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Light Seer (Upright): choices, opportunities and options, a counsel against fantasies and illusions, wishful thinking, the allure of temptation on the path, needing to decide without having the full picture

Shadow Seer (Reversed): feeling blocked by indecision, fear of making the wrong choice, the distraction of all things shiny and new, feeling overwhelmed by choices


Carefully, oh so carefully… he tries to keep his eye on his cup as the Universe shuffles them around. Where did he place his lucky talisman again? Underneath one of these cups is the path he selected for his best future… if only he could remember which one he placed it under. Which was the one that leads to success? Which one looks like it leads that way, but actually doesn’t? He tries to remember if he preferred the cup with the spiritual focus or the one that was filled with diamonds and riches… and he ponders over the cup that looks like it may lead to both. Like the cup memory game, even when he tries to keep his eye on the prize, the cups are so flipped around that it’s hard to remember where his original intentions lie. He realizes there is nothing to do but get back to his center, let go of what he thought he wanted, and pay attention to where he is right now. The rest is just an illusion.


When you day-dream your way into the future, the options that you have in front of you, right now, can feel overwhelming. The straight path from A to Z is often nebulous, and life can present itself like a game of snakes and ladders that will bring you down only to lift you up. Your desire to choose the correct path – the perfect path –can make things feel overly muddled and confusing, because the allure of shiny things is often illusory. There is, unfortunately, no way to foresee everything that will unfold! You must use your intuition to decide. Remember that gifts and riches can hold promises that are shallow and empty, while difficult paths can often hold beautiful opportunities for growth and wisdom. Rather than being caught up in the temptation of the fast and the easy, use a discerning heart and allow what you really want to inform your next steps. Beyond the illusions and the facades, and any worries that you have about choosing the wrong thing (you won’t!) what options honestly stand in front of you today? Even though things are not always what they seem to be, you can meditate on your best choice, and use it as a stepping stone to an ever-expanding future.


• This card often shows up when it’s time to make a move. What are the pros and cons of your options, and which way is your best choice right now?
• Dreaming about a future that you are actively working towards is wonderful, when accompanied by inspired action. Are you taking steps towards that thing you want? Or are you pouring too much energy into the just-thinking-about-it phase?
• All the gifts you could ever desire lay hidden under those cups. You get to select one to move towards today. Which thing would you choose above all others?

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