Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Justice




Light Seer (Upright): natural law, balance, karma, truth, wisdom, legal matters, fairness, cause and effect, integrity, objectivity, perspective, accountability

Shadow Seer (Reversed): consequences, retribution, karma, injustice and inequity, the opportunity to make changes that will better your future, taking responsibility for your actions, learning from past experiences, facing regret


Justice holds her sword out, and she tunes in to the situation of the querent. She feels the changing winds pick up and pass through her hands… her hair. She waits for the feeling of balance as she whispers her keys: morality, intention, truth, integrity. While her sword can be used for slicing through the darkness in order seek truth, she much prefers to use it to pick up on the thoughts and intentions of the seeker. In this way she can balance and weigh their outcomes. Justice believes in cause and effect, in things being either right or wrong, and she understands truth and deception. She believes in the universal moral code that she upholds. Justice sees the error. The connection to ego. The lies. In shadow, she learns how our emotional charge clouds our judgement. That we oh too easily see things from our very limited perspectives, and that we condemn others before having all of the facts. She knows that fear will often cause us to act in ways we are not proud of, and that the only elevating path lies rooted in truth. She holds us accountable, with love and with truth, and asks us to look at our responsibility, our choices and our excuses, with the same.

Karma can be delightfully loving, and it can be the most motivating of teachers.


Your past actions have brought you to right here, right now. Justice asks you to learn from your past experiences: the good, the bad and the fugly, and take it all and grow from it. Justice energy is not about perfect execution of an action, but rather about fair, just, and honest undertakings. It highlights clarity of motivation and intention, and it asks you to be realistic about the cause-and-effect that your thoughts and actions bring into the world. Your honesty will bring you balance. With both light and shadow-work, learn as much as you can from the many different parts of you. In your current situation, find impartiality as you reframe your reality, doing your best to remove any negative emotional charge from the equation. If there is something you know you need to rectify, rectify it! Find radical integrity and witness where you could have done a better job, and where another person was doing their best with the tools they had. Take accountability for your actions, as there are always consequences and you may be called forth in retribution. If you’ve learned from a past mistake, love yourself hard and know that you never need to repeat it. And if you’re stuck in a legal matter or trying to figure out what’s wrong or right, remember that the true path of ‘goodness’ is not always black or white, but it is always – always – one of love.


• Where are you out of balance?
• How can you do a better job next time?
• Justice and Injustice are tightly bound concepts. What injustices can you right with thoughtful action and inspired service?
• If an injustice has harmed you, how can you move towards
forgiveness in order to heal? What does loving reparation look like?
• Are fairness and rightness the same thing?

@stonecircledreamer I love the way the reflection shows a different woman showing us that judgment must come from empathy - from seeing another as ourselves.
@newmoonmystic She is totally in control, but has to remain focused on whether she is acting or reacting.
@joannahuntercom The sword of justice is double edged - as you swing it be careful you don’t cut yourself with your reflected shadow self.
@silvia_ancordi The details of the closed eyes vs. open reminds me that reality isn’t as it seems and that the Divine design isn’t visible to the eyes. Balance doesn’t feed on revenge but on centring.
@paints4fun Eyes wide open for injustice and perhaps an indigenous woman as justice served? I am drawn to both images.
@thesoulwork She feels like a part of me. So wise and yet so soft. So spacious yet discerning.
@cosmic.creeper It feels like a reminder that justice asks us to see past our own agenda and be open to the whole picture, allowing this to inform us of the reality, nuances and all, before taking action. With the lower figure you’ve really encapsulated the idea of looking into consciousness, or seeking to see on another level further than our initial reactions.
@thefoxandtheotter_tarot I love how both the positive and negative sides of this card are seen so easily in the image. I see the woman on the top half of the card as representative of someone who trusts that the universe has her back and knows her actions are just. She can move freely through life, even with her eyes closed. Where as the woman on the bottom half has to be wary, and watch her back so to speak. So she may be representative of someone whose actions are unjust.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Wheel of Fortune




Light Seer (Upright): fate, destiny, a lucky break, cycling up through karmic lessons, the chaos of creation, a beautiful surrendering to what is and what will be, a turning point

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a need to relinquish control, the ups and downs of life, inevitability of change, karma, misfortune


The Wheel of Fortune spins her wheel with all the wonder of creation in her eyes. She whispers her keys as she spins, all or nothing: Randomness. Synchronicity. Fractal and repeating. Patterned and karmic. Luck. Fate. Freedom. She stands over her spinning disks and gleefully watches the 8 arrows of chaos slip in and out probabilities. They simultaneously point to the 8 stages of the year, and to the roulette of possibilities for the seeker’s answer. All the while, perched on one foot, the Wheel knows that she has harnessed all of the light and all of the shadow to create this destiny. If she leans too far in either direction she will fall out of balance and land at the bottom. She’s done it before and she will do it again… each time learning and growing from the experience. Even now, she isn’t really sure if it’s her luck or divine intervention that keeps her at the top of the wheel. She does know, however, that every time the wheel spins she feels as though she is cycling upwards through the very same lessons, and that the lessons vibrate a little higher each time – they get easier or more intense depending on her ability to navigate her mindset. She has learned that her perspective is an extraordinary asset, and she prepares to throw the lucky dice from around her
neck. She shakes them in her hand, kisses her knuckles, leans toward badass belief, and winks at faith. With a giggle she casts her lot, and she hopes with all of her wishes that her magical thinking will keep her balanced at the top this time, on this wheel, and she readies her footing as it spins once more.


