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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): completion, achievement, joy, finishing a large project, goals met, wholeness, happy endings, abundance, success, transcendence, new levels of consciousness, can be literal and mean travelling the world

Shadow Seer (Reversed): taking short cuts, a need for closure, a need to follow through, staying focused in order to complete an unfinished ask, a delay in plans, unmet dreams


The World steps into her ouroboros ring, ready to celebrate her achievements. As she steps up the ring begins to ascend, light shining down from above and flooding her senses with the soft hum of her keys: Success. Completion. You did it. It carries her higher, and she feels her whole body begin to vibrate with this upgrade of consciousness. She senses the union of her spiritual and earthly selves, and her reality shifts as her inner spiritual landscape merges with her outer reality. She remembers that moment, long ago, when she first stepped off the edge of the cliff and into the Fool card, falling right into a sacred geometric lesson with all of her innocence in tow. Now, inside of that very same same sacred geometric ring, she climbs effortlessly. She has mastered this level of awareness and its cycle of lessons have become an integral part of her. She holds the rings lovingly. In them, she senses a support system, a teacher, a friend… all of the wisdom she has gained on her journey. She learned, she tried, she fell, she stood up again and now, she has finally arrived. Celebrating this joyous moment, every cell falls into resonance with the Universe. And she rises. She knows that the end of one cycle signifies the beginning of another, and it fills her heart with joy to know that she will jump back into the position of the Fool on a new journey. Soon. But for now, the sweetness of success awaits.


The World card is one of the most positive and abundantly-rich cards in the tarot. It’s filled with so much joyful energy of completion. Congratulations, sweet seer! You’ve come so far! A large project or period in your life is coming to a successful completion, and it’s time to revel in the afterglow of your success. Feel into all the feels, because it’s time for fruition and abundance! If you’re not quite there yet, take this card as a sign that you’re on the way. Know that you are close. If you’re feeling any lack around any part of your successful journey, consciously let go of the little imperfections. They too are a part of you. And they are beautiful.

In shadow, the World reminds you to focus now, and not to slack off at the end of the long journey. Your energy at the end is just as important as it was at the beginning, and it’s time to follow through with your determination and conviction. Sometimes the World comes to us as a reminder that you need to complete something. If your dreams are not being met, perhaps there are some steps along the way that you have missed? Check in with your original intention, and smile with a happy heart, because even in shadow, The World is a positive card that signals bliss and happy endings, with oodles of positive energy and joy!


• What is the most important thing you learned on this journey?
• What is the biggest lesson you have taken with you?
• Next step: Another journey. Another Fool Card. Where to next, my love?
• How are you celebrating your successes?

@mollyamandapendrith Expansiveness was the first word that came to mind. I feel like she is joyful in her certainty that all the answers lie within her.
@create_sparks I see her as interconnected with the steams of light and the elements. Seeing her energy of joy is helping co-create her world.
@justpam555 Truly happy - feeling connected to all of life
@novelsbyjenniferoaks For me this all about aligning yourself to be in sync with the larger and higher forces of the Universe. It’s allowing yourself to be guided by a force bigger than anything you’ve ever felt. It’s having total trust in what guides you. It’s being at one with your Source and letting it be the voice you follow.
@my_tarot_journey This card radiates with positivity. As soon as I saw it I said, ‘Aha! Everything is interconnected!” The circles behind her reminded me of a Venn diagram, showing differences and commonalities, and how they’re all connected to make up the cycles of life.

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