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Light Seer (Upright): material wealth and abundance, strength in family and community, a kind and warm heart, being down-to-earth, groundedness, powerful healing, a healer, a working parent, a self-made person

Shadow Seer (Reversed): financial stress, being self-absorbed, over-focusing on the material aspects of life, smothering others, helicopter parenting, over-indulgence


She anchors down. Lifts her head up. Takes a deep breath. Ahhhhhh. This self-made queen spends a few morning moments here everyday, giving thanks to the world around her. A natural healer, she has always connected to earth energy and to the trees, the soils, the mosses… to the lush green energy that pulses all around her. She stepped into affluence by shifting the shadows that she was holding on to around wealth. She let go of her stories. Everything she was taught. The things her parents beleived. She reminds you to pay attention to your finances now to up-level your money game, and to give yourself permission to rise into the upper ranks. (Pssst. Notice any resistance that you may be feel about that idea.) What stories are you holding on to that are actively holding you back? This is a positive message of creature comforts and happiness, and this queen of earthly medicine ushers in a life well-loved and well-lived in the material world.


Take some time to create a sense of peace and harmony in your physical surroundings. Make it yours. Make it right. This queen is the ultimate creator of sacred space, as she grounds the expressive and creative power of the queens into the earthly realm. Harness the abundance that’s available to you by bringing groundedness to your situation. Take time to pause in nature, and to sink into the low hum of Mother Earth’s healing resonance as you find your calm, dignified and rooted power! This queen offers you a chance to align with your prosperity and security.

Loyalty, family and community are themes at this time, and a nurturing, flexible and down-to-earth approach will help you to make the most of your situation. In relationships, shower others with blessings from your warm disposition and charitable heart.

When you gift those in your life with stability and support, be sure that you aren’t over-extending your energy. Be mindful to avoid enabling others by over-mothering them (or bailing them out all of the time!) as they must learn to walk on their own. Indulge in some you time by clearing space on your calendar for self-care and cozy retreats. By relaxing and spending sone time looking after yourself, you will be able to continue to give your energy freely to others, to mama Gaia, and you will make the world around you a better place. Pamper yourself. You and your abundance are worth it – you glorious, powerful queen.


• How are you supporting your community and your loved ones?
• What steps are you taking to promote your own healing and to ensure that your own self-care is prioritized?
• What could you do today to bring more sacredness into your everyday space?
• When do you call on your network for support?
• Do you accept help as easily as you offer it?

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