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Light Seer (Upright): friendships, abundance, co-operation, community, sisterhood, brotherhood and siblinghood, joy, communication, celebration, soul contracts, soul family

Shadow Seer (Reversed): an opportunity to value the gifts you bring to a relationship, disputes or miscommunication, a need to heal old wounds or to make amends, love triangle, ‘three’s a crowd’ or feeling left out


Sister soul-journeyer, sacred kindred, thank you for being here with me on the path. When one is happy, the other two are happy for her, and when the other needs help, the other two are there, no questions asked. Their bonds are richer than blood, for they know that they have been here before, at a different time, in a different place, supporting one another through their own evolutionary cycles. The bonds of time and light and soul-family have helped them to find one another again and again, with every subsequent birth. And every year when the timing is right, they take a weekend away to celebrate their deep bonds of friendship and love. They take an oath now to always remain a part of one another’s lives, and as they do, they look up at the stars and they smile. All is well in the world. The seven sisters of the Pleiades shine down on them, winking at the interconnectedness of life, and blessing them with the knowledge that they will always have a home together, anchored amongst the stars.


Deep friendships are the family we choose. Our sisters, our brothers and our siblings are not always defined by blood, and the packs that you run with and the kindred connections that you forge are your living and breathing support system. These sacred connections are to be cherished, nurtured, and celebrated! Go have fun! In the best and worst of times, your companions serve as mirrors of understanding – allowing you to see who you really are through their eyes. Who do you need to reach out to? What connections are waiting to support you? It’s time to call in your soulmate friends and enjoy the laughter and warmth that comes from a powerful soul group. Chosen family should offer a mutually loving and beneficial bond, and be based on bringing out the best in one another. The vibrational attraction will feel ancient or energizing. Any setbacks that arise from miscommunication or disharmony with others at this time may be keys to looking at old wounds or patterns that are resurfacing to be healed. If you are feeling disconnected or left out, you may need to commit more energy to cultivating deep friendships with loving kindreds. And if an important connection has gone awry, maybe it is time to make amends. Trust your heart to lead you to your people, and know that your soul family is waiting to support you.


• When you think about your situation, what person comes to mind as a kindred spirit who could lend a hand, or some much appreciated advice?
• How much time do you dedicate to your friends and to your inner circle? Make a list of the people you’d like to spend more time with.
• Do you see old wounds or repeating patterns playing out in many of your relationships? What steps can you take to heal some of these imbalances?
• How do you react to feeling left out? And how does your reaction help or hinder your ability to re-join the others?

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