Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 8 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): walking away, letting go, leaving your old life behind to pursue new things, releasing that which no longer serves you, a ritual to mark a change in direction, moving stuck energy, feelings of abandonment or disappointment that motivate you to seek something better

Shadow Seer (Reversed): walking away and then regretting your choice, feeling stuck in your current reality, fears that block your momentum. feeling caged, escapism and avoidance


She has released her last cup into the sea, and her bowl-burning ceremony has come to a close. There were 7 bowls before this one: 7 days and nights to build her new vision for her life, and 7 ceremonies to let go of old habits, feelings, beliefs, and ideas. And while she’s not totally sure that she’s there yet, she knows she feels more empowered than she ever has before. These rituals have cleansed her heart and spirit, and she understands that she deserves much more than she’s been settling for lately.

She feels so powerful in this moment that she doesn’t even feel compelled to watch that last bowl dip its way into the sea. She knows what fate has in store for it: a complete submerging and then washing away. She knows the water will cleanse any sign of its presence, and that the only thing that will remain is her memory of it.

She knows that her memories tend to be stored in her muscles, so she vows to actively create new memories to be called upon and enjoyed. She will enjoy this new memory… the one where her situation holds so little power over her that she walks away before the ritual is even complete. She no longer needs this purification. She chooses her own path. And she is ready to grow beyond this version of herself.,


Is it time to release something in your life? Letting go of something that has been an important part of your past can be tremendously intimidating. Weigh the pros and cons, and untether yourself from any anchors you are holding on to in order to start anew. You may find yourself imagining different possibilities and experiencing a great deal of fear as you step into the unknown. There may also be excitement and levity! Use your feelings to guide you during this mystical period of intense shifting, and release old energies and stories so that you will be able to travel lightly.

Choosing your sacred dream and your goal is one of the biggest acts of self-love that you can enact. For embedded in the very first step you take… and in that very first moment you find your resolve… is that you begin to choose you. You begin to choose your needs and your dreams. There is nothing more healing or more powerful. Though your disappointed heart may require some TLC, let go of outgrown expectations to remain on a misaligned path. This card marks an incredibly spiritual or personal pursuit, and by walking away from old things, people, energies, ideas, beliefs, guilt or ways of being that are holding you down, you are choosing to shift onto the path of an electrifying new future.

Move in the direction of epic dreams and warmer sunsets, 
as true happiness can only be built when we take a chance on ourselves.


• How often do your place your needs ahead of others?
• Imagine your life as an epic adventure, and the closing credits have you walking off into a sunset. What have you just accomplished? Who are you with?
• Do you hold onto things long after your time with them has come to an end?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 7 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): choices, opportunities and options, a counsel against fantasies and illusions, wishful thinking, the allure of temptation on the path, needing to decide without having the full picture

Shadow Seer (Reversed): feeling blocked by indecision, fear of making the wrong choice, the distraction of all things shiny and new, feeling overwhelmed by choices


Carefully, oh so carefully… he tries to keep his eye on his cup as the Universe shuffles them around. Where did he place his lucky talisman again? Underneath one of these cups is the path he selected for his best future… if only he could remember which one he placed it under. Which was the one that leads to success? Which one looks like it leads that way, but actually doesn’t? He tries to remember if he preferred the cup with the spiritual focus or the one that was filled with diamonds and riches… and he ponders over the cup that looks like it may lead to both. Like the cup memory game, even when he tries to keep his eye on the prize, the cups are so flipped around that it’s hard to remember where his original intentions lie. He realizes there is nothing to do but get back to his center, let go of what he thought he wanted, and pay attention to where he is right now. The rest is just an illusion.


When you day-dream your way into the future, the options that you have in front of you, right now, can feel overwhelming. The straight path from A to Z is often nebulous, and life can present itself like a game of snakes and ladders that will bring you down only to lift you up. Your desire to choose the correct path – the perfect path –can make things feel overly muddled and confusing, because the allure of shiny things is often illusory. There is, unfortunately, no way to foresee everything that will unfold! You must use your intuition to decide. Remember that gifts and riches can hold promises that are shallow and empty, while difficult paths can often hold beautiful opportunities for growth and wisdom. Rather than being caught up in the temptation of the fast and the easy, use a discerning heart and allow what you really want to inform your next steps. Beyond the illusions and the facades, and any worries that you have about choosing the wrong thing (you won’t!) what options honestly stand in front of you today? Even though things are not always what they seem to be, you can meditate on your best choice, and use it as a stepping stone to an ever-expanding future.


