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Light Seer (Upright): can indicate deception or trickery, taking only what’s needed, the Universe bearing witness to true intentions, getting away with something, being strategic, being grateful for the resources you have, moving silently and quickly

Shadow Seer (Reversed): lying to yourself or to others, a need for perspective and honesty, secrets, something stolen, taking more than your fair share, being held back by imposter syndrome


Stealth. He lands silently in the snow, having taken what he needed from the crow’s nest. Sometimes, others steal these feathers for wealth, or for their own personal gain. Some are deceitful and others are dishonest about their intentions. But now… here… he knows that he has taken only what he really needed, and nothing more. The crow screams, assuming the worst – angry at the loss. Crouched, he holds his breath, waiting to see if anyone else has heard the bird’s alarm call. When he is sure he is safe, he dares move ahead towards his destination. He pauses for a moment to look at the moon, and he offers a silent prayer of gratitude. The Universe will bear witness to his truest intentions, as it does to all who were here before him. Regardless of being caught or not caught… the Universe always sees the truth. With a lightness of heart, and clarity of purpose, he continues.


Grace. Determination. Deception. Traditionally, this card warns us that we must be on the lookout for deception, thievery and betrayal. Betrayal can come is many forms, and while sometimes we find ourselves the victim of someone else’s deceitful actions, this card also serves as a reminder that truthfulness and honor are necessary at this time. It’s time to make sure your actions are aligned with your own highest morality.

In order to master this internal reckoning, you must be vigilant of deceiving yourself about the nature of your reality right now. There is no excuse that will outweigh your ability to act from a place of love and integrity. Sometimes we pretend that we are doing the best we can, or that everything is okay, even when it’s not. Sometimes this shows up as recklessness or as avoidance of responsibilities. Other times, an under tone of deceit pulses beneath plans for the future – and you know your path is not what you really want for yourself. When things feel incongruent, life can feel as if we are living a lie. You cannot deceive your heart, sweet light, and the Universe will always bear witness to your truest feelings. Alone and vulnerable under the light of the full moon, the only thing that matters is the truth. Move forward knowing that you are acting in truth, with a lightness of conscience to guide you.


• The Universe will always see our motives. How aligned are your intentions and your actions? Are your motives as altruistic as you tell yourself they are?
• How often do you take only what is needed?
• Are you sure those around you are being completely honest about your situation?
• Are you getting away with something you shouldn’t?
• Are others mis-reading your actions or intentions?

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