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knight OF SWORDS



Light Seer (Upright): fast action and streamlined decision making, intelligence, wit, determination, striving for excellence, saving the day, being a hero, the pursuit of excellence, being autonomous, willpower

Shadow Seer (Reversed): unfocused and scattered energy, impatience, acting too quickly, the need for a logical solution, feeling held back by frustrating circumstances, stalling, impatience, being hard-edged and emotionally unavailable


This knight has one thing on the brain, and it’s running towards success. He’s kind of a super-hero. Someone in trouble? A blip in the matrix? He’s on it. He’s determined and passionate, articulate and intelligent, and he has an intensity that can be hard for others to understand. When something needs to be solved he doesn’t wait for an answer, he just goes. He sees the solution in probabilities and percentages, timelines and analytical reasoning, and his mind is so fast that everything seems to slow down when he finds himself running against the clock. Strapping on his crossbow he runs to his destination, impatiently needing to course correct. He used to have a sword like everyone else, but they were just so…. tedious. And slow. He’s since traded up. And if that motorcycle works he’ll hop on that, until he finds a plane to fly. Whatever will get him there faster. With the grace and speed of an athlete, he turns on a dime, and since he has no doubt in his sound logic, he succeeds.


On purpose, and on-time.. this knight charges into your reading with some badass energy worth leaning into. There’s a competitive resoluteness and decisiveness here, and you can open up to this strategic momentum and rush towards your positive outcome when this knight shows up!

How much belief and assertiveness are you bringing into your life right now? How much innate drive do you feel? Are you determined to accomplish everything you set out to do, or are you letting things slide? Use quick-thinking and strategic decision making to your advantage. Streamline your time right now, and find the confidence to leap towards that thing you desire. The motion you gather will change everything for the better. Above all, strive for excellence and a singular focus, every single day in order to bring more of this conquering, powerful magic into your life. As with all powerful energies, you may run the risk of being overly forceful or domineering. Be careful not to hurt others with your impatience to win. If you are feeling scattered or distracted, or if your success feels blocked, spend time organizing your thoughts, and make sure that all of your energy is moving in the same direction.


• What is your biggest goal right now, and what will it look like when you achieve it?
• This knight brings a hero energy to the spread. How could you become your own hero right now, and swoop into your situation and move it in the right direction?
• What would swiftness do?
• What makes the most logical sense?

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