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Light Seer (Upright): walking away, letting go, leaving your old life behind to pursue new things, releasing that which no longer serves you, a ritual to mark a change in direction, moving stuck energy, feelings of abandonment or disappointment that motivate you to seek something better

Shadow Seer (Reversed): walking away and then regretting your choice, feeling stuck in your current reality, fears that block your momentum. feeling caged, escapism and avoidance


She has released her last cup into the sea, and her bowl-burning ceremony has come to a close. There were 7 bowls before this one: 7 days and nights to build her new vision for her life, and 7 ceremonies to let go of old habits, feelings, beliefs, and ideas. And while she’s not totally sure that she’s there yet, she knows she feels more empowered than she ever has before. These rituals have cleansed her heart and spirit, and she understands that she deserves much more than she’s been settling for lately.

She feels so powerful in this moment that she doesn’t even feel compelled to watch that last bowl dip its way into the sea. She knows what fate has in store for it: a complete submerging and then washing away. She knows the water will cleanse any sign of its presence, and that the only thing that will remain is her memory of it.

She knows that her memories tend to be stored in her muscles, so she vows to actively create new memories to be called upon and enjoyed. She will enjoy this new memory… the one where her situation holds so little power over her that she walks away before the ritual is even complete. She no longer needs this purification. She chooses her own path. And she is ready to grow beyond this version of herself.,


Is it time to release something in your life? Letting go of something that has been an important part of your past can be tremendously intimidating. Weigh the pros and cons, and untether yourself from any anchors you are holding on to in order to start anew. You may find yourself imagining different possibilities and experiencing a great deal of fear as you step into the unknown. There may also be excitement and levity! Use your feelings to guide you during this mystical period of intense shifting, and release old energies and stories so that you will be able to travel lightly.

Choosing your sacred dream and your goal is one of the biggest acts of self-love that you can enact. For embedded in the very first step you take… and in that very first moment you find your resolve… is that you begin to choose you. You begin to choose your needs and your dreams. There is nothing more healing or more powerful. Though your disappointed heart may require some TLC, let go of outgrown expectations to remain on a misaligned path. This card marks an incredibly spiritual or personal pursuit, and by walking away from old things, people, energies, ideas, beliefs, guilt or ways of being that are holding you down, you are choosing to shift onto the path of an electrifying new future.

Move in the direction of epic dreams and warmer sunsets, 
as true happiness can only be built when we take a chance on ourselves.


• How often do your place your needs ahead of others?
• Imagine your life as an epic adventure, and the closing credits have you walking off into a sunset. What have you just accomplished? Who are you with?
• Do you hold onto things long after your time with them has come to an end?

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