• This card often shows up when it’s time to make a move. What are the pros and cons of your options, and which way is your best choice right now?
• Dreaming about a future that you are actively working towards is wonderful, when accompanied by inspired action. Are you taking steps towards that thing you want? Or are you pouring too much energy into the just-thinking-about-it phase?
• All the gifts you could ever desire lay hidden under those cups. You get to select one to move towards today. Which thing would you choose above all others?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 6 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): nostalgia, reconnecting with people from the past, harmony, themes of your life, inner child and future self conversations

Shadow Seer (Reversed): lamenting decisions and actions, a need to forgive others, a need to forgive yourself, letting people in, releasing sadness and guilt, dealing with regret


He sits with the timeline of his life stretching before him. The past lovers, friendships, the family – the wounds. He sits with it all, staring into the past and wondering about the future. He contemplates, silently, How does it all connect? He remembers that special childhood friend he once loved. The old flame. He misses his old-self for a moment. Life was simpler then. He knows, on some level, that he is remembering these old stories today because there is a lesson there for him. A nudge. A perspective or an idea he could use today. A glimpse into his repeating patterns helps him to see how much progress he’s made. He also knows that too much energy spent reminiscing about the past or imagining the future will only keep him from grounding himself in the present. He resolves to gather the teachings, bless the memories, and come back to the present with a newfound compassion for his inner-child.


Your past is coming up for you when the 6 of Cups appear in a reading. You may be experiencing nostalgia and feeling warm-and-fuzzy about the past, or you may be feeling triggered by old memories. Work on releasing your negative reactions to any past trauma and on healing your present situation. Forgive yourself, release any guilt you are carrying about the past, and absolutely make sure you stop lamenting any decisions that you have made up until now! Fresh slates and new beginnings are always available to you. Forgiving your imperfect human-ness is a perfect place to start. Use your memory of who you were as a way to highlight how far you’ve come, and allow that trajectory to shine beauty on where you are headed next. Use your memories as a wonderful tool for processing lessons, as they are a profound gateway to healing. You are, after all, the future self of your inner child. In a Universe where time is fluid, great healing can be made by connecting with the past and future versions of your life. Spend some time contemplating what your inner child needs from you in order to heal. Look to their guidance for things that need to be forgiven and understood. Sometimes our inner-children suggest that we need to play more, to lighten up and find our laughter! Sometimes this card indicates a nostalgia for simpler times, especially when you feel the heaviness of responsibilities in your life. It may even be a literal message that someone from your past is going to re-enter your life. (This can be an old friend, ex-partner, past colleague, or even an old challenge.) It reminds us that we can gain so much from reconnecting with old kindreds, and by reminiscing about old times. When we connect with all of our timeline (past, present and future) we can truly find our way, and our wholeness.


• What memories are coming up? Can you connect them to your present situation?
• Write your inner-child a letter, explaining how wonderful things will be, and at what stages they will need to grow, learn and persevere.
• Can you look back and see how far have you come?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 5 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): grieving, disillusion, disappointment, betrayal, bitterness, wallowing, self-pity, can signify a broken heart

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a time to nurture more self-love, making sure you aren’t repressing your emotions, opening up to the possibility of lovenot letting go of past trauma, crying over spilled milk, rooting deeply into shadow work without healing and letting go, old stories that become a part of us, callousness, becoming jaded


Empty. She had five full cups. ‘Five.’ She wallows in her empty cups, and they overtake her mind and her heart. ‘Gone. Empty. Spilled. My loves.’ Her grief consumes her, and soon enough she feels totally indifferent to the one cup that still sits, sparkling with all of its joy and possibility. ‘Lies!’ she screams into the night, and picks up the last cup. ‘I don’t want to feel this anymore. Why are you there looking so shiny and happy?’ In her grief and confusion she detaches. ‘And what right do you have to pretend that there is life here? Vitality? Options?’ Sinking deeper, she pushes her foot into the sand, and tips the last of her joy into the thirsty earth. ‘There it goes.’ She watches her life-force drain slowly. Now, now… she will have every excuse to let it all go down the hole, as she has made sure there is nothing left here to strive for.


