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Light Seer (Upright): restless energy, a thirst for information, learning new things, an apprentice or student, intellectual pursuits, ideas and reasoning, old ideals destroyed, an honours student, being tested or judged (as in a student exam), a time to let go of worry, a messenger

Shadow Seer (Reversed): rumors (a little birdie told me), broken promises, lies, slander, trying to solve emotional or spiritual issues with intellect or reason, projecting your feelings outwards, being all talk and no action


Skip skip study. Skip skip study.
Study-study think-think. Skip skip study. 
This page is immersed in her world of learning, and she’s stretching her world through the expansion of her mind. Using her insatiable curiosity and her intellect, she makes sense of the world by studying the path of those who have gone before her. 

She holds her ideas proudly, carting around all of her big aha light bulb moments and strongly identifying with her own mind. When her unsettled mental energy peaks, she can hear those little birdies tweeting. They ask a million questions. Most of the time she welcomes this birdsong as a way to set goals and dreams for herself. Although sometimes, on days like today, those little birdies are trying to distract her. Sometimes they bring incredible probabilities, while other days they bring nothing but rumors. Today, they are filling her mind with chatter, and so she keeps her head in her books so that she doesn’t fall prey to their twisted truths.


The promise of exciting new beginnings and this thirst for knowledge? Hello Page of Swords energy! You are actively seeking answers right now. Where am I going? How does this thing work? What will I learn when I arrive? The Page energy asks you to look at how you are synthesizing your reality, suggesting that your over-identification with your own mind makes you believe that everything you are thinking is real. Be open to the lessons the Universe is sending your way, and if you’ve been accidentally lulled into assuming your truth is the one and only truth, this is a perfect time to try on another’s point of view. Learn to synthesize the facts in a new way. The air of inventiveness that hovers around your current pursuit suggests that your goals will be met when you stay on the path of honesty and clarity, especially where your interactions with others are concerned. (Ahem. Keep it real, dude!) And take a deep breath. Calming any nervous energy you are holding on to will help bring those ideas down
to earth.

Page beginnings always feel exciting. Keep the light bulbs of curiosity turned on, and cultivate a beginner’s mind-set as you strive to learn new things! Avoid falling into gossip or even arrogance with your communication—in shadow this know-it-all Page can be all talk and no action. Remember that everyone who crosses your path has something specific to teach you, and that mirrors are all around. Remain open to unexpected lessons, share truthfully, and delight in every interaction.


• This ambitious and intelligent energy suggests you are ready to expand. How do you use your words to get you there? Are you careful to do good instead of harm with your voice? 

• All of that curiosity! The wheels in your head are turning toward a new opportunity. What are you are excited to learn about?

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