Get ready lucky duck, the wheel is about to gift you a moment of divine fortune and charmed outcomes! Synchronicity is afoot, so look for opportunities to propel your life ahead. Be prepared for chance meetings, a beautiful turning point, or a node on the path that will change everything for the better. Get your karma points out and your serendipity glasses on, because if you open to spotting opportunity, you will find it now – yours for the taking. Just follow the bread crumbs towards your happy ending! Remember that the wheel is always spinning, and things are never the same as they were before. Learn to enjoy this constant regeneration and know that with every spin we have another chance to cycle upwards towards our own expansion. Trying to control the outcome of fate would prove to be impossible, so don’t. Grab your lucky charm, root into your mindset and belief, and know that something wonderful is on the way, because it is. See the spinning of the wheel for what it really is: all the beauty of a lifetime of experiences, waiting to spring forth and be lived.


• Are you trying to control the outcome, to the point of stifling your positive luck?
• Do you believe that your destiny is inevitable? Or do you believe you create your future? Would one of these perspectives help you more than the other at this time?
• Wheel of Truth: Have you created your current situation through choices that you regret? Can you release and transmute your feelings around this in order to free up the present and give the wheel a little more slack so it can spin in your favour?

NOTES ON ARTWORK: I have always loved the 18th Century Wheel of Fortune by Etteilla, and I was dying to create a contemporary version. I’ve added new wheels (additional dimensions or timelines) that we can cycle up into, because I believe that we can hold the dualities of freedom and determinism at the same time. (I believe we can manifest our future while fate also plays a role, so I needed a few more wheels to illustrate this concept.)

@jennifercockcroft It reminds me of the tree pose in yoga - and the idea of being perfectly balanced and able to stay grounded but also flexible whatever the elements throw at you.
@myunconventionalmusings I am my own guru and I call upon the of powers air, fire, water and earth to encourage and support me on my path as well as assist me to fly high and free.
@beastcatshome Wow... This one strikes a cord... I see happiness and the power to rise from any problem or hardship one can have... Also that I have it in myself to rise out of the dark
@genres_of_art (Marsha N. Wilson) Free. Liberated. Centered. Balanced. Self-compassionate. Carefree. Inspired. Energized by possibilities. Whimsical. Willingness/being in a space of allowing.
@marinamoonchild I see the light (on the left) and sustaining her at the top, while the dark streak (on the right) pulls her down. How she plays and balances these two sources of energy will lead her to feel balance or possibly be thrown off balance and fall down from the wheel.
@charms_and_cards She makes me feel like one of my favorite sayings: How do you know it’s from God? It’s here.
@symbaya I’m immediately struck by the orange-like wheels. Was it your intention for them to look like a cross section of an orange? All the connections for that colour come up for me.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The Hermit




Light Seer (Upright): inner reflection, meditation, contemplation, soul searching, inner wisdom, spiritual mentor, experience, finding your guide within, taking time away from the chaos of a busy life, time out, ‘hermitting’

Shadow Seer (Reversed): withdrawing from society, isolation, loneliness, ignoring your inner voice, losing your sense of purpose, not trusting yourself


She walks the path, using her lantern to guide her. At some point, she has to leave the traditional tools aside and walk the rest of the path alone. She has learned all she can from her current situation, and she drops her candlelight, her devices, her connections to other people’s opinions and voices… she even leaves her trusted cards behind… for she knows that it is time to hear the beating pulse of her own spirit. She allows her heart to lead her to the highest point of her inner-guidance system, understanding that this internal compass may change after she passes through this process of inner shadow and light. Here, at the precipice of her knowing, she spends time in quiet contemplation. She charges her faith. She listens. And she begins to feel her next level of being: Enlightenment. Awakening. Illumination. She feels. She journeys. She learns. When she is ready, she knows she must say goodbye to her hermit experience and return to her life below. If she doesn’t, she risks becoming too isolated and withdrawn. With gratitude, she leaves her steady candle burning brightly at the foot of the path, where it will illuminate the way for others. She no longer needs it to see where she is going. Her path has now been cleared.


It’s time to find a pause in your busy life to spend some time in quiet contemplation. Make space for sacred aloneness and self-care. You may need some distance from the rat-race in order to find your true path again, and if you are feeling disconnected from your spiritual north, this time of solitary withdrawal will help you to find your way back to your guiding principles. Soul purposes and spiritual awakenings spring from this hermit energy. Trust your ability to move ahead in the dark with only your own strong light to guide you. If you’ve been on this path for a while, you may be trying to find your way by filling your days with new information and lessons from others. Take a moment to synthesize, and see what sage advice comes from the inside.

The shadow side of the hermit reminds us that even if we have retreated to our inner landscapes to heal after a traumatic event, we don’t want to remain there forever. Our goal is to discover, to process and to heal in order to welcome new knowledge back into our waking life. It is not an escape. Sometimes, we run the risk of being so deeply introspective that we lose our connections to others, or worse – in our constant struggle to heal wounds, we can inadvertently begin to integrate those same wounds and shadows as a part of our forever-identity and thus our forever-struggle. When in the deepest trenches of self-discovery, we must remember that our constant search for our own healing does not mean that we are not already whole and healed. Integrate and transmute this shadow, and move towards the light.


