Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 5 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): financial or health difficulties, feeling left-out or ostracized, worrying about your security, asking for help when you need it, a chance to clear energy blockages around wealth and health

Shadow Seer (Reversed): a scarcity mindset, feeling helpless, victimhood, inability to move ahead, fear and isolation, resistance to positivity, a light at the end of the tunnel


‘I lost it all. Everything.’ She weeps into her torn sequence scarf and she no longer has the energy to curse those who did this to her. Her Life. Her wealth. Her health. Everything seems to have slipped away, and she can’t seem to get things back in order. Petting her bruised knee and wrapping her dirty clothing around her, she settles in for a long cold night. They won’t help her. They have forgotten her. And she is beginning to believe that maybe she isn’t worthy of their love. Shame sets in and she doesn’t remember exactly when that happened… this belief… but it has slowly built its way up to right here. Her shoulders shake silently, and she begs the heavens for help. A light shines down and illuminates a key, right behind her. She sees the light but knows it isn’t meant for her. ‘Why would it be for her?’ The key offers her a warm bed. Fresh sheets. A new start. If only she would believe that it could be for her. If only she would shift her perspective and see the truth – that everything she wants is within reach.


Things are a little sticky for you right now ($) and it’s time to squarely take notice of your feelings concerning your safety and security. When the five of pentacles shows up in a reading, it usually indicates that you are worried about your well-being, and that you are stressed AF about your finances or your health. Sometimes, your fears or worries about being excluded or left-out add to a deteriorating energetic state, and it’s time to step back into your personal power and into the flow of abundance. Find your hunger for fierce positivity (do you feel it peeking around the corner?) and actively look for opportunities in your current circumstance. They are hiding in your shadows. If you’ve been stagnant for a while, ask yourself if you have been laser focused on the things that you are creating, or on those that you are missing in your life? Don’t allow your inner-voice to spew out unnecessary mental and energetic chatter that distances your reality from that of others who seem to have the things they desire. Be mindful when feelings of self-pity or helplessness try to dictate your lot in life, because against all odds, all oppression, all class barriers, all-whatever…. there is always a choice to move beyond your current limitations. You can decide to see things differently and to work towards a more vibrant and luminous life. You are not locked out from that which you desire. Flip your perspective and see the keys that will help you get there. And then choose to open the door.


• What story are you holding on to about your wealth (or health) that you’d like to let go of? And what could emerge if you chose to see your reality in a different way?
• Your money relationship : What role have you played in your own circumstance?
• Who or what are you shutting out? And what would happen if you opened the door?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 4 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): stability, savings, success, a need for more generosity, being in flow with the Universe, accepting your worth, trying to maintain control

Shadow Seer (Reversed): hoarding, lack mentality, placing too much value on money, an opportunity to be more charitable, taking action and helping others in times of need


She clasps her pentacles close to her body. ‘I must hold onto these,’ she whispers, and she looks over her shoulder at the shanty town below, ‘else I end up like those poor souls.’ She clutches. Grasps. And only lessens her grip when her rational mind comes back online. Sweet light seer, why so much shadow seeing around money? Why so much scarcity? She looks around her, and realizes that she is safe. That she can save and earn and squirrel away a little now, for later. She opens her heart to the reality that money comes and goes, and that her own generosity of spirit will be an investment in her future. Looking down once more, she gathers up her things, and gets ready to go to the little village below. She has some gifting to do – an act that is long overdue.


You’re building your life coin-by-coin, and you’ve reached a moment of stability. Getting here signifies an interval when you can celebrate, take stock, and re-evaluate your position. Likely, you are being reminded to double check those foundations, and save some money for a rainy day. How do you feel about your finances and your abundance right now? Are you grateful for the things you have? Are you being charitable when you can? Investing in the right places while sending thoughts of prosperity out into the future will work miracles for your money mindset!

