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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): gifts from the Universe, choosing joy, manifested dreams, gratitude, abundance, stepping into alignment with purpose, using all of your gifts

Shadow Seer (Reversed): delayed gratification, unfulfilled desires, smugness, un-manifested dreams, greed blocking your path, not appreciating the simple things in life, a need to find the rocket-fuel of positivity and optimism


Floating in her visionary dream state, she sees 9 cups in front of her carrying all the things she’s been working towards. Bliss! Transcendence! Her heart explodes with love and its energy spills into the 9 beautiful vessels. All the gifts. All the love. She used to believe that these cups were put there by the Universe, and that she would have to choose between them. She used to believe that she could only have one of these things. But now she sees that they were all created by her, for her. She sees her love in all of them – her heart beats etched out in their patterning – her own joy carved amongst their jewels. Her essence seeded these gifts, and it is her own nature that allows them to flourish – or not. She realizes that her choice today is more about priorities, focus, and clear intention than about choosing one thing over another. She realizes that the world really is her oyster, and that she is being gifted the opportunity to choose which gift she wants first.


Yes! Those dreams you’ve been dreaming? Those feelings you’ve been chasing? They are headed your way and you will be able to unpack the gift you really want as a result. The appearance of this card in your spread is an auspicious message of prosperity, abundance and getting what you desire – and is often fittingly called ‘the wish card.’ What have you been wishing for? Do a happy dance because the Universe is sending some gifts your way! Allow yourself to receive them, and experience how fulfilling this journey can be. Consciously immerse your life with all the laughter and bliss needed to launch you into the next phase of your happiness! Take stock of all of the feels that are surfacing, and remember to practice gratitude for the manifestation of your dreams. In shadow, this card can suggest dissatifaction or frustration with unmanifested dreams. Sometimes this may stem from having too much focus on material gain, and missing out on opportunities to connect from your heart. Sometimes, this focus can manifest as smugness, especially when emotional needs are not being met. True joy stems from connecting with others. Bolster and nurture relationships, and find your 9 of cups joy by giving others your love. Even in shadow this joyful card suggests that good things are on the way. Open your heart to receive them!


• If a magic lamp came into your life to grant one wish – what would you ask for?
• Start keeping track of the proof that your dream is coming to you. Have you seen any signs in the last week?
• Daily gratitude gets us to this 9 of Cups place. How is your relationship with gratitude? If it’s ‘been there, done that’ or if you’re just not-feeling-it, what’s getting in the way of your thankfulness? If you’ve been knocking on the door of gratitude and the door’s not opening, are you saying ‘yes I’m grateful… but….’ ?

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