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Light Seer (Upright): an excellent communicator, an advisor, unbiased decision making, independence, wise and logical counsel, seeking truth, wit, quick-thinking, honesty

Shadow Seer (Reversed): sharp and sometimes cold communication, striving to use your words wisely, a need to refrain from being ‘mean’ or ‘emotional’, indifference, a message to use your head more and your heart less, aloofness


Highly astute, intellectual and honest, the Queen of Swords sits calmly, overlooking her kingdom. She knows she appears aloof to some, but she is simply tuning out the low-vibe drama that is clamoring for her attention. She prefers to remain laserfocused on the future of her kingdom – and… she likes it up here – with the gentle winds of insight the only company for her own thoughts. Graceful and level-headed, she finds it easy to reign over her life when she is able to see the bigger picture from this bird’s eye view. She takes a deep breath in, ‘Ahhhh. Clarity.’ Sometimes, she is judged to be too sharp and strict, yet underneath her cool exterior she knows how deeply she cares for those around her. And – oh how she cares about the state of the world! So much so, that she is always seeking the truth that lies hidden just beyond the masks that people, places and structures wear. She seeks the truth in her relationships, in her communication, in her action and in her rule. She loves to communicate, and when she does engage in conversation she speaks authentically, aligned, and in full integrity with her principles. Her wisdom is framed in logic and proof, and she avoids the gossip or fluff that others may want to engage in. Leading with her head does not make her cold-hearted – she always has access to her cup of emotion which lies tucked away at her feet. She prefers to remain up here – up here where the winds of strategy, logic and communication rule. There is great power in truth, and so much light hidden within it.


It’s a time for direct communication and straightforward interpretations in your situation. This powerful queen asks you to be honest in your relationships, direct in your speech, witty if you wanna’ be… but above all, bring your clear-headed, unbiased reasoning to the table. Bolster your finely tuned b.s. detector by letting go of how you feel about the situation, and objectively consider the facts. It’s a time to ask your perceptive mind and your loyal heart to evaluate your situation from a higher perspective. What do you know to be true? And where are you filling in the gaps and making-it-up based on your assumptions? While this card suggests a time for candor, sometimes this communication style can come across as cold or cutting, so if you are having trouble communicating something that is difficult for another person to hear, know that you can always dip your toe into the cup of empathy and compassion to help with your delivery. Sharp analysis and careful consideration are always intelligent moves, as is being able to clearly connect with others in a way that is easily accepted and understood. Your clear heart and clear mind will allow you to speak your truth, always.


• What truth needs to be spoken?
• The Queen of Swords can represent independence and not needing approval from others. This can be healthy, but in excess, this can be a defense mechanism that hides insecurities under the guise of ‘not caring.’ Where do you sit with this?

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