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Light Seer (Upright): financial or health difficulties, feeling left-out or ostracized, worrying about your security, asking for help when you need it, a chance to clear energy blockages around wealth and health

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a scarcity mindset, feeling helpless, victimhood, inability to move ahead, fear and isolation, resistance to positivity, a light at the end of the tunnel


‘I lost it all. Everything.’ She weeps into her torn sequence scarf and she no longer has the energy to curse those who did this to her. Her Life. Her wealth. Her health. Everything seems to have slipped away, and she can’t seem to get things back in order. Petting her bruised knee and wrapping her dirty clothing around her, she settles in for a long cold night. They won’t help her. They have forgotten her. And she is beginning to believe that maybe she isn’t worthy of their love. Shame sets in and she doesn’t remember exactly when that happened… this belief… but it has slowly built its way up to right here. Her shoulders shake silently, and she begs the heavens for help. A light shines down and illuminates a key, right behind her. She sees the light but knows it isn’t meant for her. ‘Why would it be for her?’ The key offers her a warm bed. Fresh sheets. A new start. If only she would believe that it could be for her. If only she would shift her perspective and see the truth – that everything she wants is within reach.


Things are a little sticky for you right now ($) and it’s time to squarely take notice of your feelings concerning your safety and security. When the five of pentacles shows up in a reading, it usually indicates that you are worried about your well-being, and that you are stressed AF about your finances or your health. Sometimes, your fears or worries about being excluded or left-out add to a deteriorating energetic state, and it’s time to step back into your personal power and into the flow of abundance. Find your hunger for fierce positivity (do you feel it peeking around the corner?) and actively look for opportunities in your current circumstance. They are hiding in your shadows. If you’ve been stagnant for a while, ask yourself if you have been laser focused on the things that you are creating, or on those that you are missing in your life? Don’t allow your inner-voice to spew out unnecessary mental and energetic chatter that distances your reality from that of others who seem to have the things they desire. Be mindful when feelings of self-pity or helplessness try to dictate your lot in life, because against all odds, all oppression, all class barriers, all-whatever…. there is always a choice to move beyond your current limitations. You can decide to see things differently and to work towards a more vibrant and luminous life. You are not locked out from that which you desire. Flip your perspective and see the keys that will help you get there. And then choose to open the door.


• What story are you holding on to about your wealth (or health) that you’d like to let go of? And what could emerge if you chose to see your reality in a different way?
• Your money relationship : What role have you played in your own circumstance?
• Who or what are you shutting out? And what would happen if you opened the door?

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