Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings King of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): a clear thinker, a strong communicator and leader, blending mental and spiritual pursuits, bravery and courage, Occam’s razor (simpler solution or answer more likely to be correct than the complex solutions)

Shadow Seer (Reversed): aloofness, manipulation and conceit, showing off your intelligence, can indicate a rigidness in thinking, tendency to over-control


Highly intelligent and diplomatic, this king connects with people using facts, rationale, scientific principles and a logical mind. He is inventive and creative, and always seeks proof and data to back up his beliefs. To some, he may appear cool or aloof, but he is simply using a different facet of his brain while he leads his people. He asks you to look at your situation from the perspective of fact, and to use your mental clarity to make decisions that will propel you forwards. Even though his primary intelligence is based in the mind, he knows that blending emotional, mental and spiritual energy will build the perfect solution for his own unique life. As he calls to the wind from the top of his mountain, all of the winged things join him. They share his affinity for observing the world, and remaining impartially present.


Be courageous in the pursuit of your path, and find your methodical, confident authority by knowing the way rather than just feeling the way. Draw on experience, and bring level-headed assuredness to your situation. Sometimes, this king is seen as stern, yet in truth he remains flexible. Your situation calls for an honest examination of the facts, so remain open to receive new information that may change your point of view. Lean heavily on your moral compass to guide your next actions, and tap into the energy of this articulate, analytical king in order to share your ideas calmly, clearly and logically. They will be well received this way. In shadow, this card can suggest using knowledge to take advantage of others. With truthful communication and clear thinking, it’s time to help others in a way that is honest and truthful rather than manipulative. There is no need to prove intelligence by making others feel like they are out-of-the-loop or less clever. Stick to the facts, observe your surroundings and share your wisdom openly in order to become the success engineer of your life. With confident, clear thinking and self-discipline, you will reach your goals.


• Seeking the clarity of truth is your highest goal. Pierce the lenses of your own stories and see how clouded your vision becomes when you look at any situation through shadow. What is the truth of the situation? How do you perceive the facts? What layer of truth do your emotions add to the situation? What complications do emotions add?
• PATHWORKING / MEDITATION SUGGESTIONS As you rise above any chaos or confusion in order to get a bird’s eye view, you will see your best path forward. In meditation, go to the top of the mountain and look 3 years into the future. Where do your options lead? Which path is the best one for you today?
• The winds, the birds, the bats… all the winged things are here. As you make your way up the mountain, what subtle message does the wind whisper to you?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Queen of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): an excellent communicator, an advisor, unbiased decision making, independence, wise and logical counsel, seeking truth, wit, quick-thinking, honesty

Shadow Seer (Reversed): sharp and sometimes cold communication, striving to use your words wisely, a need to refrain from being ‘mean’ or ‘emotional’, indifference, a message to use your head more and your heart less, aloofness


Highly astute, intellectual and honest, the Queen of Swords sits calmly, overlooking her kingdom. She knows she appears aloof to some, but she is simply tuning out the low-vibe drama that is clamoring for her attention. She prefers to remain laserfocused on the future of her kingdom – and… she likes it up here – with the gentle winds of insight the only company for her own thoughts. Graceful and level-headed, she finds it easy to reign over her life when she is able to see the bigger picture from this bird’s eye view. She takes a deep breath in, ‘Ahhhh. Clarity.’ Sometimes, she is judged to be too sharp and strict, yet underneath her cool exterior she knows how deeply she cares for those around her. And – oh how she cares about the state of the world! So much so, that she is always seeking the truth that lies hidden just beyond the masks that people, places and structures wear. She seeks the truth in her relationships, in her communication, in her action and in her rule. She loves to communicate, and when she does engage in conversation she speaks authentically, aligned, and in full integrity with her principles. Her wisdom is framed in logic and proof, and she avoids the gossip or fluff that others may want to engage in. Leading with her head does not make her cold-hearted – she always has access to her cup of emotion which lies tucked away at her feet. She prefers to remain up here – up here where the winds of strategy, logic and communication rule. There is great power in truth, and so much light hidden within it.