The illusion is lifting, and when life doesn’t go the way we expect it to, we can suddenly feel hit with a new reality that is both painful and disappointing. If your dark night of the soul was a result of someone else’s deception or betrayal, you may have been wounded and hurt in the process. In order to avoid a calloused heart, find seeds of forgiveness and release yourself from any guilt around the situation. You didn’t have all the information. You did what you could, at the time. When we realize that the career, relationship, solution or direction we were working towards is no longer an option, it’s easy to allow our energy to stagnate and spiral into self-pity. Don’t allow your life force to drain away with the things you once loved. Allow your tender heart to navigate towards truth, and towards the curative magic of finding faith in your future. If you are having a hard time letting go of the past (and losing your ability to dream as a result!) it’s time to unhook your heart from your fragmented expectations and to give yourself permission to envision a brighter future. Dismantle your grief, reclaim your happiness, and consciously step back towards a path filled with the anticipation of hope.


• Sweet spark, what would happen if you gathered all of your life-force energy and brought it close to your heart? If you said no to allowing it to slip away? If you plugged the draining energy and actively reclaimed it all?
• Taking the time you need to grieve losses can be difficult. Are you finding time in this fast paced world to process, integrate, and grow?
• Finding your bright future means actively looking for it. Make a list of the things you love to do and the people you love to be with. Is there anything on this list that has clues to your next steps?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 4 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): a time to meditate, frustration, being a brat, not appreciating what you have, apathy, introspection, stability leading to boredom, missed opportunities

Shadow Seer (Reversed): focusing on the negative, pessimism, focusing on lack or scarcity, an opportunity to revisit a practice of gratitude, missed opportunities for abundance


‘Ack. This meditation thing just isn’t working. Breathe in. Boredom. A million and one facking thoughts.’ She sits, fidgeting. Restless and insecure. She wants it and she wants it now. Privileged in every single way, she’s ready to give up because clearly she’s not made for this. ‘Why does everyone else seem to be able to do it? And, why on earth do they like it?’ Some days she’s angry with the world because it’s never lived up to the expectations she had. ‘Lightworkers and seeing rainbows of energy, my ass.’ Some days she’s just angry with herself for not being able to crack this energy thing that people keep talking about. ‘Manifesting? Poppycock,’ she squirms, ‘This is not my dimension, clearly. And this stupid pillow my aunt bought me is too hard.’ And she has already wasted, like, a week thinking about all of those things she really wants to attract into her life. She’s felt the feels. And yet she’s still here, in the exact same place. ‘Meh. Whatever.’


If you are finding yourself bored, unsatisfied or frustrated with your current situation, know that you are likely missing the vibrant landscapes that are present. They lie just beyond your peripheral vision! Often, we become so focused on our own internal perspectives that our feelings about a situation can prevent us from noticing the arrival of extraordinary opportunities and remarkable things. If you remain open to shifting (ever-so-slightly!) in order to see your situation in a fantastic new light, you will learn that the present moment is filled with the most dynamic array of colours. Put your rainbow-and-rose-colored-glasses on for a moment. Your thoughts continuously anchor you to your perception, and your perception creates your unique pattern of seeing. And the patterns you see in your life can be changed when you dedicate yourself to it, whole-heartedly. Do the work. There is magic here, exactly here, when you look for it. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do – or even better – spend energy focusing your thoughts on the experiences that you will absolutely and undoubtedly create. Allow those thoughts to turn to feelings. And allow those feelings to begin to shape the pattern of your perception. Taking time to meditate and to slow your mind will show you that your life is better than it seems. Take a good honest look at your attitude. It’s up to you to shift into feelings of abundance in order to feel the fortuitous avenues available to you right now.