Continue to manifest your goal, and make sure you aren’t focusing too much on your material possessions, or falling prey to feelings of possessiveness or even jealousy around another person’s position in life. Negative feelings around abundance will breed energy blockages big enough to hold back even the most magical of trajectories! The tighter you try to hold on to things, the more you block yourself from stepping into the flow of wealth and happiness. Hoarding, or coveting someone else’s pentacles are sure-fire symptoms of a scarcity mindset. Make sure you are putting your energy in the right place, and that you are placing value on things that really matter. How are you actively saving and giving in the world? Focus on finding that balance, while feeling energized, expansive, present and excited about the future.


• What are you clutching too tightly to?
• How often do you judge people for the money they have, or don’t have? What does this say about your relationship with saving, giving, hoarding, coveting, or money?
• Are you trying to over-control your situation?
• Does your need for control keep others away?
• How do you feel about your generosity?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 3 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): co-operation, community, teaching and learning, sharing and listening, team work, limitless ceiling on what you can manifest together

Shadow Seer (Reversed): difficulty working with others, a need to listen, selfishness, pushing one’s own agenda, not trusting your partner’s ability, ego clash


Different skills, roles, ideas and energy… and they come together as a group to create the world of their dreams. Indeed, they are each a unique manifestation of universal consciousness, and in this uniqueness their talents and their mindsets can work beautifully with one another when they open up to the collaborative magic that they have at their fingertips. Each one adding a piece of love into the fabric of reality that they are weaving, each one an important part of the whole… they spin to life a project that would only work with the unique energy of this specific trio.


Working with others can not only gift us with the opportunity to learn from one another, it also allows for the blending of energies to create something that couldn’t be done by one person alone. This card asks you to look for opportunities to collaborate with other people, maybe as mentors or apprentices, and in many instances you could take on both roles at the same time. Co-creating together for the good of the whole is powerful magic, and this teamwork and community card calls you forward to add your unique essence to a bigger picture. 

Remember, that your relationships are the base of your well-being. If you are having trouble working with others, this card counsels to seek realignment of goals and outcomes in order to cultivate a peaceful union. Mutually beneficial relationships place equal importance on each person’s novel wisdom, energetic signature and way of being in the world, regardless of the relational hierarchy. You have something uniquely enchanting to bring to the table. When our life paths are entwined, we must strive to create harmonic states as we weave our way in and out of each other’s days. Leave inflated egos and the need to be right out of your conversation. Not only will you manifest dreams this way, but by welcoming alternative forms of thinking into your world, you will open up doors of possibility that simply couldn’t exist before you blended your magic.


• What part of your unique essence do you share when connecting with others?
• Do you like working in a team? Or are you more of a lone-wolf? How easily do you flow between these two ways of being?
• Do you find it easy to take direction and follow another person’s lead?
• What do people like about you? What part of your personality tends to go missed or unnoticed? And how can you share more of yourself?
• Collaboration over competition? For everything? How does collaborating make you feel?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 2 of Pentacles




Light Seer (Upright): a need to balance many aspects of self, juggling obligations, counter-balancing dualities, adapting to inconsistent circumstances, managing the ups and downs of life with grace, equilibrium, seeking harmony

Shadow Seer (Reversed): being out of balance, disharmony, committing to too many things, a need to prioritize, a time to slow down


Somewhere between asleep and awake, and somewhere between the forest and the sea… in this inbetween place she is able to feel the pull and the weight of it all. She has so many things that she needs to keep afloat. Her mind wanders to the moon, and she wants to give that her full attention, but then she is pulled towards her family and her finances and she also strives to give that her undivided presence. And she would have been able to focus, really she would… if it weren’t for that other promise she made that was tugging at her attention from the inside of her purse. And then here, for a moment, for the briefest of moments… she is able to hold them all in a beautiful dance and give each individual thing the energy it requires. She sways to the pull of the moon and the ocean, and to her fluctuating responsibilities, hoping to commit this see-saw balancing act to memory.


With all those roles and responsibilities that you’ve been juggling, you may be feeling a little imbalanced. (Busy much?) Maybe you’ve over-committed your time, or you’re feeling the stress of handling your to-do list. Maybe you’re feeling stretched in too many directions, or carrying way too many tasks. Even though it seems like you are able to keep it all going, this constant need to find your changing center can be tiring. Needing to continuously shift in order to remain upright and balanced can slowly grate on your sense of well-being and your inner peace. (Read: Your sanity.) 

