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Light Seer (Upright): romantic partners, soulmates, friendships, connected hearts, passion, kindred spirits, joyful connection and cooperation, union, sometimes marriage, duality, love consciousness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): emotional blocks, not being open to receive love, disharmony, unions disrupted, separation, healing past trauma


Love at first sight? Possibly. Attraction at first millisecond? Definitely. Like matter and anti-matter, day and night, yin and yang… some things are primed to complement one another. Our whole Universe shines with examples of charged opposites that are drawn into one another’s gravitational pull. And sometimes, when the moon is ripe and the stars align, these opposites find their match and they are able to sustain this beautiful alchemy without fizzling or draining one another. In such moments, like the moment when two souls unite, an outpouring of magic spills forth. Ideas flow and manifest. Conversations expand and vibrate at a frequency beyond the sum of the two parts. Work becomes purpose. Kindreds become soul family. There is nothing to do except to witness, embody and delight in this intoxicating partnership.


Beautiful soul, when you bring joy to the surface of your life and share it with those around you, you will attract deep and meaningful ties with others. This card whispers of romance and love, bliss and attraction, and the unity of the like-hearted. Sometimes it signifies the beginning of a new friendship or a business partnership, while at other times it marks a profound romantic union. This pairing of perfectly matched souls has the potential to develop into the magickal entanglement of twin flames, or the merging of paths that will be forever united or changed. If you are single, look for the arrival of a romantic companion who will be a profoundly passionate and devoted lover.

The love hormone Oxytocin is emitted when we experience feelings of love. It is also emitted when we feel envy or jealousy. We can be addicted to either feeling, so choose to consciously remain on the side that serves up heaping doses of love. In shadow, this card can suggest a break-up, a falling out or a need to work on a partnership. Soul-ties can illuminate our deepest growth opportunities and our most exquisite idiosyncrasies, and your flourishing involvement with another’s soul will grant you a gateway to your own highest evolution. Are you putting enough energy into your relationships? How you see yourself as part of a committed pair will deepen and shift when the effervescent magic of the two of cups bubbles into your life. This duality will serve as a sacred reflection for you both, and you will teach one another who you really are – shadow and light – with your intermingling of spirit, emotion, love, harmony, and balance.


• Are you open to making new soul connections?
• People often say When I find love I will be happy. (Or, when I have a house, I will be happy… when I have that job, I will be happy… etc.) Do as Deepak does, and remember that when you are happy, you will attract all of those things into your life. Said in another way: Are you waiting on external things to feel fulfilled and whole?

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