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Light Seer (Upright): feeling stuck, a time to open your eyes and unveil the truth, having more options than you thought, an opportunity to let go of an old story

Shadow Seer (Reversed): being a victim, helplessness, a refusal to open yourself up to the truth, pessimism, using your ‘stories’ or past experiences as excuses


She is stuck. Bound. Impossibly anchored down. She has no options. And the Universe seems to conspire against her, every step of the way. ‘Why does everyone and everything keep me down? Why am I so unlucky? Why it is always me?’ Every time she tries to move, she stumbles. Every step causes pain. Every moment spins her deeper into her own set of chains. Each tie making her more convinced that the world is out to get her. Breathing deeply she comes to the realization that there is no way for her to continue unless she makes some serious changes. She wonders… for the briefest of moments, ‘What would life look like if I assumed the Universe was working in my favour? What would change if I began to see opportunity instead of blockades? Lessons instead of failures? Old stories instead of oppressions? What if I stopped believing in my bad luck? Or stopped blaming everything on others, and on past scenarios that put me on the wrong path? What if I forgave that teacher from grade school? My boss? That abusive family member and that asshole boyfriend from University?’ She closed her eyes and got a bird’s eye view of her truth: choice and perception. And the moment she saw beyond the veil of her blinders, there was no turning back, because her work towards freedom began the instant she looked within.


The 8 of swords is a gentle reminder that we are the creators of our reality. Look beyond the veil of illusion that your current limitations are projecting. If you are feeling trapped with no clear path forward at this time, remember that this too is a perspective that can be lifted. When you choose sovereignty over victimhood, you become the fierce wielder of choice. You can choose to free yourself from your shackles, because you are the one person who is responsible for your happiness. Your outcome will shift dramatically when you look to yourself as the sole solution. Create infinite portals of possibility by taking full responsibility over your life. You are never really stuck. It is a perfect time to nurture your soul. Spend the time you need to transmute any feelings of helplessness. While we can’t control all of the experiences that are put on our path, we can definitely work on how we respond to them. It’s a good time to let go of old wounds and stories that you are carrying. Be vigilant of any wallowing, low-vibe thoughts, and try to reframe your experiences as lessons to be processed. Choose to heal.


• In which areas of your life do you feel impossibly bound?
• The illusion of being stuck often keeps us in one place for too long. With zero baggage and zero restrictions, where would you go and what would you do?
• Sweet light, what stories are holding you back? And how can you release them?

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