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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): new beginnings, enthusiasm, adventures, fresh opportunities, the potential to bring your dreams to life, having faith, a transitional period of awakening, optimism, innocence, light-heartedness and being spontaneou

Shadow Seer (Reversed): naivety, assuming you already have the answer, rash or overly impulsive choices, lacking experience, analysis-paralysis, being bogged down, foolishness, jumping before you look


On the edge of an epic journey, the Fool peers into the abyss below and senses the seed of life calling out to her. She sees the opportunity and stardust swirling, and she knows that her dream begins with this single step. She’s not sure what she will learn or exactly where she’s headed, but she has clarity about one thing: she will need to jump in order to begin. With her crystal amplifier to guide her, and her wand to protect her, she feels her toes slide past the threshold of her current reality. She sends one last intention prayer up to the Universe and lets go, feeling the rush of the unknown rise up to meet her. She falls into the void, where her beautiful future awaits.

Optimistically falling towards a new future – towards the person you have dreamt you could be. Falling foolishly? Maybe. But this is how soul paths are spun.


Every dream achieved begins with the seemingly ‘foolish’ notion that there is something bigger out there. Something greater. Something epic to explore and to become. This child-like optimism comes from deep within your knowing, and it reminds you that you can achieve the magical things that you’ve been dreaming about. The journey of the soul begins with you, and with you alone. The time has come to enthusiastically turn towards your new future and take a divine leap of faith in order to claim the reward that this abyss is offering. You may not feel ready. You may not be ready, but there is magic in the air and the Universe is waiting to support you with infinite love and guidance. Surrendering to the call of the Fool means putting deep trust and blind faith in the unknown. It means remembering that everything is happening as it should be happening, and it means swan diving into the seed of potential with all of your curiosity in tow. Sometimes, in shadow, the Fool marks moments in life when you long for freedom and personal expression. If your life has become too conventional, go ahead and shake it up with something totally unexpected! During the genesis of something new, recklessness and impulsivity can create unnecessary obstacles on your path. Have you been ignoring good advice? Trust your instincts and tune in to both intuition and experience. Take any precautions you need to take, and prepare for a stable landing.


• If you knew the Universe would catch you mid-flight, where would you leap?
• What one thing could you learn today, that would help prepare you for tomorrow?
• Imagine two wise guides named Playfulness and Enthusiasm. What counsel do they have for you?
• How much do you trust yourself to try new things, and succeed?


@gorea16 I saw the seed of life there in the image and it made me think about it being part of the origin of life. She truly trusts the Universe. She looks so lovingly as she falls, because she knows about Universal love. She realises she is a part of the whole. That we all connect with each other. That we all lift her up, lovingly. That we are all part of ‘the One’. So she could never not be held when the time is right, especially as she has that understanding and trust. She knows it’s time to journey onwards. She’s had the signs.
@of.stones.and.stars It takes the innocence of the traditional fool out of the picture and replaces it with a deep knowing that all will be well. She’s a wiser version of the traditional fool. It feels like a surrendering....a trusting of the unknown, unseen energy that supports us all. The grid of light she’s falling into is the grid of possibility; the grid of magic that we so often forget is all around us. With her amethyst, which connects her to her third eye (her intuition) and her staff, she is ready to surrender into the flow...into the next adventure...the next journey on her map of life. This is such an unusual and beautiful Fool.
@energy_archaeology Instead of skipping off of the edge, which sometimes appears unintentional or accidental, this is fully a trust fall. There is an idea, a spark, and the trust that this is your journey to make.
@lisa_faulkner Trusting. Trust in the magic and mystery of the universe. Trust in the unknown (which is huge).
@alchemicaltoil I’m so glad she has a giant crystal taking her over the cliff. So telling! But also so often a gateway to the actual work.
@celestial_catlady Free. Accepting. Weightless. True essence of letting the wind direct her next step. Confidence in spite of ambiguity. Between worlds of light and dark and grounded to earth, she trusts in the guidance she will receive knowing her staff protects and supports her, and her crystal will light any path and illuminate things unknown while drawing in source energy.
@universalli I see trust: What others may think is a foolish move, a foolish thing to do, is actually showing trust in the flow of the Universe. The Amethyst seems to absorb the cosmic energy. It’s like she’s holding it out not to protect her, but to have it soak up all the cosmic rays it can get.
@jessi_huntenburg I feel like this card illustrates a trust fall, and the universe is catching her.
@valkyrievallhara It looks like she’s trusting the mandala below to catch her, trusting the universe below to give her what she needs

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