• Are you feeling like the grass is greener on the other side?
• How would a total pessimist see your situation? And how would a total optimist view it? And where do you sit?
• Are you rejecting sacred gifts that the Universe is offering?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 3 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): friendships, abundance, co-operation, community, sisterhood, brotherhood and siblinghood, joy, communication, celebration, soul contracts, soul family

Shadow Seer (Reversed): an opportunity to value the gifts you bring to a relationship, disputes or miscommunication, a need to heal old wounds or to make amends, love triangle, ‘three’s a crowd’ or feeling left out


Sister soul-journeyer, sacred kindred, thank you for being here with me on the path. When one is happy, the other two are happy for her, and when the other needs help, the other two are there, no questions asked. Their bonds are richer than blood, for they know that they have been here before, at a different time, in a different place, supporting one another through their own evolutionary cycles. The bonds of time and light and soul-family have helped them to find one another again and again, with every subsequent birth. And every year when the timing is right, they take a weekend away to celebrate their deep bonds of friendship and love. They take an oath now to always remain a part of one another’s lives, and as they do, they look up at the stars and they smile. All is well in the world. The seven sisters of the Pleiades shine down on them, winking at the interconnectedness of life, and blessing them with the knowledge that they will always have a home together, anchored amongst the stars.


Deep friendships are the family we choose. Our sisters, our brothers and our siblings are not always defined by blood, and the packs that you run with and the kindred connections that you forge are your living and breathing support system. These sacred connections are to be cherished, nurtured, and celebrated! Go have fun! In the best and worst of times, your companions serve as mirrors of understanding – allowing you to see who you really are through their eyes. Who do you need to reach out to? What connections are waiting to support you? It’s time to call in your soulmate friends and enjoy the laughter and warmth that comes from a powerful soul group. Chosen family should offer a mutually loving and beneficial bond, and be based on bringing out the best in one another. The vibrational attraction will feel ancient or energizing. Any setbacks that arise from miscommunication or disharmony with others at this time may be keys to looking at old wounds or patterns that are resurfacing to be healed. If you are feeling disconnected or left out, you may need to commit more energy to cultivating deep friendships with loving kindreds. And if an important connection has gone awry, maybe it is time to make amends. Trust your heart to lead you to your people, and know that your soul family is waiting to support you.


• When you think about your situation, what person comes to mind as a kindred spirit who could lend a hand, or some much appreciated advice?
• How much time do you dedicate to your friends and to your inner circle? Make a list of the people you’d like to spend more time with.
• Do you see old wounds or repeating patterns playing out in many of your relationships? What steps can you take to heal some of these imbalances?
• How do you react to feeling left out? And how does your reaction help or hinder your ability to re-join the others?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 2 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): romantic partners, soulmates, friendships, connected hearts, passion, kindred spirits, joyful connection and cooperation, union, sometimes marriage, duality, love consciousness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): emotional blocks, not being open to receive love, disharmony, unions disrupted, separation, healing past trauma


Love at first sight? Possibly. Attraction at first millisecond? Definitely. Like matter and anti-matter, day and night, yin and yang… some things are primed to complement one another. Our whole Universe shines with examples of charged opposites that are drawn into one another’s gravitational pull. And sometimes, when the moon is ripe and the stars align, these opposites find their match and they are able to sustain this beautiful alchemy without fizzling or draining one another. In such moments, like the moment when two souls unite, an outpouring of magic spills forth. Ideas flow and manifest. Conversations expand and vibrate at a frequency beyond the sum of the two parts. Work becomes purpose. Kindreds become soul family. There is nothing to do except to witness, embody and delight in this intoxicating partnership.


Beautiful soul, when you bring joy to the surface of your life and share it with those around you, you will attract deep and meaningful ties with others. This card whispers of romance and love, bliss and attraction, and the unity of the like-hearted. Sometimes it signifies the beginning of a new friendship or a business partnership, while at other times it marks a profound romantic union. This pairing of perfectly matched souls has the potential to develop into the magickal entanglement of twin flames, or the merging of paths that will be forever united or changed. If you are single, look for the arrival of a romantic companion who will be a profoundly passionate and devoted lover.