• What would your inner sage say if you asked it what you needed to heal?
• How comfortable are you doing things by yourself, and spending time alone?
• Do you give yourself permission to take time-out when you need it?

@stellarcreature Rising above a well-worn path to see from a new perspective. I love this.
@sfaelin To me the lantern represents external validation etc, which she left behind. She stopped giving her power away and realizes that all she ever needs can always be found within.
@4emperor4 Is she sitting on a ledge? Or has her stillness risen her higher and higher?
@whitneyjensen Meditative. On the outside peaceful, but on the inside aching with creation, life force, and light. Like a dormant tree, on the outside it looks blank but inside it’s actively cultivating, nourishing retreat, all culminating getting ready to bloom. She relies on her own consciousness to rise up to a higher viewpoint. And the lantern she has left below anchors to her earth while she explores another dimension.
@perlaccs Forget what you know or think you know. Forget what you learned or think you have learned. The external light does not illuminate the path that your soul chose. Open your senses to the signals and listen to your heart. The Mayans said Whoever follows the path of the heart is never wrong.
@noxtarot I get a total sense of wholeness from her. She’s alone but not lonely. And the aloneness has allowed her to grow into her full being.
@financialsforcreatives I see her opening up to galaxies of inner knowing that are revealed as she quiets her mind.
@matthewmilesnell I love this modern contemporary take on The Hermit. That place of total introspection one goes to in search of a deeper meaning to life as we climb the mountain on our journey to greater spiritual understanding.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Strength




Light Seer (Upright): fierce serenity, inner strength, innocence, purity, spiritual matters, compassion, the courage of a lion, calmness in the face of uncertainty, quiet influence, graceful leadership, a gifted healer, sometimes lust or animal instinct

Shadow Seer (Reversed): getting blocked by fear, self-doubt, a need to have faith in your inner strength, being guided by the lizard part of your brain, a need to exercise self-control, self-destructive impulses


Strength’s nature is so calm and gentle that even the baby lamb feels safe in her presence. She stands serene and relaxed, and allows this energy to guide her every move. Strength always looks like this – and it’s not a facade. Underneath her soft and youthful exterior lies the strength and the courage of a lion. She can always access the steady courage that resides within, and it brings her to places of deep peace. The kingly beast has taken up residence within her heart, and he communicates his warmest roar through her kind smile. She has been working with her animal guide and learning from his energy and wisdom. He has been impressed by her honest motivations and by the quiet, humble courage she displays. He gifts her an understanding of fierce power and she embodies his teachings fully, gracefully, and confidently; allowing these aspects to shine whenever she is faced with danger or uncertainty. Her gentle touch is empowered by his sovereignty, and his ability to exert influence and control is softened by their combined compassion. As a result, the world around them remains consistent, tranquil and yielding.

‘the lion and the lamb shall lie down together,
and there shall be peace.’


Be brave, sweet seer. Embody your strength, and shine courageously in the face of adversity or fear. Face any challenges head-on, and instead of aspiring to simply resolve a conflict, work your light and strive to bring feelings of deep peace to your situation. Step into patience. And be the fierce serenity you seek. There is great fortitude in your calm heart, and a gentle demeanor will not be confused with weakness when you share your gift of relentless love with the world. Shine unwavering confidence. It will gift you the composure you need to navigate towards your desires without using excessive force or aggression. Be like water. Flow around and through any challenges you are having, and if you find yourself leading others, know that mindful, flexible guidance will be much more useful than rigid control right now. Strength reminds you that you can handle anything that lands on your path, so don’t try to forcefully domineer a specific outcome. It’s time to bend in order to lead. If you are holding on to an underlying fear or doubt, stand strong in your beliefs and desires while bringing compassion and equanimity to the table. You have a chance to use grace to your advantage, and to exert your influence for the greater good. You are powerful, and your purity of heart is a beacon of strength and inspiration to those around you. Deep breath in. Calm you spirit. Deep breath out. Send peace to your situation. Deeper breath in. Call on your guides to lend their support. Deeper breath out. Strength.


• How do you find courage in the face of shadow?
• Are you using all of the wisdom that’s available to you?
• When faced with a challenge, how do you react? Or respond?
• Are you being taken advantage of (or walked on) because of your soft nature?
• Fearless serenity is grounded power. When do you feel powerful in life?

@lynrossspiritslight I recognize all the traditional symbolism in the image, yet I feel a strong call back to the animal ‘sense’, the internal knowing that we inherently have known and suppressed that which we were born into human form with. I feel this image speaks more to transitioning into the senses now, than the traditional Strength moniker.
@beckydodds222 I love that she hasn’t calmed the lion, but that she is the lioness that is gentle enough to care lovingly for the lamb. True strength is quietly gentle, but stands its ground when necessary. Beautiful!
@everblue_aura Beautiful. This card has some serious sovereign energy. Love it!
@musiccitymandy This card screams “it takes true strength to remain gentle. It takes true power to forgive. Strength is quiet. It is loving. And just because it’s overlooked doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”
@dejadrewit This card makes me feel like she is a powerful strong woman who has the strength of a lion and maybe even on occasion the same temperament. Don’t mess with her. She’s been through it all and she goes after what she wants.
@shamanessagoddessa So the lamb reminds us of our innocence. When we allow ourselves to tap into that, we find our strength. True strength lies in peace and that’s what the lamb always represents.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The Chariot




