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Light Seer (Upright): a clear thinker, a strong communicator and leader, blending mental and spiritual pursuits, bravery and courage, Occam’s razor (simpler solution or answer more likely to be correct than the complex solutions)

Shadow Seer (Reversed): aloofness, manipulation and conceit, showing off your intelligence, can indicate a rigidness in thinking, tendency to over-control


Highly intelligent and diplomatic, this king connects with people using facts, rationale, scientific principles and a logical mind. He is inventive and creative, and always seeks proof and data to back up his beliefs. To some, he may appear cool or aloof, but he is simply using a different facet of his brain while he leads his people. He asks you to look at your situation from the perspective of fact, and to use your mental clarity to make decisions that will propel you forwards. Even though his primary intelligence is based in the mind, he knows that blending emotional, mental and spiritual energy will build the perfect solution for his own unique life. As he calls to the wind from the top of his mountain, all of the winged things join him. They share his affinity for observing the world, and remaining impartially present.


Be courageous in the pursuit of your path, and find your methodical, confident authority by knowing the way rather than just feeling the way. Draw on experience, and bring level-headed assuredness to your situation. Sometimes, this king is seen as stern, yet in truth he remains flexible. Your situation calls for an honest examination of the facts, so remain open to receive new information that may change your point of view. Lean heavily on your moral compass to guide your next actions, and tap into the energy of this articulate, analytical king in order to share your ideas calmly, clearly and logically. They will be well received this way. In shadow, this card can suggest using knowledge to take advantage of others. With truthful communication and clear thinking, it’s time to help others in a way that is honest and truthful rather than manipulative. There is no need to prove intelligence by making others feel like they are out-of-the-loop or less clever. Stick to the facts, observe your surroundings and share your wisdom openly in order to become the success engineer of your life. With confident, clear thinking and self-discipline, you will reach your goals.


• Seeking the clarity of truth is your highest goal. Pierce the lenses of your own stories and see how clouded your vision becomes when you look at any situation through shadow. What is the truth of the situation? How do you perceive the facts? What layer of truth do your emotions add to the situation? What complications do emotions add?
• PATHWORKING / MEDITATION SUGGESTIONS As you rise above any chaos or confusion in order to get a bird’s eye view, you will see your best path forward. In meditation, go to the top of the mountain and look 3 years into the future. Where do your options lead? Which path is the best one for you today?
• The winds, the birds, the bats… all the winged things are here. As you make your way up the mountain, what subtle message does the wind whisper to you?

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