It’s a time for direct communication and straightforward interpretations in your situation. This powerful queen asks you to be honest in your relationships, direct in your speech, witty if you wanna’ be… but above all, bring your clear-headed, unbiased reasoning to the table. Bolster your finely tuned b.s. detector by letting go of how you feel about the situation, and objectively consider the facts. It’s a time to ask your perceptive mind and your loyal heart to evaluate your situation from a higher perspective. What do you know to be true? And where are you filling in the gaps and making-it-up based on your assumptions? While this card suggests a time for candor, sometimes this communication style can come across as cold or cutting, so if you are having trouble communicating something that is difficult for another person to hear, know that you can always dip your toe into the cup of empathy and compassion to help with your delivery. Sharp analysis and careful consideration are always intelligent moves, as is being able to clearly connect with others in a way that is easily accepted and understood. Your clear heart and clear mind will allow you to speak your truth, always.


• What truth needs to be spoken?
• The Queen of Swords can represent independence and not needing approval from others. This can be healthy, but in excess, this can be a defense mechanism that hides insecurities under the guise of ‘not caring.’ Where do you sit with this?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Knight of Swords

knight OF SWORDS



Light Seer (Upright): fast action and streamlined decision making, intelligence, wit, determination, striving for excellence, saving the day, being a hero, the pursuit of excellence, being autonomous, willpower

Shadow Seer (Reversed): unfocused and scattered energy, impatience, acting too quickly, the need for a logical solution, feeling held back by frustrating circumstances, stalling, impatience, being hard-edged and emotionally unavailable


This knight has one thing on the brain, and it’s running towards success. He’s kind of a super-hero. Someone in trouble? A blip in the matrix? He’s on it. He’s determined and passionate, articulate and intelligent, and he has an intensity that can be hard for others to understand. When something needs to be solved he doesn’t wait for an answer, he just goes. He sees the solution in probabilities and percentages, timelines and analytical reasoning, and his mind is so fast that everything seems to slow down when he finds himself running against the clock. Strapping on his crossbow he runs to his destination, impatiently needing to course correct. He used to have a sword like everyone else, but they were just so…. tedious. And slow. He’s since traded up. And if that motorcycle works he’ll hop on that, until he finds a plane to fly. Whatever will get him there faster. With the grace and speed of an athlete, he turns on a dime, and since he has no doubt in his sound logic, he succeeds.


On purpose, and on-time.. this knight charges into your reading with some badass energy worth leaning into. There’s a competitive resoluteness and decisiveness here, and you can open up to this strategic momentum and rush towards your positive outcome when this knight shows up!

How much belief and assertiveness are you bringing into your life right now? How much innate drive do you feel? Are you determined to accomplish everything you set out to do, or are you letting things slide? Use quick-thinking and strategic decision making to your advantage. Streamline your time right now, and find the confidence to leap towards that thing you desire. The motion you gather will change everything for the better. Above all, strive for excellence and a singular focus, every single day in order to bring more of this conquering, powerful magic into your life. As with all powerful energies, you may run the risk of being overly forceful or domineering. Be careful not to hurt others with your impatience to win. If you are feeling scattered or distracted, or if your success feels blocked, spend time organizing your thoughts, and make sure that all of your energy is moving in the same direction.


• What is your biggest goal right now, and what will it look like when you achieve it?
• This knight brings a hero energy to the spread. How could you become your own hero right now, and swoop into your situation and move it in the right direction?
• What would swiftness do?
• What makes the most logical sense?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Page of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): restless energy, a thirst for information, learning new things, an apprentice or student, intellectual pursuits, ideas and reasoning, old ideals destroyed, an honours student, being tested or judged (as in a student exam), a time to let go of worry, a messenger

Shadow Seer (Reversed): rumors (a little birdie told me), broken promises, lies, slander, trying to solve emotional or spiritual issues with intellect or reason, projecting your feelings outwards, being all talk and no action


Skip skip study. Skip skip study.
Study-study think-think. Skip skip study. 
This page is immersed in her world of learning, and she’s stretching her world through the expansion of her mind. Using her insatiable curiosity and her intellect, she makes sense of the world by studying the path of those who have gone before her. 