Light Seer (Upright): determination, victory, speed and action, harnessing opposing forces and moving them in the same direction, success, travel, haste, confidence, power, being in control

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a need to focus your energy, lack of self-discipline, aimlessly charging ahead, self-doubt, lack of control


The Charioteer is perched steadily, galloping towards his destination. Energetic reins of light and shadow flow down from the cosmos and direct his movement, and while these celestial forces seem like they are opposites, he coaxes them into one fluid direction. They rush ahead quickly, and he remains laser-focused, determined and on the move. He controls his trajectory through sheer willpower – and rushes to the best version of his future by taking action. He knows his time is precious, and that he must act in order to get all of this energy where it is compelled to go. To stay is to stagnate, and he wants to evolve, regardless of the lessons that will unfold as he speeds into these new experiences. Reaching towards the most aligned future, the spinning dark and light energy twists its way into a path, and as they co-creates his next steps together, he feels his power rise. From the back of his throat, the words I am begin to emerge, and he smiles, feeling fully alive and ready to take on the world.

Your determined actions now will help ground your sense of purpose and resolve tomorrow.


The Universe constantly gifts us with the opportunity to become more. Push ahead with determination, beautiful seer, because you will get there! While you are on the way to your goal, you will need to make decisions about your best path forward. You will change and grow when you hurdle ahead, as your evolution is imminent right now. This magical moment for taking inspired action whispers ‘you will manifest this!’ Go ahead and find extreme optimism! If you feel pulled in two different directions, know that you can use both of these energies to thrive, and that there’s a way to get them both on the same page. Seek to align your task with your purpose or with any spiritual desires that you have, and give yourself all the wings you can as you move towards your swift resolution, completion and achievement. In shadow, take care not to boulder your way through other people, or to use them carelessly on your way up the mountain. Flying forwards without paying attention to your path can sometimes be harmful to those in your wake. It’s time to choose the thing you really want… and if you aren’t sure what that thing is, then you may need to buckle down and find your north. {Say hello to self-discipline.} Remember that the most expansive of journeys have lessons of hills and valleys, and that even the brightest of lights are pulled and pushed in order to evolve. It’s time to make plans, set goals and spark dreams! Move ahead with clear focus, confidence and control.


• Without clarity on your inner most desires, it’s impossible to focus your chariot in the right direction. Where are you headed? Check in with your solar plexus.
• Does your chariot feel stuck in the mud? In what areas of your life have you been stagnant a little too long? Or maybe you drifted right into this quicksand?
• You’ve taken the wheel, now it’s time to chart your route.

@phoenixnlotus I love the sense of motion and momentum in this card... the driver’s body language indicates that he’s flexible and ready for action. Bumps in the road? No problem, he’s positioned to shift easily.
@krista_diane There is such a sense of self-assurance from the driver. That confidence! Empowering.
@goodthingswildandfree Interesting to me that the horses aren’t (visibly) harnessed to the Chariot - pulled by intention alone?
@mischiefmakeranne Such a gorgeous card! Light and dark, good and bad, you need both to move forward, to grow in life and to take steps on your journey.
@teatarotandmagicaladventures I feel like this card is telling me instead of trying to hold your horses, or trying to control the ride, let them be free and witness the power, beauty and invigoration of surrendering, even if it is just for this moment of this day.
@nighttimetarot I get a wild west kind of feeling about this card. I love that the driver is a black male. It reminds me of the injustice done (and that is still happening) towards BIPOC. It makes me feel that whatever oppression he was under he is completely free now, he knows what he has set out to do. Perhaps he is on a mission to return to his loved ones or to fight for the rights and liberation of BIPOC. Just WOW!
@natkip Unwavering bravery to move forward with fire in your heart and magic through your veins.
@mayra_vee To me he looks like a native tracker. Someone who knows exactly where he’s going and what he’s looking for, by being keen to even the tiniest signs around him. As if he’s crouched touching the earth, looking at the trees and smelling the air. But here he has the power to get to the object or destination much faster once he decides where he’s going.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The Lovers




Light Seer (Upright): a choice, dualities, harmony, a lover or romantic relationship, friendship, unity, the choice to allow yourself to fall in love, healthy boundaries, soulmates, love

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a break in communication, disharmony, an opportunity to focus on self-love, giving away power in a relationship, the loss of self, too many expectations of others, manipulation, co-dependency, an imbalanced partnership, not able to choose between two people


Two souls intertwined gaze attentively at one another. Like Yin and Yang, they are part of the duality that exists when The Lovers card is drawn. She carries with her the initiation and the markings that she learned in Key 5 (the Hierophant.) Who she is today is a result of everything she has done and experienced, and she carries her wounds, her desires, and her beliefs into this forthcoming duality. The spinning spirals of emotion and attraction lull them into euphoria, and she knows there is always a choice in this card: to really allow herself to fall into this partnership and become a part of another thing, or to block off her heart and not fully experience what this love has to offer. 