The love hormone Oxytocin is emitted when we experience feelings of love. It is also emitted when we feel envy or jealousy. We can be addicted to either feeling, so choose to consciously remain on the side that serves up heaping doses of love. In shadow, this card can suggest a break-up, a falling out or a need to work on a partnership. Soul-ties can illuminate our deepest growth opportunities and our most exquisite idiosyncrasies, and your flourishing involvement with another’s soul will grant you a gateway to your own highest evolution. Are you putting enough energy into your relationships? How you see yourself as part of a committed pair will deepen and shift when the effervescent magic of the two of cups bubbles into your life. This duality will serve as a sacred reflection for you both, and you will teach one another who you really are – shadow and light – with your intermingling of spirit, emotion, love, harmony, and balance.


• Are you open to making new soul connections?
• People often say When I find love I will be happy. (Or, when I have a house, I will be happy… when I have that job, I will be happy… etc.) Do as Deepak does, and remember that when you are happy, you will attract all of those things into your life. Said in another way: Are you waiting on external things to feel fulfilled and whole?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings King of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): an entrepreneurial spirit, a natural born leader, a creative visionary, successful ideation, fearlessness, timelessness

Shadow Seer (Reversed): being overly ambitious, explosive emotions and impatience, not being compassionate enough with employees or those who seek to help you build your vision, misguided vision


This fiery guy. Betcha’ think he’s way too young to be a king. His profound wisdom comes bundled with wizened laughter and a perpetual zest for joy. He’s kept his vitality alive with his dancing and with his obsessive addiction to a life well lived. He’s a charismatic and natural born leader, and as you step into his energy you may feel a surge of his entrepreneurial passion that pushes you to the edges of a new experience. He’s determined and self-assured, and continuously motivated by innovation. He wants to create the best reality for the people in his life, and he doesn’t allow rumination or daydreaming to get in his way. He imagines, and then he does. His intensity manifests new ideas to form, almost instantly. Not afraid of a little risk, he may keep strange company and challenge the status quo in many areas of his life. He loves offbeat thinking! This is a part of his magic, and he does whatever it takes to move in the direction of his brightly lit future. He keeps his eye on the prize, and runs continuously towards the fruition of his ever-evolving dream.


The card of moguls, masterpieces, soul-inspiration and epic success… it asks you where you are headed and what you really want to achieve. What keeps your fire turned on and your passions ignited? Make sure you recharge your energy and take time for awe, beauty and wonder. Boldly express that offbeat weirdo that you’ve got inside, and be absolutely unapologetic in your pursuit of excellence. Express your visionary creativity by unleashing your ideas in wild new ways. (Yes, you.)

If you find yourself getting caught in the weeds of your situation, it’s time to see the bigger picture. Recruit help to avoid the minutiae, as you can only create something this stellar by being at the helm of your vision. Holler passionately from the top of the mountain and invite others to see what you see. Your persepectives may seem curiously avant-garde or unique, so invite them to partake in this momentum! Love, career, health… it all gets a positive boost within the fire of this passion. The shadow side of this energy is that you may not be able to see your own limitations or blind spots because of your over-zealous ambition. Keep arrogance and unrealistic expectations from blinding your steps as you lead, and work out the kinks first, before excitedly charging ahead with your intensely vibrant heart.


• As you run towards your goals, what small details keep tripping you up? And can you work out a better way to deal with the little things?
• If you could wave his wand and create your perfect life, what would it look like? And when you have that imagined… what 3 steps could you take towards it now?
• Who could help you with your current challenge? Share your vision and enlist help.
• What would an intensely creative and romantic relationship look like to you?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Queen of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): boldly expressing yourself, charisma, passion, spontaneity, bravely pursuing your dreams, impulsivity, adventure, having confidence, helping others as you build your queendom, power, intensity, love

Shadow Seer (Reversed): self-sabotage with passionate and fiery emotions, being afraid to take a risk, moving beyond hesitation, not being totally honest with yourself, an optimal time to build your self-confidence and to let go of what other people think


The Queen of Wands brings her creativity and passion with her wherever she goes, and when she enters a room you will feel her warm exuberance and her intensely confident determination. She has always been bold and expressive, creative and passionate, and people say she has the warmest of laughs and the biggest of stories. She steps into her role as Queen comfortably, fully – because she is confident in the way that she leads. Today, she sits on her desert throne, surrounded by her dreams and her memories, her creative energy and her people. She understands the power of deep connection and the lengths that people will go when they know they are being appreciated for their efforts. Even though there are times when her anger is explosive, she knows her long- term happiness will be built with a heart whose sacred flame burns brightly, lovingly, and powerfully. She chooses to nurture her love and her passion over her fear and her anger, and as such she is a powerfully inspirational character who boldly shares her enthusiasm and warmth.