She holds her ideas proudly, carting around all of her big aha light bulb moments and strongly identifying with her own mind. When her unsettled mental energy peaks, she can hear those little birdies tweeting. They ask a million questions. Most of the time she welcomes this birdsong as a way to set goals and dreams for herself. Although sometimes, on days like today, those little birdies are trying to distract her. Sometimes they bring incredible probabilities, while other days they bring nothing but rumors. Today, they are filling her mind with chatter, and so she keeps her head in her books so that she doesn’t fall prey to their twisted truths.


The promise of exciting new beginnings and this thirst for knowledge? Hello Page of Swords energy! You are actively seeking answers right now. Where am I going? How does this thing work? What will I learn when I arrive? The Page energy asks you to look at how you are synthesizing your reality, suggesting that your over-identification with your own mind makes you believe that everything you are thinking is real. Be open to the lessons the Universe is sending your way, and if you’ve been accidentally lulled into assuming your truth is the one and only truth, this is a perfect time to try on another’s point of view. Learn to synthesize the facts in a new way. The air of inventiveness that hovers around your current pursuit suggests that your goals will be met when you stay on the path of honesty and clarity, especially where your interactions with others are concerned. (Ahem. Keep it real, dude!) And take a deep breath. Calming any nervous energy you are holding on to will help bring those ideas down
to earth.

Page beginnings always feel exciting. Keep the light bulbs of curiosity turned on, and cultivate a beginner’s mind-set as you strive to learn new things! Avoid falling into gossip or even arrogance with your communication—in shadow this know-it-all Page can be all talk and no action. Remember that everyone who crosses your path has something specific to teach you, and that mirrors are all around. Remain open to unexpected lessons, share truthfully, and delight in every interaction.


• This ambitious and intelligent energy suggests you are ready to expand. How do you use your words to get you there? Are you careful to do good instead of harm with your voice? 

• All of that curiosity! The wheels in your head are turning toward a new opportunity. What are you are excited to learn about?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 10 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): painful endings, crisis, devastating loss, being stabbed in the back, an opportunity to find deep healing, an opportunity to find hope, resiliency and change

Shadow Seer (Reversed): failure, endings, resisting the inevitable, not wanting to let go of negative emotions, rock bottom, a narrative rooted in lack and helplessness, devastating loss, sometimes indicates recovery


She watches the first signs of dawn tickle the landscape, and she longs to feel the sun’s warmth on her skin. After that devastating ending, she began to heal, and she is finally coming to terms with everything that happened. ‘Processing is a process,’ she whispers, and continues with her mantra, ‘No More Swords. Just Healing. No More Swords. Just Healing.’ She remembers the painful back-stabbing and deceit, the ugly truth and the harm it caused her. She remembers that this will always be a part of her story, but one that she will no longer be defined by. She is stronger than this, and she will recognize herself by her ability to rise above her past and to thrive. She longs to share her scars with the Sun… to inject them with its hopeful, curative energy. She drops her nightgown, and walks towards the horizon… vulnerable – whole – and totally and powerfully alive. She is free from that horror, free from her pain… and her scars have become vivid markers of her tenacious spirit. With her heart ready to love, and her soul ready to shine, she walks calmly towards the light.


The 10 of Swords comes to us in times of blinding truth, when disillusion is lifted. Sometimes the truth is painful and jarring because it indicates betrayal or personal loss. This card can mark an abrupt end to our current path, and a difficult resolution in the form of a broken relationship, a blocked idea or dream, a fractured partnership or a discontinued story. While these endings feel severe while we are experiencing them, the most potent seeds of hope are always planted in their place. If you are going through a period of deep transformation and closure, know that you must allow yourself space to heal from past trauma, and that you will become stronger and more resilient with time. Our wounds teach us about our greatest strengths, and illuminate our innate ability to mend our bodies and our spirits. With time, your wounds will help you find new beginnings and great joy, and your dark night of the soul will be met with a beautiful new dawn that is filled with more light than you’ve ever experienced. Remain open to love and joy as you process this ending, and look to the sunlight that awaits. Watching the sun peek over the horizon is the highest task of a bruised heart.