Her hair flows towards him, and attraction threatens to whisk it all away. She remembers that clenching on to any one thing in fear will not keep it with her in the long run. Cupid marks her arm with a new sigil, and she takes one step closer, promising to remain true to her heart no matter what happens, and to love herself so completely that she can support this pairing with her own light, her love and her magic.

Mastering self-love is the key to balance the duality of any relationship. As with all willing partnerships, the choice to step into vulnerability must be made consciously.


Magnetism like magic is coming into your life. You are sitting on the cusp of a new connection, union or partnership: a type of profound connection that happens when two souls are entwined, and their entanglement forever marks their individual paths. You may be deepening into the truest of loves, a kinship of kindreds, or the heaviest of romances. This relationship has the power to change your trajectory and fill your heart with all the passion and spark of two souls in love. Often this card signifies that an important choice needs to be made. Notice the hypnotic energy that happens between two people who have made the choice to shift into a relationship. Will you decide to merge into this mixing of energies, or not? Falling deeply into trust and freely giving your energy to another will be necessary if you want to forge this partnership and create a lasting bond. While partnerships can be beautiful gifts on the path, you must also seek to give fully without weakening your resolve to remain whole. Your personal growth edges around vulnerability, honesty, desire (and your boundaries around intimacy) are being called into the light.


• Are you able to bring yourself fully to a partnership at this time?
• What shadow might you be projecting onto others in your relationships?
• Are you open to collaborating with others? Or to having a romantic relationship with another soul? If yes, how are you calling them in?
• What steps have you been taking to inform the Universe that you are here, and that you are ready?

@skymancer I see a strong, long-term, dedicated and passionate love. One where both members aren’t afraid to get vulnerable and bare everything, from the intensely beautiful to the ragged truths we’re not so proud of. This card is everything, fully representing the full-blown effect of being madly in love and deeply connected to another being, project, or other endeavor you love.
@keri_anneeee Love the connection of the third eye. wow!
@hicynthh This makes me feel safe, warm and loved. The woman looks like she’s been through pain and struggle & has healed from a toxic situation. She looks like she’s ready for a second chance in love, and she’s ready to receive the blessings the Universe has in store for her.
@moonrosehealing To me it not only represents divine masculine and divine feminine, it represents the balance we maintain between human experience and universal connection. It is a very loving, secure yet mystical feeling card to me.
@alisondallason When I was a little girl I used to hold my mom’s hair when she slept next to me on nights I was afraid to sleep alone. Touching others in less-attended-to places is a demonstration of intimacy, closeness, connection, trust. I see a level of love that extends well beyond sexuality and delves into an understanding of someone else’s needs and how to meet them by speaking your partner’s language. It’s an art form, not just a show of emotion.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The Hierophant




Light Seer (Upright): powerful lessons, a spiritual leader or guide, a time to have faith, enlightenment, awakening, in service of Spirit, finding your own path, an awakened soul, transformation and transcendence, new paradigms

Shadow Seer (Reversed): old systems or structures that are no longer relevant, dogma, rebelling against societal norms, a need to let go of old ways of thinking, abuse of power, stagnation, ego-based leadership, a need to connect with Spirit


The Hierophant in the Light Seer’s deck has been re-named Keeper of the Sacred. Hieros is a Greek word meaning sacred and phant has its roots in the Greek to show. This old soul has always known that his primary path in life was to show others the sacred, and he sits at the base of your step-by-step spiritual journey, welcoming guests with open arms. As he warmly greets those who arrive, he reminds them of their own divine makeup. ‘You are made of God-stuff’, he whispers, ‘fashioned with the same forces of creation that inspired the stars.’ As an awakened master, he is the personification of the gateway between Divine Source and the people he serves. Every stair behind him is a lesson that is unique to the individual who walks the path.

As a seeker, you hold the power to vibrate with a little more light as you ascend upwards… Up towards the One Cosmic Love that shines down and illuminates the path for us of all.

He holds in his mind’s eye the energies of all religions, and he recognizes that – organized or not – there is deep wisdom at the heart of all spiritual teachings. ‘It’s the people who fail us,’ he winks. He lives a life of humility and service, but always in a way that demonstrates self-love. His t-shirt dons the prongs of the original Hierophant’s trinity sceptre because he openly holds admiration for the Gods and the many wondrous faces of divinity that speckle our expanding Universe.


As you search for your divine truth, you create frameworks of understanding that help you to expand your consciousness and that ground your faith into your reality. Your own spiritual beliefs should support you at this time, and if they don’t, you are being asked to activate a deepening of your faith in order to find the guidance that you seek. When the Hierophant shows up in a reading he is asking you to grow, and to hold more light within your being than you ever have in the past. If you’ve been stuck in an old system or a structured way of acting or being, it is time to let that fall away in order to make space for a better version of you. Be open to new paradigms, perspectives, mentors or teachers coming into your life at this time. The Hierophant serves as a living portal, and he may show up in a variety of lessons or circumstances. Look to the repeating patterns around you, and strive to understand your own internal compass. Know that while there is wisdom and veracity in the teachings of the mystics, the voice of your own heart is the one voice that really matters the most. It’s time to find the wisdom of the heavens, within.


• Are you listening to the wisdom of your heart, or placing others’ messages above your own?
• Is there an old way of doing or being that you are holding on to? What would happen if you let go of an outmoded way of life?
• What belief is getting in the way of your dreams?