Take some time to look at dualities and the opposing energies in your life. (Your time alone vs. your time with others, or your material life vs. your spiritual life, etc.) Make sure you aren’t investing too many resources in one area at the expense of another, especially when both are equally as important. Even though this card suggests that you’re likely able to manage it all in the short term, do you desire this much spinning for the long haul? Put some of your precious energy into prioritizing and ranking your tasks. and create a balance that you absolutely love – one that will allow you time to work, play, laugh and create. This equilibrium will not take from your reserves of energy, but will add to it.


• What task could you let go of today?
• What opposites or dualities are you holding simultaneously? (i.e.: wanting to give your time to family and wanting more time for yourself, or wanting to grow spiritually while also wanting things in your life to remain relatively the same.)

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings King of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): generosity, emotional balance, creativity, the unconscious, someone friendly and wise, diplomacy

Shadow Seer (Reversed): controlling or suppressing emotions, feeling insecure, a need to listen more, irrationality, emotional immaturity, forgetting the heart in favor of the mind, moodiness


The King of Cups sits calmly, closing his eyes and reaching for his singing bowl. When something unexpected comes into his awareness (something that would normally shake another person’s composure and send them into a state of stress or anger) this King is able to regulate his emotions through his peaceful, meditative state. He knows that his emotions are the key to his intuition and to his successful leadership, and he asks you to find this regulation and balanced peace in your life.


Find a balance between your mind and your heart, and practice outward displays of kindness, compassion and love as a way to regulate your own inner peace. If you are in a situation where you need to navigate tumultuous energies, draw on his example and find a grounded flow of serenity and stability. Do what you need to do in order to find this peace: meditate, get to yoga class, spend some time amongst the trees… even weekly downtime with your wolf pack can help to bring that consistent flow of laughter and peace into your world. Practice and re-practice so that it becomes your natural state.

Choose to nurture posit ive emotions in your life.

This mature emotional energy is deliberate, conscious and loving, as well as creative and intuitive. Maybe you are being asked to step into your role as a leader, a coach, a mentor… or to seek that same type of guidance in your life. The King of Cups offers warm and devoted guidance, and suggests that loyalty and consistent compassion are needed from you. This energy is both controlled and balanced, and its emotions are fully felt and expressed as opposed to hidden or tempered. Take a chance on your creativity and your ability to express your heart. This card is a reminder that love is always available to you, even in times when it seems to be missing. Seek to nurture it from within. In shadow, this king suggests that you may be feeling withdrawn, moody or temperamental right now, or that you may be losing touch with how others are feeling. Stay clear of situations that feel emotionally manipulative, and re-think relationships that are not filling your cup with joy. If there are old wounds resurfacing to be healed, be gentle with yourself and take all the time you need. Seek to understand how others are feeling through empathy, diplomacy and compassion. Know that the things you cannot change may simply not be for you at this time, because the cosmos have something even more heart-filling in store for you. Listen to the gentle nudges of your magnificent heart, for it will lead you where you need to go.


• What messages have you received from Spirit lately? How do they make you feel?
• Who has brought this King’s wisdom, compassion, loving kindness and unconditional, nurturing leadership to your life? Are you able to be your own King of Cups?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Queen of Cups

queen OF CUPS



Light Seer (Upright): an extremely intuitive person, highly attuned emotional intelligence, love and compassion, sensitivity, strength, leading with your heart, healing

Shadow Seer (Reversed): controlling or suppressing emotions, feeling insecure, a need to listen more, irrationality, emotional blackmail, an opportunity to take back your power around how you feel


The Queen sits floating in the water, half way between her intuitive mind and her emotional body. She sits listening to the cues from her heart, and healing the kingdom around her. She has always been a masterful healer, as healing is a natural result of loving and sharing deeply. She also picks up on so many cues from Spirit, and while her third eye is aligned and alive, she knows that her nudges mostly arrive from deep within the heart chakra. There are so many ways of seeing (and feeling!) Her red dress floats around her, and some say she loves red because of her propensity for deep passion. Others will see her dress as green, and say that she mirrors your deepest feelings and that her empathetic mood dress changes, depending on the viewer. She has always navigated the world based on what feels right to her, trusting her own judgement. Her gentle compassion and loving kindness have never steered her wrong.


