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queen OF CUPS



Light Seer (Upright): an extremely intuitive person, highly attuned emotional intelligence, love and compassion, sensitivity, strength, leading with your heart, healing

Shadow Seer (Reversed): controlling or suppressing emotions, feeling insecure, a need to listen more, irrationality, emotional blackmail, an opportunity to take back your power around how you feel


The Queen sits floating in the water, half way between her intuitive mind and her emotional body. She sits listening to the cues from her heart, and healing the kingdom around her. She has always been a masterful healer, as healing is a natural result of loving and sharing deeply. She also picks up on so many cues from Spirit, and while her third eye is aligned and alive, she knows that her nudges mostly arrive from deep within the heart chakra. There are so many ways of seeing (and feeling!) Her red dress floats around her, and some say she loves red because of her propensity for deep passion. Others will see her dress as green, and say that she mirrors your deepest feelings and that her empathetic mood dress changes, depending on the viewer. She has always navigated the world based on what feels right to her, trusting her own judgement. Her gentle compassion and loving kindness have never steered her wrong.


The Queen of Cups is one of the most intuitive characters of the tarot, floating in her watery and feminine connection with flow. In her dream-like state of resonance, she asks, ‘How well have your emotions been helping you in your current situation?’ You may desire to experience more profound connections, and to engage with others on a deeper level. She reminds you that you can. Remember, however, you are only one half of the equation in any partnership, and it will take both of you to take the dive, together. You may need to lead the way as you cultivate a new meaning for the relationship. With an open heart, fill your cup – it is your task to lead the vibration of your heart center, and to remain present – regardless of the state of others. Listen deeply as a way to hear what is truly going on, and ensure that other people feel heard when you connect with them. Deep listening will allow you to read the nuances of their communication, and it will help you to navigate the waters of your current reality. Intuition and creativity are here to guide you, and as you take your next steps seek to see the divine – seek to see love – in all things, people and situations. In shadow, this card can indicate that you are not in touch with your own emotions, or that you are suppressing your feelings or refusing to see the obvious. Feeling is the key. If you have insecurities or inhibitions when relating to others, you can grow into a better partner by sharing more vulnerably. Your unconditional and pure expressions of love will bring you new opportunities to connect, lead and expand. Use your thinkingmind and your feeling-heart to gift the world the very best vesion of you.


• How tuned in is your emotional intelligence? In what ways does it guide your steps, your path and your life? In what situations does it falter?
• Does your intuition come from your head? Your heart? From deep inside or from beyond yourself? Can you sense a difference between third eye and heart intuition?
• If you had an opportunity to listen to your heart chakra, what would it say?

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