@natydeva I immediately connected to him as the Keeper of the Sacred. The true essence of the hierophant was the most challenging for me because of the religious dogma/ association with him. My entire relationship with the hierophant changed when I connected to the message that there is no guru outside of you.
@cherisewilliams.xo This is definitely a card I usually have a hard time connecting to. But I just want to sit down next to him and hear about everything he knows. He’s someone I trust and respect but could feel comfortable around as well.
@foxylittlemama Absolutely resonate with this Hierophant! It’s a gate keeper card for me. The point where you start to glean YOU possess your own keys but you are still a fledgling and need nudging. I totally want to talk story with him vs. the patriarchal sternly depiction of the traditional deck. Bangarang girl!
@alaineoflight I love the joy in this card! And I think that it’s really beautiful and special that you made a male figure. I personally love and crave seeing beautiful examples of the masculine. It has been so healing for me to see the masculine expressed in it’s wholeness and perfection instead of distortion. Here, I see a teacher who is full of joy and love and knowledge. I see a stairway to the divine.. and I see that the way is fun and full of light and ease! I love this card!
@gabrielavnueva To me, this card looks like the path to enlightenment. Like the steps to acquire light, and having someone there on your journey.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The Emperor




Light Seer (Upright): a natural leader, structure, a business person, a time to employ strategic and analytical thinking, taking action, calculated risk, divine masculine, looking after others, authority, power, boundaries, success

Shadow Seer (Reversed): unchecked power, ruling with an iron fist, being overly pragmatic and rigid, corruption, selfishness, being too defensive, a desire for control, stubbornness


The Emperor is a creative, innovative leader, and he knows it. He sits on his Mars throne, contemplating his next move and watching over his domain with the control, assuredness and the consistent guidance of a skilled leader. He tempers his fiery Aries energy with discipline and strategy, structure and consistent action; for he knows that this is how he will find his success. His ram’s skull hanging on the wall is a constant reminder that he must use his power wisely, and that selfish motives will lead to his demise. A wise leader looks after his people, shares his energy in service to them, and understands that his strength is a direct reflection of his relationship with others. He understands that the unity of the whole is his greatest asset. Well that, and his collection of imported chess boards. 😉 He learns to listen to other’s needs as he moves towards his goals. If he is overly pragmatic and forgets to marry his logical mind with his compassion and his heart, he risks being too strict and structured. His disciplined magic radiates when he leads with service in his heart and follows with the strategy in his head.

Leading others means being of service to others. Protect your energy as you move towards success.


The Emperor’s message is one of ambitions met and success found. Often seen as the card of both the business man and the divine masculine, it asks you to build a better world by moving forward methodically – tuning into both your determined heart and your compassionate intelligence. Mastering the leadership power in your own life means that you must also lead your own evolution. This means addressing any issues you harbor around authority, control and willpower, and in doing so, it heralds infinite possibility for your success. While the emperor often works his magic within a structured framework, he also knows that the organizing principles of societies and sciences are fluid over time. Societies change, so remain flexible as you take charge over the next part of your journey. Remain keenly aware of your energetic boundaries and your own motives, especially where others are concerned. Find opportunities to be of service to those you are leading along the way, and instill deep trust and respect by meeting the needs of those around you as you build your empire. Step into this energy of success and rise, sweet light seer! Embody confident, compassionate leadership and exercise sovereignty over your own reality. The world is yours for the making.


• Do you feel stable and reliable? What is your relationship with responsibility like?
• Strategy. Whatcha’ got in mind? Write it down and formalize it!
• What are you building, and what will it look like when you are done?

@balancethesescales I love how his gaze is very focused. He seems extremely aware of his surroundings. I like how it seems like his back isn’t fully exposed, so nothing can really sneak up on him (if that makes sense). With such an intense gaze, it seems like he’s always thinking, always planning, always plotting - which can be good or bad, depending. I’m loving it!!
@ powerhousev SO FUCKING SEXY!! A man completely in his power and at ease with himself. Good Lord. Also? There’s something about the whisper of Spirit that flows along beside him, guiding and nudging but not saturating or overwhelming. Like, he’s in the flow but grounded, steady, and not swept away by it. I also love his shoes.
@oladymoon I think you captured beautifully the gripping hand on the RWS with the emperor’s left hand holding his left ankle. And his right hand holding the king very lightly. Interesting that you chose the King for his chess piece. And the White King, too. The King is the most important on the board, but the Queen is the most powerful. I think I see this emperor, with his relaxed authority, perhaps holding a Rook instead?
@thetarotstudent “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” - William Shakespeare. I see ... A man who knows the responsibility of leadership and doesn’t shy away from it. I see... A man who is trusted by many and whom many put their faith in. I see a man who brings order to chaos. I see... A man who puts his talent for strategy and planning to good use. I see... A man who lets logic rule his decision making. I see... A man who will go through great length to protect those in his care. I see... A king deserving of his crown. I see... A man who can be unyielding for better or for worse.
@fredhoffmann Cool trendy modern emperor! Looks gentle yet strong and confident in his style, with elegance, he looks like a creative person, totally connected to his time, magnetic by his identity, his gentleness, yet strongly masculine.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The Empress




Light Seer (Upright): prolific creativity and creation, fertility, unity, motherhood, sensuality, nurturing, abundance, luxury, empathy, unconditional love, birthing desires and realities, a new family, a new relationship or a new business

