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New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!

New sections including Tarot for Healing, Rider-Waite-Smith comparisons, 30 tarot spreads including 22 new major arcana spreads, healing correspondences and more!


Light Seer (Upright): spiritual and material abundance, community, generosity, wealth and prosperity, building a legacy, conventional ideas of wealth and money, positive outcomes

Shadow Seer (Reversed): chasing luxury and status, a negative mindset around wealth, a reminder to share the wealth that you have found, can indicate financial loss or delays around money


They’ve been co-creating this life for some time. Their place, their family, their friends… their life. They’ve learned along the way that it doesn’t have to be “difficult or hard” – even though they used to think that it did, way back when they were travelling through the 5 of Pentacles. They’ve learned that the flow of abundance comes to those who are generous enough to know they deserve it, and that the energy of money can take many forms. The form that makes them the happiest, however, is the energy of being able to celebrate with those they love… on days like today, when everyone is looked after, the meals are prepared, they are all sheltered and warm, and each and every person in their circle knows that they will never do without. They dance beneath their pentacle chandelier, and as a connected community they enjoy and witness everyone’s dance along the tree of life. Step-by-step, they build their dream together.


Oh baby. This is the big one! All the love, abundance and joy that you can muster in your heart… it’s coming your way and it’s coming fast. It’s time to prepare for its arrival and enjoy this commitment to your long-term success. This energy is so big, in fact, that you should be prepared to spread some of this around with complete generosity and joy. When you are able to bring an abundance of positive energy into your life, things shift around you, and your avenues become clearer with significantly more opportunity and connection. Your happy and abundant community is emerging, and circumstances click into place almost effortlessly as perceptions change. You are one small move away from seeing the bigger picture and from shining light on a legacy of earth energy that is yours. Say yes to this Pentacles miracle – the Universe wants you to lead a happy, healthy and wealthy life, and material stability is on the way. The darker side of the 10 of Pentacles reminds us that faking status or wealthiness to impress others will only make us feel unworthy, less-than enough, or dishonest. This energetic game is not one that is rooted in abundance, but in lack. Chasing luxury as if it’s the most important goal can leave you feeling empty and alone when you achieve it. The same way marrying for money can leave one in a disconnected marriage, living for wealth can create confusion about where our true happiness lies. If you find yourself in disputes over finances, earnings, or inheritances, get back to your center and remember where your true joy resides. Even in reverse, this is one of forthcoming stabillity, so take heart! It’s time to taste the pleasures of life, and to step into this state of consciousness that says yes, I am worthy of all of this success.


• How does wealth affect your feelings of abundance? Do you tend to save more when you acquire more? Or does it make you more generous?
• This card often speaks of conventional wealth. What are your money goals?
• How comfortable are you with the idea of being rich? Are you inadvertently pushing money away because you “dislike” those with it, or think it is “evil”?

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