You are capable and fierce, and it’s time to root into your purpose and find the magic you’ve been looking for. It’s time to be bold, and to step into the limelight of your life. Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention, and for Goddess sake, stop acting small in order to make those around you feel more comfortable! It’s not your role to make others feel larger in your presence, it’s your role to make them feel loved. Find your voice and allow your powerful pipes to fill the room. Share your ideas and your message passionately, for it will incite respect and inspire those around you. Light the way for others by bravely sharing your fire. Powerful connections of love will ensue, so it’s a perfect time to put yourself in situations where you will have a chance to meet new people, socialize and connect. Make sure your fiery, impulsive bursts of productivity are accompanied by laughter, good times and a heaping dose of gratitude. There is, of course, shadow cast in the wake of all of this light, so don’t push it down so deeply that you can’t find it again. Sometimes this Queen shows up to indicate jealous or manipulative tendencies, especially when you let your stubborn streak grow hotter than your common-sense. Always go back to love as a mentor. Know that it’s okay to be healing.. and still want to heal others. It’s okay to not share everything with everyone… and still feel open and vulnerable. It’s okay to be imperfect, or to have aspects of self that have held you back in the past. Don’t let your past shadows define you. Transmute them. Sit with them briefly and then light them on fire, because you don’t need them anymore.


• Intensity and passion when dealing with others can both save us and hinder us.
How does your intensity act in your life?
• What part of you desires to be seen? What part of you wants to lead?
• When do you feel powerful?
• Have you pushed shadow parts of you so far away that you have a hard time
accessing their lessons? If you could illuminate them, what would they whisper?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Knight of Wands




Light Seer (Upright): charisma, spontaneity, fast energy, someone who enters (or leaves) your life quickly, enthusiasm, the spirited energy that gets things done

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a need to have courage and take a risk, hesitation, the need for more self-awareness, an optimal time to build self-confidence


The Knight of Wands gallops along a beach on her stallion, and they charge full steam ahead towards that passion project that she’s been dreaming about. But wait, what is that in the distance? A campfire? A beach party? Full stop. She’s nothing if she’s not spontaneous, and whatever it is, it looks like an adventure waiting to happen. (Which is indeed the thing that she craves most.) She jumps off her horse and joins the party, grabbing a borrowed djembe and an impromptu tune. Her passionate, fiery energy is magnetic, and since she’s got charisma in spades she quickly becomes the life of the party. After a few laughs, she remembers that her scattered energy can often be the cause of delays in her life, and the very thought of setting herself back has her frustrated by her own fiery nature. She tunes into her purpose, and as quickly as she arrived she’s off again, chasing her dream and becoming her most vibrant expression of self.


What have you been dreaming about? It’s time to bravely pursue the things that inspire you the most. That passion project you’ve been tinkering with? That thing you’ve always wanted to join but continually held yourself back from? If you allow more spontaneity into your choices you will be freer to shift your reality. You may have a new desire and a new curiosity at this time. It’s okay to want new things and to run with the wind when you are feeling lit-up about a new idea. Things are about to move quickly as this card marks a time when you can get a lot done! Dance into this high-spirited and animated energy and bring adventure and enthusiasm into your world. Use this moment of inspiration to incite a wildfire of positive momentum. In shadow, this card counsels against reckless impulsivity and heated outbursts. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret later, and you don’t want all of that energy to spontaneously combust as soon as you leave the gates. Check in with your heart, and fan the flames of this inspiration in order to leave some reserves for the long haul.
If you have any pent-up creative energy, it’s time to make it work for you, while whooshing yourself along towards long-term success.


• What is that thing that always gets in the way of your big dreams?
• If you could do anything, with total certainty that it would work, what it would be?
• What are you continuously optimistic about?
• What new passions are blooming in your life? What’s making you want to grow? Move? Work? Learn? Or run towards?