversed): getting blocked by fear, self-doubt, a need to have faith in your inner strength, being guided by the lizard part of your brain, a need to exercise self-control, self-destructive impulses


Strength’s nature is so calm and gentle that even the baby lamb feels safe in her presence. She stands serene and relaxed, and allows this energy to guide her every move. Strength always looks like this – and it’s not a facade. Underneath her soft and youthful exterior lies the strength and the courage of a lion. She can always access the steady courage that resides within, and it brings her to places of deep peace. The kingly beast has taken up residence within her heart, and he communicates his warmest roar through her kind smile. She has been working with her animal guide and learning from his energy and wisdom. He has been impressed by her honest motivations and by the quiet, humble courage she displays. He gifts her an understanding of fierce power and she embodies his teachings fully, gracefully, and confidently; allowing these aspects to shine whenever she is faced with danger or uncertainty. Her gentle touch is empowered by his sovereignty, and his ability to exert influence and control is softened by their combined compassion. As a result, the world around them remains consistent, tranquil and yielding.

‘the lion and the lamb shall lie down together,
and there shall be peace.’


Be brave, sweet seer. Embody your strength, and shine courageously in the face of adversity or fear. Face any challenges head-on, and instead of aspiring to simply resolve a conflict, work your light and strive to bring feelings of deep peace to your situation. Step into patience. And be the fierce serenity you seek. There is great fortitude in your calm heart, and a gentle demeanor will not be confused with weakness when you share your gift of relentless love with the world. Shine unwavering confidence. It will gift you the composure you need to navigate towards your desires without using excessive force or aggression. Be like water. Flow around and through any challenges you are having, and if you find yourself leading others, know that mindful, flexible guidance will be much more useful than rigid control right now. Strength reminds you that you can handle anything that lands on your path, so don’t try to forcefully domineer a specific outcome. It’s time to bend in order to lead. If you are holding on to an underlying fear or doubt, stand strong in your beliefs and desires while bringing compassion and equanimity to the table. You have a chance to use grace to your advantage, and to exert your influence for the greater good. You are powerful, and your purity of heart is a beacon of strength and inspiration to those around you. Deep breath in. Calm you spirit. Deep breath out. Send peace to your situation. Deeper breath in. Call on your guides to lend their support. Deeper breath out. Strength.


• How do you find courage in the face of shadow?
• Are you using all of the wisdom that’s available to you?
• When faced with a challenge, how do you react? Or respond?
• Are you being taken advantage of (or walked on) because of your soft nature?
• Fearless serenity is grounded power. When do you feel powerful in life?


@lynrossspiritslight I recognize all the traditional symbolism in the image, yet I feel a strong call back to the animal ‘sense’, the internal knowing that we inherently have known and suppressed that which we were born into human form with. I feel this image speaks more to transitioning into the senses now, than the traditional Strength moniker.
@beckydodds222 I love that she hasn’t calmed the lion, but that she is the lioness that is gentle enough to care lovingly for the lamb. True strength is quietly gentle, but stands its ground when necessary. Beautiful!
@everblue_aura Beautiful. This card has some serious sovereign energy. Love it!
@musiccitymandy This card screams “it takes true strength to remain gentle. It takes true power to forgive. Strength is quiet. It is loving. And just because it’s overlooked doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”
@dejadrewit This card makes me feel like she is a powerful strong woman who has the strength of a lion and maybe even on occasion the same temperament. Don’t mess with her. She’s been through it all and she goes after what she wants.
@shamanessagoddessa So the lamb reminds us of our innocence. When we allow ourselves to tap into that, we find our strength. True strength lies in peace and that’s what the lamb always represents.

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