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Light Seer (Upright): material abundance, personal growth, patience and determination, a confident and warm leader, expansion, a time to level up

Shadow Seer (Reversed): obsessing over riches, can indicate over-indulgence or a need to balance the material with the spiritual, may indicate workaholic tendencies


Warmth. This king just exudes it, and he welcomes you into his private study for a heartfelt conversation and a few anecdotal lessons of life. He’s worked his fields, met his soulmate, found his financial freedom and he looks out the window at his manifested dream. He brings infinite blessings for material success and he reminds you that the most important thing to be done is to enjoy it all. Every lesson. Every challenge. Every failure. And of course, every success. He counsels you to use all of the elements that are available to you, and not to be focused purely on the earthly elements of life. He knows that well-rounded success makes the most fulling life. He smiles, taking a peek at his family in the yard below. They are his most important achievement, and they have been his support along the way. He relied on them, and on his trusted familiar… his logical mind… his generous heart. He used all of the energies he had access to in order to build this life, and they all led him right here, in his library of experience, where he always knew he wanted to be.


Get clear on where you want to be. This card holds one of the tarot’s most powerful messages of dreams manifested as well as financial security and ease. It heralds over-flowing abundance, and whispers that you are finally arriving to that place that you have long dreamt of: Freedom. One of the keys to this king’s success is always finding an excuse to envision his future. Where are you headed? There is energy in the longing, and there is so much joyful expansion in the desire to bring one’s greatest potential into existence. Happiness happens when we do better than the last time, and in the pursuit of personal growth we can methodically and strategically allow ourselves the extravagance of desire. The rest is just a happy consequence of having a solid mindset forged with faith and confidence, a steady work-habit, the determination to succeed and the courage to cultivate enormous dreams. This is a potent message of money and wealth coming your way. It’s time to dream your biggest light to life. In shadow, this card counsels against being miserly or rooting into a mindset of scarcity. Choose generosity over greed, and take the time to get a clear understanding of your financial goals or security. Experiencing material loss (or even allowing it to flitter away through gambling or irresponsible spending) can be turned around quickly when you set your goals and stick to your plan. Success is a feeling, not a specific number on a piece of paper, so feel into it now in order to bring more of it into your world. This wealth and happiness card reminds you that earthly abundance is accessible to you right now, and that you’re in the right place to find it.


• Do you have a clear idea of exactly who you want to be and where you are headed? Having clarity on this is your map to get there. What do you really want?
• Success doesn’t always happen overnight. What action steps are you taking now to create the future you desire?
• How are you taking care of your family and your community?

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