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Light Seer (Upright): mastering a skill, an expert, craftsmanship, the ‘meraki’ that you put into your work, patience and determination, methodical progress, finding your soul’s purpose

Shadow Seer (Reversed): seeking shortcuts to your detriment, burning out or giving up, sporadic output, inexperience, needing more skill, perfectionism leading to feelings of inadequacy, not finding joy in work


Many moons and many nights she has worked on this. Learning the herbs. The plants. The mixtures. She mixes her potions and blends her oils. She is so immersed in her love for this life, that there are days when she finds full flow… full zen… in the zone. She creates and creates some more. Some would say she does it with the skill of a master herbalist, but she knows that her energy is not quite there, not yet. But that she is close. She can already work in this field. And make a living. And heal. And bring to manifest so many beautiful things. But the level she desires is – well… next level. She smiles, immersed in her craft, and she breathes in the moonlight and breathes out its magic, charging her crystals and her teas and setting up for another day of focused exploration and practice.


Patience, determination and pride in your progress are the best ways to ensure your success. Mastering this skill has taken some time, and shortcuts are not the best path forward as you build your dream. Remain dedicated to your own excellence and to developing your unique artform. Study, practice, improve and thrive. Master craftsmen put their ‘meraki’ into their creations. (They weave their love and energy into their creations, leaving a piece of their soul behind in their work.) And they bring this meraki in a consistent, methodical way. They consciously align their soul purpose with their desire to perfect their craft.

It’s time for you to really imbue love and joy into 
anything repetitive that you find yourself doing, and to find flow and pride in the details, no matter what it is that you are working on.

If you know in your heart that it’s 
time to move on to something more inspiring, then find your plan to do so. Often, we feel blocked right before we expand into new ways of knowing and being. Consistent action is called for right now, as is drawing on the energies of experience, time and persistence. One cannot build a life from one day to the next, just as the moon cannot complete a cycle overnight. Have faith that you are moving in the right direction, and dedicate yourself to your path.

Remember that arriving at ‘perfection’ is always an illusion, and as you seek to do your very best work, don’t let comparison or impossible standards be the thief of your joy. You are becoming the master of your craft, and finding joy in continuous self-improvement is the energy that will help you get there.


• How are you showing up consistently in your life (or in your relationships) that proves your dedication to your chosen path?
• What are you mastering right now? What skill would help you get to the next level?
• It’s okay to be imperfect and to teach, lead or show up fully. Do you stop yourself from doing what you want because you’re not enough, imperfect or still growing?

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