The Queen of Cups is one of the most intuitive characters of the tarot, floating in her watery and feminine connection with flow. In her dream-like state of resonance, she asks, ‘How well have your emotions been helping you in your current situation?’ You may desire to experience more profound connections, and to engage with others on a deeper level. She reminds you that you can. Remember, however, you are only one half of the equation in any partnership, and it will take both of you to take the dive, together. You may need to lead the way as you cultivate a new meaning for the relationship. With an open heart, fill your cup – it is your task to lead the vibration of your heart center, and to remain present – regardless of the state of others. Listen deeply as a way to hear what is truly going on, and ensure that other people feel heard when you connect with them. Deep listening will allow you to read the nuances of their communication, and it will help you to navigate the waters of your current reality. Intuition and creativity are here to guide you, and as you take your next steps seek to see the divine – seek to see love – in all things, people and situations. In shadow, this card can indicate that you are not in touch with your own emotions, or that you are suppressing your feelings or refusing to see the obvious. Feeling is the key. If you have insecurities or inhibitions when relating to others, you can grow into a better partner by sharing more vulnerably. Your unconditional and pure expressions of love will bring you new opportunities to connect, lead and expand. Use your thinkingmind and your feeling-heart to gift the world the very best vesion of you.


• How tuned in is your emotional intelligence? In what ways does it guide your steps, your path and your life? In what situations does it falter?
• Does your intuition come from your head? Your heart? From deep inside or from beyond yourself? Can you sense a difference between third eye and heart intuition?
• If you had an opportunity to listen to your heart chakra, what would it say?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Knight of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): a classic romantic, a passionate soul, artistic tendencies, creativity, wearing your heart on your sleeve, seeking connection, being in love with the idea of love, an unexpected invitation or message

Shadow Seer (Reversed): missing the signs, protecting your heart, not being open to love, a player, a jealous partner, moodiness, sulking, negative emotions blocking your progress


Poem? Check. Wine? Check. Strawberries? Check. He wants this to be perfect. It’s not every day that you declare your undying love to someone. He knows that he loves this idea. This picnic. This setting. This beautiful thing of falling in love. And oh boy is he falling! He’s head over heels, and so excited about the future. He feels a little nervous, but in his heart he knows that she will love this gesture. Part of him worries, however, that she may think it’s too soon for this sort of getaway invitation, and for this sort of commitment. He knows that he has given his heart away too quickly in the past, and that people have seen him as too needy or emotionally starved. ‘None of which are true, of course.’ he reminds himself chuckling, and shaking his head, ‘I am like this with all kinds of love, not just ones that involve people. I feel this passion deeply for my ideas, my desires and my dreams.’ He knows that he simply does what he feels without the restraints that society would have him hold over himself, and today, on this perfectly romantic afternoon, he feels love.


This classic romantic invites you to step into a world of roses and bubble-baths, champagne and horse-drawn carriages, and he is fully and totally devoted to you, for today. And maybe for every day! This card heralds romance and embodies all the graceful movement of two people who are dancing… or should I say courting? Enjoy this flirtation and be present to connect. This knight is intuitive and totally in touch with his emotions. As such, he knows what he wants, and he has no problem wearing his heart on his sleeve. This card often signifies someone who is passionate and expressive, and who is in love with the idea of love itself. Sometimes this comes bundled with unrealistic expectations. E Watch for the arrival of a message or an invitation – one that will lead to a connection or an emotionally-rich experience. Move passionately towards the things that make your heart float, and try to see the world through the eyes of an artist. This knight will choose heart over logic and passion over wisdom, everytime. Take a cue from his playbook and witness the beauty around you, noticing how altruistic it feels when you place focus on how others are feeling as a result of your focused attention. Take inspirations and run with them. Make art, music, and love – and your life will unfold as a veritable masterpiece.