Shadow Seer (Reversed): infertility, emotional overwhelm and shut down, the need to look after your health and nurture yourself, the tendency to be overbearing, disharmony, negligence, focusing too much on the material aspects of life, a perfect time to look for (and move towards!) that which inspires you


The Gaian Empress looks out over the earth, her favourite creation, and she sends out a low nurturing hum from deep within her core. A hum of love. Of grounding energy. Of positive answers and outcomes. Her echo reverberates through the fish that swim around her and into the ground beneath her, and she watches it all as it teems to life with infinite creator potential. With an exhale of love, she leans on her moon scepter and sends gravitational harmony to the oceans and earth. She reminds us that the earth is abundantly fertile, and that it can evolve and co-create whatever it can imagine for itself: Forests. Oceans. Health. Romance. Epic love stories. Soul-nurturing creativity and every miracle of life you can imagine.

You are love. You are ruler. You are nurturer. You are creativity and the miracle of life entwined. You are all of these things, and you are safe to breathe life into the world that you desire to birth.


The Empress reminds you that you have the fertility of the Divine Goddess within you, as well as the imagination to envision and create your life with more love, more connection, more healing, and more abundance. Feel free to take her literally – with her full belly and dynamic warmth on display, she offers a nod to your positive outcome and to your ability to birth this thing which you desire. In romance, she often signals a yes, and affirms that you are on the right track in your endeavors. She suggests the need to nourish your soul with compassion and care. Shine some earth-mama unconditional Universe love down on your situation! She suggests a time of profound healing and blessings, and reminds us that her bountiful abundance is always available to us. Simply look around you, and you’ll find her regenerative beauty everywhere! This Empress energy expands within every breath you draw, so take a moment to expand into divine creation. (Deep breath in, my love.) Allow it to swell, and remember that no excuses are bigger than the magic of life itself. No blockages are too big for her Gaian miracles. If you are feeling a lack of inspiration or not able to see the infinite possibilities that are popping from every cell swimming around in your energy body, it’s the perfect time to ground your ideas and seek to heal your physical temple. Embody her radiating creativity, and continue to move in the direction of that which whispers yes. This card often affirms that you are evolving in the right direction, so keep growing, beautiful seer, and work with the nature of your situation instead of against it.


• What areas of your life need more nurturing, and what areas of your current situation are asking to be held, mothered and nurtured?
• Do you feel unconditional love for the steps you have taken up until now? And what would unconditional self-compassion allow you to birth?
• Sensuality and creativity are gifts from the Gaian Empress. You get to decide what seeds you plant in your creative cave and which ones you birth. You get to decide which ones to water and tend. You decide how long you wait before the harvest, and how you share the harvest with those around you. Are you nurturing outcomes as best you can? What have you been growing in the light and in the dark?
Finish this sentence: I am ready to give birth to ____________.

@kayticreator To me this means surrender to fate... I have a hard time connecting to mother cards due to my infertility journey. I think the Empress should honor all mothers. Mothers of ideas. Mothers of animals. Mothers of the Earth. There are so many different mothers than ones who birth human babies. They need to be honored too.
@whispersfromthebroomcloset Contentment, peace, love for what’s growing inside her.
@kl_hicks She took my breath away! She is extending an open invitation to co-create a world through and with love. She is THE care-taker, projecting and inviting safety to those seeking connection beyond themselves.
@andrea_leda I love this card. Immediately upon seeing her I don’t see a woman playing a role of creation, I see Mother Earth’s reminder that embodiment of nurturing is the ground from which ALL is born. If we can strip the reduced role of a fertile female, I see the entirety of the feminine, the Yin, allowing form and shape to exist, the Yang. The Empress is our reminder that care is paramount to sustaining life, not from the desire to fill up an empty vessel but to express abundance in her already fullest form.
@the_curious_artist_ Unabashed and content with what SHE is growing (manifesting) for she knows that she is creating her world and what is currently needed in it with absolute serenity.
@tarotcat777 She feels vibrant, vulnerable and golden. I love that her nipple is showing. It represents sustenance and sensuality and she has on red lipstick.
@ _seekerspirit_ This card is beautiful, but I personally have trouble connecting with the pregnant images of the Empress. I just can’t seem to get past it, and it really bothers me as someone who never wants to have children. I’d rather see an Empress painting or cooking, or anything other than being physically pregnant. That’s not a criticism of your beautiful work! It’s just my issues with the Empress!
@kristi.lee.serafin I would prefer not to see a pregnant Empress and I am a mother of 4. I would rather see her creating Life in other forms. Tuning into her sensuality and womb chakra for other growth.
@wildgnosis She’s birthing the world, but is also already the world, full and complete in herself. The oceans stream off her shoulders, continents wind down her hips.
@newmoonmystic I love the water and fish energy around her. It is like she is being completely comforted by emotional abundance as she uses the guidance and energy of the universe to create her world. She is creating with such love.
@maidentomotherphotoart I find her incredibly beautiful. Full of power and potential. I’m fascinated by some comments of not connecting with her. Whether we literally birth children or not, as women, we are still creators with the portal of creation literally within us. I love that you stood by her in the way she wanted to be depicted regardless of your struggles. So very healing.
@amandine_descartes She still takes care of herself although she is carrying the world within her...
@thesoulways She’s created even as she’s creator. She’s a sacred world all onto herself. She holds all the forces of the creation within her and wakens that spark within others through her awareness and receiving and giving. She is the embodiment of compassion.
@madnessnlace She’s beautiful. I’ve had three children and each pregnancy came with its own set of challenges and hurts. I want to say I relate to her, but I can’t right off. She will be good for shadow work.
@x0x_dani_x0x My favourite so far. I adore your definition and it resonates with me on a deep level. I am one that loves the pregnant empress.. birth, beginnings and creation sum the empress up for me.
@dawntayafullilove She makes me feel empowered and strong. She has a calmness to her and sense of love for everything around her. She is how I view Mother Nature.
@asta_lander This is such an interesting conversation. I painted a pregnant woman sitting in the grass breathing in life and I wrote about the deep stirrings from within a woman to birth things. I wrote about my grief as I lost my fertility through menopause. But in my 50s I have birthed art. And it feels big and glorious and full of new life. I am pregnant with possibility. I loved carrying new life in my from deep in that belly I create my pieces.