• Our wounds are often our greatest strengths. What have you learned through your challenges?
• If something in your life is coming to an end, it leaves space for something new. Name the new.
• How much do you trust others?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 9 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): nightmares, worry, feelings of depression or anxiety, insomnia, fear, an opportunity to find courage, a time to focus on safety and the things that are going well in your life

Shadow Seer (Reversed): paranoia, deeply anchored fears, inability to think clearly, inner turmoil, negative self-talk affecting self-esteem, a great time to actively seek the healing journey, inability to see the light


They keep flapping above. Wings and eyes and beaks and caws. They swoop and push into her thoughts. Her heart races as they peck and poke and scream. Her mind floods with the worst of the worst of the worst. Blocked from rising… she’s shaking… panicked… anxiety attacks her from within and from without, and there is nothing to do but to fall. If only she would look over, she would see the shadow of her bed and the soft pillow at her side. If only she would look up and notice, that the moment she opens her eyes and lets the light in, the birds begin to dissipate. With her root chakra calmed, and her security checked… she would see these night terrors for what they really are. On the wings of love and safety, she would begin to notice that her illusions have taken over once more, and she could open her eyes to her safety.


What’s keeping you up at night, sweet seer? This card suggests a time in your life when your negative thoughts are gaining momentum, and when you may find yourself spending too much energy worrying about the future. Instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong, it’s time to pay attention to the situations you are calling into your life through the expectations of fear and worry. Perception is everything, so don’t allow negative self-talk to trip you up! Flip your script and send nurturing, loving thoughts to your situation in order to overcome any disturbing, detrimental thoughts. When ideas spiral wildly out of control, they can cause you to experience anxiety, stress, or depression – even when they carry no truth. Are you imagining the worst instead of activating the best? Look to the shards of light in your situation, and notice that even the tiniest window of brightness can keep fear at bay. Find your light to lift this illusion, and allow worries to dissipate and soften. See your bad dreams for what they really are, and seek the hopeful illumination of the dawn.


• What fears hold you back?
• How are you activating your light in the darkness?
• Perspective check: Are you seeing illusions, and imagining an unhappy ending before you even begin?
• If depression and anxiety have got you hiding, know that you are not alone – it’s time to reach out for help. Who do you need to call, beautiful soul?
• If you focus on the light, and allow your fear to dissipate, what’s left in its place?
• Journal prompt: Fear is an illusion. It is usually based on false expectations of a negative future. Often, we succumb to fear in order to avoid potentially feeling a certain way. Danger, on the other hand, is real. It is based on a very present physical threat, and we run from danger in order to avoid injury. Does your system register the difference between the two?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 8 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): feeling stuck, a time to open your eyes and unveil the truth, having more options than you thought, an opportunity to let go of an old story

Shadow Seer (Reversed): being a victim, helplessness, a refusal to open yourself up to the truth, pessimism, using your ‘stories’ or past experiences as excuses


She is stuck. Bound. Impossibly anchored down. She has no options. And the Universe seems to conspire against her, every step of the way. ‘Why does everyone and everything keep me down? Why am I so unlucky? Why it is always me?’ Every time she tries to move, she stumbles. Every step causes pain. Every moment spins her deeper into her own set of chains. Each tie making her more convinced that the world is out to get her. Breathing deeply she comes to the realization that there is no way for her to continue unless she makes some serious changes. She wonders… for the briefest of moments, ‘What would life look like if I assumed the Universe was working in my favour? What would change if I began to see opportunity instead of blockades? Lessons instead of failures? Old stories instead of oppressions? What if I stopped believing in my bad luck? Or stopped blaming everything on others, and on past scenarios that put me on the wrong path? What if I forgave that teacher from grade school? My boss? That abusive family member and that asshole boyfriend from University?’ She closed her eyes and got a bird’s eye view of her truth: choice and perception. And the moment she saw beyond the veil of her blinders, there was no turning back, because her work towards freedom began the instant she looked within.