• Are you ready to be swept off your feet and to allow love to flow freely in your life? Would you see his display of affection as something exciting, or as something that was slightly disconnected from reality?
• Do you trust love when the opportunity presents itself? Do you believe in true love? How do you feel about the deep honesty and vulnerability that accompanies love?
• When are you the most guarded? And when are yot not guarded enough?
• What are the tell-tale signs of a player? Or of someone who is not the right partner in your current circumstance? And what are the tell-tale signs of someone who is?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings Page of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): a dreamer, serendipity, creativity, new unexpected trajectories, magic and synchronicity, an open and joyful heart, sensitivity and naivety in romance, being motivated by innovative ideas

Shadow Seer (Reversed): missing the signs, being overly-sensitive, displaying childish emotions, immaturity, writer’s block


He sits at his favourite thinking spot, allowing his imagination a moment to play. He crushes on all of the things. All the styles. All the ideas. All of his dreams. And that girl in science class? He crushes on her too. Life is such an amazing journey and there are so many things to see and so many ways to make the heart smile! He is in flow with the Universe, and he simply desires to create from Source. He is gifted easy fruition because he’s not attached to specific outcomes. He knows that a new love may pop into his life at any moment, and that the miraculous will always happen in the most unexpected of ways. He imagines his future timeline, looks across dimensions, and calls forth the wonderful new magic that the world has to offer. He hops down from his spot, ready for whatever beautiful and unexpected adventures that cross his path next. His heart waxes poetic with all the possibilities, and inspiration floods his emotions, once again.


There is serendipity and magic here. Like the first breath of love or a very first kiss, anything is possible at this time. Be open and alert for unexpected miracles. This is the “when-pigs-fly card” and holding it in your hands is a sign that unforeseen (yet totally amazeballs!) things are coming your way. Cultivate your child-like enthusiasm for the unknown, and bring excitement and curiosity to your relationships in order to welcome a quickening of these wildly eclectic and colorful twists on your journey. Be open to inspiration from the strangest of places, and pay attention to the intuitive musings that arrive. They will give your creativity and your emotions wings. As you enjoy this time of strangely unique thinking, ensure that you are not being overly sensitive with others, or blocking your flow because you are trying to control the process. Allow your emotions to follow the bread crumbs of joy. Play a little more. Do something silly. Tune into feelings of wonder and awe, and allow your sensitive dreamer to dream. Embrace magic, and believe in your own unique miracles, for they accompany you every day when you choose to see them.


• When the pig flies or the fish jumps, do you stare in disbelief and assume it’s not your message? Or do you grab it and run with the magical coincidence?
• In what situations do you bring your emotional immaturity to the table? What triggers this response? And how could you do a better job handling yourself?
• Are you being overly sensitive about your current situation?
• Serendipity knocks. Do you recognize the stirrings of magic when the Universe sends it your way? Start to log it! Take note of all the subtle magic in your life.
• What sign – if you received it in the next few weeks – would help you to really believe in the miracle of synchronicity or manifestation?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 10 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): community, love, soulmates, harmony in relationships, family, divine connections, heart opening and expansion, wholeness, completion

Shadow Seer (Reversed): miscommunication, disharmony or disputes, struggling relationships, a need for deeper connection, a delay in arrival


She breathes in acceptance. Total and utter acceptance. Her fears of rejection have long since washed away, and she relaxes into this rainbow hammock and notices that she is living one of those moments. Her heart fills with gratitude. Right now, everything feels absolutely perfect. She opens her awareness to her surroundings. The sun is shining at just the right angle and the rays of light are playing tricks with the sand and the dust. There are magical shimmers of the divine everywhere she looks. ‘This is it,’ she tells herself, ‘I am exactly where I am meant to be.’ Her children laugh in the distance. Her partner’s unwavering devotion wraps her in warmth. And her own feelings about herself and the things she wants are aligned and clear… and it all falls into place, as it should. She smiles, and pushes her feet in the sand, rocking the hammock lazily. ‘I love you,’ she whispers in her ear, and she leans into this moment, hoping to encapsulate the memory forever.


