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Light Seer (Upright): diligence and hard work, determination, steadfastness, material security, safety, expansion

Shadow Seer (Reversed): focusing solely on the material, not doing the work, being selfish or cold, laziness, taking harmful shortcuts, stagnation or feeling stuck


He’s toiling and tilling his lands, and enjoying every minute of it. This Knight is a little more practical than the other knights, with his steadfast momentum and his consistent earth-bound energy. He’s here to improve things for himself and for those he loves, and he remains devoted to solidifying his already stellar foundations. He carries his pentacle shield on his back because this knight is into safety and security. Barefoot, he walks his fields, earthing his energy and soaking up the life-force that is available to us all when we spend time in nature. He trusts the deep magic that is happening beneath the surface. The roots. The fungi. The worms and the nutrients and all the hidden earth flowing. He has found his flow here, working happily, in a state of peaceful Zen. ‘Extra care today will multiply your harvest tomorrow,’ of that he assures you. Since we know him to be loyal and trust-worthy, we can accept this as truth.


Are you taking pride in your efforts to move your goals forward? It’s a time to show fierce loyalty to your home, and fierce dedication to your abundance and to your material success. Find your energizing, unwavering ambitions for the future! Sometimes, this energy feels so secure and stable that it feels repetitive, so if you are feeling resistance to inner or outer work, or if you’d kinda’ prefer to stay in bed, he asks you to find both determination and joy in the progress. The journey is the thing. Patience and diligence are called for at this time, so use your productivity as a tool to measure your steady movement towards your dream – and spend some time logging your progress. Uncover heart-stirring enthusiasm by allowing yourself to truly believe in something brighter. This is a card of infinite expansion, and with time – and faith – your seeds will take. By following through on your plans and promises (and making sure that you don’t over-promise and under-deliver!) you will move any stuck energy that sits in the way of you and your dreams. In shadow, this card can indicate stagnancy. You may be stuck in a routine, or acting in a way that is unduly rigid or safe. When life becomes a grind, or when your desire to be efficient and productive becomes extreme conservatism or boredom, it’s time to seek new adventures and try new things! You can shake things up and still be rooted in your goals. Seek to enjoy the day-to-day, knowing that you can hustle creatively, and that you can work, laugh and love all at the same time.


• Step-by-step, row-by-row. What foundations are you creating?
• How secure do you feel in your day-to-day life? And if you are feeling vulnerable, what needs to change so that you can relax more into your own natural rhythms?
• When do you find your Zen – your state of flow? How can you bring more of that into your life?

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