The 8 of swords is a gentle reminder that we are the creators of our reality. Look beyond the veil of illusion that your current limitations are projecting. If you are feeling trapped with no clear path forward at this time, remember that this too is a perspective that can be lifted. When you choose sovereignty over victimhood, you become the fierce wielder of choice. You can choose to free yourself from your shackles, because you are the one person who is responsible for your happiness. Your outcome will shift dramatically when you look to yourself as the sole solution. Create infinite portals of possibility by taking full responsibility over your life. You are never really stuck. It is a perfect time to nurture your soul. Spend the time you need to transmute any feelings of helplessness. While we can’t control all of the experiences that are put on our path, we can definitely work on how we respond to them. It’s a good time to let go of old wounds and stories that you are carrying. Be vigilant of any wallowing, low-vibe thoughts, and try to reframe your experiences as lessons to be processed. Choose to heal.


• In which areas of your life do you feel impossibly bound?
• The illusion of being stuck often keeps us in one place for too long. With zero baggage and zero restrictions, where would you go and what would you do?
• Sweet light, what stories are holding you back? And how can you release them?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 7 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): can indicate deception or trickery, taking only what’s needed, the Universe bearing witness to true intentions, getting away with something, being strategic, being grateful for the resources you have, moving silently and quickly

Shadow Seer (Reversed): lying to yourself or to others, a need for perspective and honesty, secrets, something stolen, taking more than your fair share, being held back by imposter syndrome


Stealth. He lands silently in the snow, having taken what he needed from the crow’s nest. Sometimes, others steal these feathers for wealth, or for their own personal gain. Some are deceitful and others are dishonest about their intentions. But now… here… he knows that he has taken only what he really needed, and nothing more. The crow screams, assuming the worst – angry at the loss. Crouched, he holds his breath, waiting to see if anyone else has heard the bird’s alarm call. When he is sure he is safe, he dares move ahead towards his destination. He pauses for a moment to look at the moon, and he offers a silent prayer of gratitude. The Universe will bear witness to his truest intentions, as it does to all who were here before him. Regardless of being caught or not caught… the Universe always sees the truth. With a lightness of heart, and clarity of purpose, he continues.


Grace. Determination. Deception. Traditionally, this card warns us that we must be on the lookout for deception, thievery and betrayal. Betrayal can come is many forms, and while sometimes we find ourselves the victim of someone else’s deceitful actions, this card also serves as a reminder that truthfulness and honor are necessary at this time. It’s time to make sure your actions are aligned with your own highest morality.

In order to master this internal reckoning, you must be vigilant of deceiving yourself about the nature of your reality right now. There is no excuse that will outweigh your ability to act from a place of love and integrity. Sometimes we pretend that we are doing the best we can, or that everything is okay, even when it’s not. Sometimes this shows up as recklessness or as avoidance of responsibilities. Other times, an under tone of deceit pulses beneath plans for the future – and you know your path is not what you really want for yourself. When things feel incongruent, life can feel as if we are living a lie. You cannot deceive your heart, sweet light, and the Universe will always bear witness to your truest feelings. Alone and vulnerable under the light of the full moon, the only thing that matters is the truth. Move forward knowing that you are acting in truth, with a lightness of conscience to guide you.


• The Universe will always see our motives. How aligned are your intentions and your actions? Are your motives as altruistic as you tell yourself they are?
• How often do you take only what is needed?
• Are you sure those around you are being completely honest about your situation?
• Are you getting away with something you shouldn’t?
• Are others mis-reading your actions or intentions?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 6 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): transitions, help arriving at the perfect time, rites of passage, healing, moving beyond trauma or shadows of the past, support from others, personal evolution

Shadow Seer (Reversed): difficulties accepting help, resistance to change, arduous transitions, carrying baggage and weight from your past, a spiritual transition or journey


She stumbles through the fog, unsure of where she’s headed. She’s lost. Lonely. Confused. Nothing ever remains the same, yet – how could it all feel so far from what she imagined for herself? She has nothing but the clothes on her back, and she realizes she needs some help. Looking up at the dark sky she sends a silent prayer to the heavens. ‘Help. Please.’ She approaches the shoreline and arrives at a little dingy with a simple note that says Passage For the Lost. ‘Lost. Lost,’ she nods silently; this is her ride. Feeling numb, she steps inside the vessel. The wind picks up, and the boat begins to move, and even though she can’t see where she is going, she surrenders to the rocking of the sea. She notices a small suitcase with clothes (in just her size!) on the seat. Bird calls pierce the air, and when the clouds break a ray of sunshine highlights a new shore in the distance. She notices that her unlikely captains are winged friends, and they have pulled her towards a new beach – a new day – and a new life. Grateful for help coming from the most unusual of places, she turns her face towards the sun, dries her cheeks, and breathes in the fresh air of new things.