This is a time of harmony and wholeness! This card has the powerful energy of connected hearts, giant love and devoted acceptance. It embodies emotional fulfilment and happiness, and, it’s often seen as the ‘one big happy family’ card. It’s the giant yes for relationships and love, and often predicts your fairy-tale ending or the arrival of a soulmate. (And hey, you get to decide what this happy ending looks like.) In this oneness, reciprocal relationships become the solid foundation for your heart’s expansion, and energy flows into abundance with ease.

Is there something that you need to do in order to bring some of this harmony-andjoy- unicorn-dust into your relationships? In shadow, this card suggests that you need to look at how you feel about yourself and your commitments within your relationships. Is there a breakdown of connection or a rebuilding that needs to be done? If you are looking for the ‘white picket fence’ in order to find happiness, remember that your joy will only come from the inside-out. By waiting for other people (or better things!) to create your happiness for you, you’ll be giving away the most powerful tools you have to create this 10 of cups life: your gratitude, your love, and your kindness. When seeking a realignment within your relationships, let your common values guide you. Look for ways to infuse your interactions with honest dialogue, empathy and loving compassion. Focus on them instead of on you, and give others the gift of your energy through your generosity of time, service, and love.


• What does your happy ending look like? Do you have true clarity on the types of relationships that you desire to nurture?
• What can you do to make your current relationships flow a little more smoothly? How can you bring more love into your daily interactions? What attitude can you adopt (or disown) as a way to make things sing a little brighter?

Light Seer’s Tarot Meanings 9 of Cups




Light Seer (Upright): gifts from the Universe, choosing joy, manifested dreams, gratitude, abundance, stepping into alignment with purpose, using all of your gifts

Shadow Seer (Reversed): delayed gratification, unfulfilled desires, smugness, un-manifested dreams, greed blocking your path, not appreciating the simple things in life, a need to find the rocket-fuel of positivity and optimism


Floating in her visionary dream state, she sees 9 cups in front of her carrying all the things she’s been working towards. Bliss! Transcendence! Her heart explodes with love and its energy spills into the 9 beautiful vessels. All the gifts. All the love. She used to believe that these cups were put there by the Universe, and that she would have to choose between them. She used to believe that she could only have one of these things. But now she sees that they were all created by her, for her. She sees her love in all of them – her heart beats etched out in their patterning – her own joy carved amongst their jewels. Her essence seeded these gifts, and it is her own nature that allows them to flourish – or not. She realizes that her choice today is more about priorities, focus, and clear intention than about choosing one thing over another. She realizes that the world really is her oyster, and that she is being gifted the opportunity to choose which gift she wants first.


Yes! Those dreams you’ve been dreaming? Those feelings you’ve been chasing? They are headed your way and you will be able to unpack the gift you really want as a result. The appearance of this card in your spread is an auspicious message of prosperity, abundance and getting what you desire – and is often fittingly called ‘the wish card.’ What have you been wishing for? Do a happy dance because the Universe is sending some gifts your way! Allow yourself to receive them, and experience how fulfilling this journey can be. Consciously immerse your life with all the laughter and bliss needed to launch you into the next phase of your happiness! Take stock of all of the feels that are surfacing, and remember to practice gratitude for the manifestation of your dreams. In shadow, this card can suggest dissatifaction or frustration with unmanifested dreams. Sometimes this may stem from having too much focus on material gain, and missing out on opportunities to connect from your heart. Sometimes, this focus can manifest as smugness, especially when emotional needs are not being met. True joy stems from connecting with others. Bolster and nurture relationships, and find your 9 of cups joy by giving others your love. Even in shadow this joyful card suggests that good things are on the way. Open your heart to receive them!


• If a magic lamp came into your life to grant one wish – what would you ask for?
• Start keeping track of the proof that your dream is coming to you. Have you seen any signs in the last week?
• Daily gratitude gets us to this 9 of Cups place. How is your relationship with gratitude? If it’s ‘been there, done that’ or if you’re just not-feeling-it, what’s getting in the way of your thankfulness? If you’ve been knocking on the door of gratitude and the door’s not opening, are you saying ‘yes I’m grateful… but….’ ?