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Light Seer (Upright): creative beginnings, a newly found inspiration and energy, honing a new skill or passion, curiosity, many different ideas or solutions

Shadow Seer (Reversed): limiting beliefs, creator angst, blocked ideas, a need to direct your energy, a need to ground your amibitions with a plan of action, having a hard time getting started


Everyone asks the Page of Wands why she never stops fidgeting. She says it’s because she always dreaming. She blames it on her salamander printed pants and her passion for dancing, but the Universe knows that it’s just the way she embodies her boundless creativity. Every time the Page gets a new idea, she tosses her wand in the air in order to let off a tiny bit of creator steam. Some days, her imagination keeps her wound like a top! She desires to create but can’t decide how to start. And when she starts, it’s usually more complicated than she imagined, so she goes right back to envisioning. You see, the Page gets inspired all of the time. She’s so inspired, in fact, that her thoughts lead her from one idea to the next idea, leaving little space in between to do anything else but imagine. And as a result, she never seems to stop throwing that wand of hers around. She has the potential to manifest and to create amazing things, but she’ll need to bring that baton down to earth and stake an idea into the ground first. With her wand in the air, for now, she dances through her fertile landscape only lacking a little patience and maturity for creative genius to sprout.


This Page is a free spirit who carries infectious enthusiasm into your situation. Her youthful, unpolished and exuberant creative energy will help you find flashes of inspiration. You’ve got new ideas forming, and while you may feel the massive potential behind them, you may also be feeling the creator angst of not having any solid plans to bring them to life. Step back and enjoy the bubbling of ideas, and simply notice how this inspiration feels. Let go of the need to formalize your plans right now. Even though their potential is limitless, give your ideas the space they need to develop, as sharing them prematurely will cut their wings by boxing them in. Spend extra time in the pursuit of the ethereal, and tune in to your desires again. Wait. Feel. Laugh. Enjoy. Feel. Taste. Explore. Divulge your vivid fantasy time as a way to tap into Source energy. Inspiration awaits. 

Sometimes, in shadow, this card suggests that even though you may have a million different creative solutions, it’s also important to figure out how to implement your ideas. Passions and lofty ambitions are a beautiful spark, and you may need to ask for help with the next steps. If you are feeling any lack of ambition or drive (or you’re feeling devoid of the inspiration that this card illuminates) know that you will find this fire when you loosen the shackles of your mind and allow yourself to dream.


• How are you capturing this creative energy? How are you embodying it, logging it or cultivating this magical flow of ideas?
• What are you feeling frustrated about right now? What experience do you want, but don’t have, and how can you move this stuck energy in a positive direction?
• Where does your motivation come from? How does it feel in your body?

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