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Light Seer (Upright): generosity, emotional balance, creativity, the unconscious, someone friendly and wise, diplomacy

Shadow Seer (Reversed): controlling or suppressing emotions, feeling insecure, a need to listen more, irrationality, emotional immaturity, forgetting the heart in favor of the mind, moodiness


The King of Cups sits calmly, closing his eyes and reaching for his singing bowl. When something unexpected comes into his awareness (something that would normally shake another person’s composure and send them into a state of stress or anger) this King is able to regulate his emotions through his peaceful, meditative state. He knows that his emotions are the key to his intuition and to his successful leadership, and he asks you to find this regulation and balanced peace in your life.


Find a balance between your mind and your heart, and practice outward displays of kindness, compassion and love as a way to regulate your own inner peace. If you are in a situation where you need to navigate tumultuous energies, draw on his example and find a grounded flow of serenity and stability. Do what you need to do in order to find this peace: meditate, get to yoga class, spend some time amongst the trees… even weekly downtime with your wolf pack can help to bring that consistent flow of laughter and peace into your world. Practice and re-practice so that it becomes your natural state.

Choose to nurture posit ive emotions in your life.

This mature emotional energy is deliberate, conscious and loving, as well as creative and intuitive. Maybe you are being asked to step into your role as a leader, a coach, a mentor… or to seek that same type of guidance in your life. The King of Cups offers warm and devoted guidance, and suggests that loyalty and consistent compassion are needed from you. This energy is both controlled and balanced, and its emotions are fully felt and expressed as opposed to hidden or tempered. Take a chance on your creativity and your ability to express your heart. This card is a reminder that love is always available to you, even in times when it seems to be missing. Seek to nurture it from within. In shadow, this king suggests that you may be feeling withdrawn, moody or temperamental right now, or that you may be losing touch with how others are feeling. Stay clear of situations that feel emotionally manipulative, and re-think relationships that are not filling your cup with joy. If there are old wounds resurfacing to be healed, be gentle with yourself and take all the time you need. Seek to understand how others are feeling through empathy, diplomacy and compassion. Know that the things you cannot change may simply not be for you at this time, because the cosmos have something even more heart-filling in store for you. Listen to the gentle nudges of your magnificent heart, for it will lead you where you need to go.


• What messages have you received from Spirit lately? How do they make you feel?
• Who has brought this King’s wisdom, compassion, loving kindness and unconditional, nurturing leadership to your life? Are you able to be your own King of Cups?

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