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings The High Priestess

2. THE high priestess



Light Seer (Upright): dreams and visions, psychic insights, serendipity and metaphor showing up in your life, quiet time in contemplation, meditation, introspection, powerful intuition, spiritual illumination, occult or hidden knowledge

Shadow Seer (Reversed): keeping secrets, gossip or mistruths, hidden agendas, fear of your intuitive abilities, not paying attention to your inner voice


The High Priestess sits at the threshold of the Akashics, with one foot softly rooted in this conscious reality and the other one dipping deeply into the unconscious realm. Between light and dark, she stills her mind and connects to the field of information above her. Eyes fluttering, she senses the tingling sensation of the glyphs, and as the symbols trickle down she accesses the mysteries beyond the veil. Oh sweet fractions of wisdom and insight! She knows her eyes are closed, but she invites you to see the unseen that they hold. With ancient wisdom and a deep connection to the ethers, she understands your path with profound clarity. Her keys: Intuition and mystical illumination. She is the keeper of the secrets of the universe. She trusts in her yin energy – waiting instead of pushing, rooting instead of reaching – for she knows that patience allows new magic to germinate in the void. In stillness, she invites you to find your innate seer, and to step into your own translation of the mysteries.

You see more than you know. You know more than you think. You think more than you need. Slow down, and listen, for your inner sight is a vast landscape of truth.


You’re entering a period of connected psychic potential. Prophetic insights and profound wisdom are flowing to you now, and in order to translate her mystical undertones you must be willing to tune in to your own inner sight and submerge your thoughts in the sacred realm of the subconscious. Draw down meaning from beyond the edges of your perception. Listen for light and shadow in the quiet corners of your mind. The language of the unconscious mind is revealing itself to you now through metaphor, in dreams, or as ancient memories that re-surface to be processed. Pay close attention to synchronicities and any nagging feelings of being off-track that you may be experiencing. The divine whispers that are emanating from your soul hold an important message for you, and the bridge between the enigmatic realm of the priestess and your conscious understanding of the signs will be found through quiet introspection. You already have the answers you seek, and by insisting on the truth you will find them. In shadow, this card suggests that you may be actively blocking messages from your Higher Self. Are you having trouble translating your intuition? Gut-feelings that move you in new directions hold the seeds for the future, and ignoring her whispers now will only delay the arrival of the truth. The knowledge she holds transcends our willingness to listen. Seek to see more, bright seer, and your open heart and inner sight will show you the way.


• How do you connect with your intuitive heart? Do you feel it, see it, hear it, and know it? Can you try to incorporate a different sensory experience?
• Do you receive messages of both shadow and sunshine from beyond the veil, and do you treat them of equal importance?
• When you quiet your mind, and you listen for one word that The High Priestess is sending to you, what is it? And why does it make sense for you right now?

@gaylestacher Don’t dismiss subtlety. It gives way to new paths.
@noxtarot Her eyes are sheer power, it’s like she’s staring into my soul. and showing me what she sees.
@thetarotrealm Wow! Her eyes are wonderful and so intense. She’s looking right into my own eyes, right into me and who I am. Yet, she is also internally focused, drawing upon her own wisdom, intuition and psychic abilities, using these traits to understand not only herself, but the world around her. Those eyes are like the veil and other occult symbols in the RWS deck, illustrating the duality of internal focus, the subconscious, and external focus, the conscience, but feel more powerful to me.
@leti.lluna Love her but there’s something about the throat chakra though... why did you coverovering up her throat. it up so much? I know she’s silent and introspective, but it feels like she can’t express herself with so much c
@nighttimetarot The way her eyes are shut but aren’t at the same time makes me think of the astral body and empaths. Feeling that your eyes are closed but being able to see through your lids is one of the signs of astral projection.
@caitiemercedie I have to admit - the eyes make me a little uncomfortable... but in a good way? It’s hard to explain. Like she’s challenging you with her stare, but you know it’s for your own improvement.
@natasharose.holisticlife A sense of calm and serenity as I step into my full power. To not be scared of my full power and rather be open to channeling it with flow.
@ healing_with_sarahjane I receive many messages through my dream state, this card spoke to me on such a deep level. The web/weaving around her lower body makes me uncomfortable, telling me I need to dive deeper, much deeper, to not be afraid.