You are moving through a period of realignment, and things can feel turbulent and confusing during these times of evolution and change. Trust that a better future awaits you on the other side of your journey. Maybe you’re going through a rite of passage, or an intense spiritual transformation. These sorts of transitional experiences are profoundly personal, and you may feel very alone right now. The cosmos are supporting you quietly, breathing winds of adjustment in the right direction… and even though it may be difficult for you to accept assistance from others you must remain open to receiving their help. It will come in droves, and often from the most unexpected source. Allow the gentle support of others to move you through this ocean of change as you lean towards the silver linings on the horizon. (More sunshine? Yes, please!) It’s time to chase guidance in the form of hope, and to explore fresh beginnings on the other side of a new shore. If you are finding it difficult to move forward, it’s time to consider the negative emotions that you are still carrying with you. Do you have unfinished business to attend to? Or old chapters that need closure before you can sail into something fresh? Sometimes we find ourselves adrift because we think are ready to move on, but our heart is still anchored to our wounds and our past experiences. Open yourself up to this new journey – body, mind and soul – and give your heart
permission to begin.


• Are you able to ask for help when you need it?
• Massive opportunities for realignment come with growing and shifting pains. Where are you shifting to?
• What’s your relationship with help like? Do you offer help so often that you enable those around you? Or, conversely, do you accept help so often that it enables you?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 5 of Swords




Light Seer (Upright): conflict, losing a challenge, unfair advantage, experiencing loss, the opportunity to build your skills and your confidence

Shadow Seer (Reversed): taking unfair advantage of a situation, winning at all costs, deceitful strategies and feeling guilty about your victory, psychic attack


He shakes his head – and tries to get his bearings. ‘How did that happen?’ He was outsmarted and out-jousted, and totally overpowered. He lost 4 of his birds in the chaos, and nothing seems fair about his situation. He was promised a fair fight, but certainly wasn’t given one. The outcome was determined the moment he agreed to this – because it was rigged, unfair and he was never strong enough to overcome this adversary. He watches his opponent celebrate his advantage, and his win. Even through loss, his loyal crow… his favourite…. remains. The bird waits for a moment and then whispers, ‘You came with your integrity and you left with it. You did your best. You still have the higher ground on this higher road.’ He looks back, knowing he will recover, and realizes he has learned more than he has lost. He lost, only to win the most important things: pride in his values and in his actions, clarity around what’s needed to succeed, and an understanding of the type of person he is, and is not.


You may have experienced a failure, or lost a battle that you has left you a little bit sore. Sometimes life isn’t just, and unfair circumstances or unexpected losses can drain our energy for much longer than they need to. Often, it’s the fear of failure alone that does most of the draining. If you have had an experience that has left you feeling out-witted or out-played, put things into perspective and remember that this one chapter of your story doesn’t define you. Wins and losses are a part of the human experience, and the keys to self-improvement spring open when we are faced with our own shortcomings. Boost your consciousness, upgrade your skills and build on this experience. Carefully consider where you place your trust and your confidence next time, and study the playing field to find your success. In shadow, we learn that winning isn’t everything. The obsessive desire to win can have us stopping at nothing to feel victorious, and in the long run we can risk everything we’ve built along the way. You may find yourself a few steps backwards after winning if you are not bringing your integrity to the games. If someone else’s negative energy has got you down, send them some fierce love and move on with your day. Don’t let them derail you. Stay true to your heart and what you know to be right. Live and learn, lovely seer!


• Have you won your spot fairly? Justly? Honourably?
• What steps are you taking to right any injustices in the world? How can you help the disadvantaged or the underprivileged? Put another way… what has your
advantage or your privilege gifted you, and how can you spread the love?
• If you were wronged or defeated by someone, what lessons did you take away that made you stronger? Did you use the loss as a powerful instigator of your magic?
• In adversity, integrity and grit are beautiful allies. How do they support you in times of difficulty? How could you lean on them a little bit more?